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Dear Mr. Gacy

Dear Mr. Gacy Production Still
Directed by Svetozar Ristovski
Produced by Clark Peterson
Tom Berry
Gordon Yang
Written by Kellie Madison (screenplay)
Jason Moss (memoir)
Starring William Forsythe
Jesse Moss
Emma Lahana
Patrick Gilmore
Music by Terry Frewer
Cinematography Larry Lynn
Editing by Scott Belyea
Country Canada
Language English

Dear Mr. Gacy is a thriller-drama film directed by Svetozar Ristovski, starring William Forsythe and Jesse Moss. It based on the novel the Last Victim, which tolds the memoir of Jason Moss.



At age 18, Jason Moss, living at home with his parents, with a steady girlfriend, portrays the seemingly typical life of a college student.

But as a straight-A overachiever, he is looking for a challenge and a way to excel. As part of his college thesis, he decides to write to serial killers and attempt to gain their trust through impersonating a typical victim or admirer. He reasoned that gaining their trust, possibly learning more about their stated crimes or unsolved murders, was a way to distinguish himself as a job candidate.[1]

He sends a carefully crafted letter to John Wayne Gacy in prison, portraying himself as a vulnerable boy. The film unfolds as Gacy, suspicious at first, puts Moss through intense emotional tests via letters and collect calls, and an eventual face-to-face visit in prison.

During the course of the film, Moss' days and nights are turned upside down through his obsession to see his thesis project succeed, with seemingly no way to stop his impulsive young mind, when clearly he has gone much farther than any normal person should travel.


Actor Role
William Forsythe John Wayne Gacy
Jesse Moss Jason Moss
Emma Lahana Alyssa
Patrick Gilmore Glen Phillips
Richard Harmon Victim
Andrea Brooks Attractive Girl
Brett Dier Marcus
Andrew Airlie Professor Harris
Michael Kopsa FBI Agent
Eric Keenleyside Stan
Darryl Shuttleworth Thompson
Cole Heppell Alex Moss
James Ralph Armed Guard
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Diego
Belinda Metz Valerie
Michaela Mann Autumn
Jaren Brandt Bartlett Mike
Anthony Shim Paul
Karissa Tynes Amy
Hunter Elliott Tim Carsey
Josh Goring Marcus friend
Michael Ryan Frank
Kai Kennedy Bobby


The film based on the real life story of Jason Moss, who as a college student attending UNLV, corresponded with five prominent serial killers on death row in an attempt to determine if there was more to be learned if one was to impersonate their typical victims or act as an ardent admirer.[2]

The focus of the film is Jason's interaction with John Wayne Gacy (convicted of murdering 33 young men and boys), with whom he developed the strongest relationship. In garnering Gacy’s interest, Moss developed a persona that would later infest his life, alter his future, and ultimately end it.

Screenwriter Kellie Madison approached Clark Peterson, Executive Producer (Monster) to attempt to bring the story to life. It was during the course of their discussions with Moss, who was thrilled at the prospect of developing his novel The Last Victim into a movie, that they learned of his suicide, June 6, 2006 (06/06/06).[3] After an appropriate period of time had passed, they approached Moss’ widow and ultimately were able to gain acceptance of the proposal, and Dear Mr. Gacy was developed. This is Kellie Madison’s first adaptation to the big screen. The film shooting was set in the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia. [4]


The film is set for an 2010 release.

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