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Death was a cigarette introduced in the United Kingdom in 1991 by BJ Cunningham of the The Enlightened Tobacco Company. [1] Death featured black packaging with a white skull and crossbones logo above the mandatory government health warning.


Natural Ingredients

Death cigarettes were free of chemical additives such as saltpeter. This 'chemical-free' approach included a cigarette paper free of ink. Instead, a watermark was used to produce a gray skull and crossbones logo on the cigarette. Also, hemp paper was used to encase the tobacco.


Death's "truth in marketing" approach was to highlight the dangers of cigarette smoking. [2]Publicity materials included the logo and small black plastic tombstones with epitaphs. The company also sold merchandise such as black leather jackets, T-shirts and leather pouches with the company logo.

Death was initially marketed and distributed through shops, hotels, restaurants, tobacconists and head shops but proved to be unsuccessful allegedly due to interference from its competitors.

Subsequent approaches included marketing the cigarettes from Luxembourg and allowing UK customers to buy the product by mail order to avoid paying UK cigarette taxes and duties. However, in a court case involving UK Customs and Excise, the European Court of Justice ruled that customers must personally transport the cigarettes in order to avoid paying UK duties at the point of entry.

Death was going to be signed by the Pacific F1 team (not Simtek) as title sponsor on May 1st 1994, but the contract was negated after Simtek driver Roland Ratzenbergers death at Imola on the previous day.


From 1995 onwards sales of Death declined and on 14 September 1999, the Enlightened Tobacco Company was closed.[3]


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