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A Debian Pure Blend (in short Blend, formerly known as a Custom Debian Distribution) is a subset of the Debian Linux distribution that is configured to support a particular target group out-of-the-box. The changes are integrated to the official Debian archives, e.g.: Debian Jr. When a Blend is in development, such as Sacix, developed for the city of São Paulo, some changes can be merged back to the Debian project but the Blend build and all the new or modified packages remains a separate entity.

A Debian Pure Blend can contain multiple flavors (or profiles) (e.g. Skolelinux has flavors for main-server, workstation, and thin-client-server).

Most of the distributions based on Debian, for example Knoppix, are called children distribution, but not Debian Pure Blends.

Existing Blends

Inactive Blends

  • DeMuDi: Debian Multimedia Distribution
  • Debian-Desktop: Debian GNU/Linux for everybody
  • Debian-Lex: Debian GNU/Linux for Lawyers
  • Debian-NP: Debian GNU/Linux for Non-profit Organisations
  • Debian Enterprise

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