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Debrecen logo
Full name Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club
Nickname(s) Loki
Founded 12 March 1902
Ground Stadion Oláh Gábor Út,
(Capacity: 10,200)
Chairman Hungary Sándor Szilágyi
Manager Hungary András Herczeg
League Soproni Liga
2008–09 1st
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

Debreceni VSC (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈdɛbrɛt͡sɛni veː ɛʃ t͡seː]) or just Debrecen or DVSC is a football club from the city of Debrecen in Hungary. The club became the second Hungarian football club to reach the group stages of the Champions League. Debreceni VSC are the reigning Hungarian champions, having won the 2008-9 Hungarian League. Debreceni VSC has been the most successful Hungarian club since 2000. The club has won the Hungarian Champion title four times in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009. The clubs' nickname is Loki (Lokomotiv), from its long-standing ties to the railways.



Early years (1902-1942)

The club was founded on 12 March 1902, initially being known as "Egyetértés Futball Club" but on becoming independent it was renamed "Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club" (Debrecen Railway Sports Club). In 1926 professionalism came to the Hungarian football scene, with the unfortunate result that "Bocskay FC" was formed using players from DVSC and city rivals DKASE and DTE, with the result that Bocskay ruled the football roost in Debrecen for 15 years while DVSC continued to struggle in the lower divisions. In 1940 the professional/amateur division of players was abolished and Bocskay suffered financial collapse, returning DVSC to top-dog position in the city. DVSC reached the Hungarian First Division for the first time in 1942–43, but then suffered something of a yo-yo existence for the next fifty years, suffering eight relegations in all, and even starting the 1967 season in the Third Division.

The Communist era (1949-1989)

In the Communist era the club underwent a number of name changes. It became "Debreceni Vasutas Sport Egyesület" in 1948–49, "Debreceni Lokomotiv" (hence the nickname) in 1949, "Debreceni Törekvés" in the 1955–56 season, and it was known as "Debreceni Vasutas SC" from 1957 to 1979. In 1979 the two city teams, DVSC and DMTE were united into one team, called DMVSC, but after ten years the clubs split again and the team adopted its current name.

Champions era (1989-present)

Qualifying champions league 2006-07 match

DVSC's most successful period has been since its most recent promotion to the First Division in 1993, since when the club has won its only national honours – the Hungarian Cup was won in 1999 and 2001, and the Hungarian League title for the first time in 2005. Although the team was relegated from top flight football in 2001 as a result of questionable refereeing on home matches (Ref. Béla Kiss was helped to escape from the stadium by officials in order to avoid the crowd's anger after the match against Budapest Honvéd), the then promoted BKV Elore could not afford to play in the first league in lack of the neccessary financial conditions,thus DVSC remained in the top flight as the better relegated team according to the rules and regulations of the championship which led to some controversy whether it was just.

DVSC managed to duplicate the feat and win the league in 2006 as well, after in the last round on June 3, they defeated Pápa 4–1, and the then-leader of the league Újpest FC (who had the same amount of points as DVSC but had more away wins) lost to Fehérvár in a climatic battle ending in 3–1, which also caused Fehérvár to place 3rd.

In 2007 Loki became again the Hungarian champion on the 28th match-day.

In August 2009, they defeated PFC Levski Sofia 4–1 on aggregate to become the first Hungarian team in 14 years to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. [1] They were drawn in group E of the competition alongside Liverpool FC, Lyon and Fiorentina.[2]

European success (1998-present)
The first international matches were played in 1998 in the UEFA Intertoto Cup. Debreceni VSC beat Dnepr, Hradec Králové, Hansa Rostock, and lost to Ruch Corzów in the semi finals. The first match in the Champions League qualifiers was played in 2006 against Hajduk Split. Debreceni VSC beat the Croatian rivals 8-0 on aggregate. In the next round Debreceni VSC played Manchester United and lost 0-6 on aggregate. In the subsequent years Debreceni VSC tried to qualify, but without success. In 2009 Debreceni VSC beat Kalmar FF, Levadia Tallinn, and Levski Sofia to qualify for the first time to the group stages of the Champions League.

Supporters and rivalries

The main supporter group of the club is called Szívtiprók Ultras Debrecen (SZ.U.D) (in English Heartbreakers Ultras Debrecen). As the abbreviation suggests the group is located in the southern part of the stadium. Debrecen are the third most supported football club behind Ferencváros, Újpesti FC. In Hungarian football Debrecen are a club with many rivalries; first and foremost is there rivalry with Ferencvárosi TC. There is also a big tension during matches against the North-eastern Hungarian rivals Diósgyőr and Nyiregyháza. Debreceni VSC is one of the most popular clubs in Hungary. They have supporters from other cities than Debrecen, too. The number of the supporters of Debreceni VSC has been increasing since the club reached the group stages of the Champions League.


Debreceni VSC's stadium is located in Oláh Gábor utca in Debrecen. The capacity of the stadium is 9,640. Since the team's stadium did not meet the UEFA criteria, Debreceni VSC have to play their Champions League matches in Puskás Ferenc Stadium, in Budapest. The stadium's capacity is 42,000. A new stadium is going to be built in 2010 in the outskirts of Debrecen to host at least 15,000 supporters.

Club statistics

Colours, badge and nicknames

Debrecen's colours of red and white represents the colours of the shield in the city's coat of arms. The white represents the elegance of the players, while the red the effort they make during each match. Originally, the two colours represent the white coats of the soldiers and the red represents the blood. The badge represents the long ties to the railways. The nickname of the club is Loki which is the abbreviation of Lokomotiv. The fanatic supporters shout Hajrá Loki (Go Loki) during each match.


The club's anthem "Piros Fehér" was composed by László Lukács, the lead singer of the Hungarian rock group Tankcsapda. The title means "Red and White" and is sung before each match. Tibor Dombi, the Debreceni VSC's forward, plays the drums on the recording of the club's anthem.

Mi indulunk, ha kell
Mi nem felejtjük el, hogy
Bennünk a vér piros-fehér
Mi küzdünk haver
Ha kell bárkivel
Mert a győzelem mindennél többet ér

Its English translation is:

We start if we have to,
We don't forget that
Our blood is red 'n' white
We fight, dude,
With anybody,
'Cause victory worth more than anything

Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Montenegro GK Vukašin Poleksić
2 Hungary DF István Szűcs
5 Hungary DF Dávid Mohl
6 Honduras MF Luis Ramos
7 Hungary MF Tibor Dombi
10 Hungary DF László Bodnár
11 Hungary FW Róbert Feczesin
12 Serbia GK Đorđe Pantić
13 Hungary DF Péter Bíró
14 Hungary FW Gergely Rudolf
15 Hungary MF László Rezes
16 Hungary DF Ádám Komlósi
17 Hungary DF Norbert Mészáros
18 Hungary DF Péter Máté
19 Brazil FW Vinicius
21 Hungary DF Marcell Fodor
22 Hungary DF Csaba Bernáth
24 Republic of Macedonia DF Mirsad Mijadinoski
No.   Position Player
25 Hungary DF Zoltán Szélesi
27 Hungary MF Ádám Bódi
29 Hungary MF István Spitzmüller
30 Hungary MF Zoltán Kiss (captain)
33 Hungary MF József Varga
37 Brazil MF Lucas Marcolini
39 France FW Adamo Coulibaly
41 Hungary FW Lóránt Oláh
42 Hungary MF Dávid Nagy
55 Hungary MF Péter Szakály
57 Brazil DF Hugo
69 Hungary DF Mihály Korhut
77 Hungary MF Péter Czvitkovics
81 Hungary MF Attila Katona
86 Hungary MF Zsolt Laczkó
87 Hungary GK István Verpecz
99 Nigeria FW Dudu

Out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Hungary FW Péter Szilágyi (at Vasas)
Hungary DF Zoltán Nagy (at Honvéd)
Hungary MF Róbert Nagy (at Diósgyőr)
No.   Position Player
Hungary FW Milán Faggyas (at Diósgyőr)
Slovakia MF Károly Czanik (at Nyíregyháza)
Hungary MF Tamás Huszák (at Diósgyőr)

Transfers 2009/2010

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Serbia FW Igor Bogdanović (to Nyíregyháza Spartacus)
Serbia DF Bozidar Cosic (realesed)
Hungary MF Róbert Nagy (loan to Diósgyőri VTK)
Hungary MF Milán Faggyas (loan to Diósgyőri VTK)
Hungary MF Gábor Demjén (to FC Fehérvár)
Slovakia MF Károly Czanik (loan to Nyíregyháza Spartacus)
Hungary FW Péter Szilágyi (loan to Vasas SC)
No.   Position Player
Hungary DF László Bodnár (from Red Bull Salzburg)
Hungary DF Dávid Mohl (from FC Fehérvár)
Hungary MF Tamás Szélpál (from Diósgyőri VTK)
Honduras MF Luis Arcangel Ramos Colon (from Nyíregyháza Spartacus)
France FW Adamo Coulibaly (from Royal Antwerp FC)
Hungary FW Róbert Feczesin (from Brescia)
Hungary DF Zoltán Szélesi (from RC Strasbourg)
Hungary MF Zsolt Laczkó (from Vasas SC)
Republic of Macedonia DF Mirsad Mijadinoski (from FC Sion)


NB I. Division results

Year MP W D L GF–GA Dif. Pts Finish
2008–2009 30 21 5 4 70–29 +41 68 1st
2007–2008 30 19 7 4 67–29 +38 64 2nd
2006–2007 30 22 3 5 63–21 +42 69 1st
2005–2006 30 20 8 2 69–34 +35 68 1st
2004–2005 30 19 5 6 57–25 +32 62 1st
2003–2004 32 16 8 8 51–32 +19 56 3rd
2002–2003 32 13 14 5 57–38 +19 53 3rd
2001–2002 38 9 17 12 47–53 –5 44 8th
2000–2001 36 13 5 18 58–64 –6 47 11th
1999–2000 32 14 8 10 52–41 +11 50 6th
1998–1999 34 14 7 13 53–39 +14 49 9th
1997–1998 34 13 9 12 46–48 –2 48 9th
1996–1997 34 14 10 10 55–38 +17 52 5th
1995–1996 30 14 6 10 49–40 +9 48 5th
1994–1995 30 14 7 9 45–37 +8 49 3rd
1993–1994 30 12 9 9 40–33 +7 33 7th
TOTALS 512 247 128 137 879–601 +279 860

European cup history

UEFA Intertoto Cup

Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
1998 UEFA Intertoto Cup 1. Round Belarus Dnepr 6–0 4–2 10–2
2. Round Czech Republic Hradec Králové 0–0 1–1 1–1
3. Round Germany Hansa Rostock 1–1 2–1 3–2
Semi-final Poland Ruch Chorzów 0–3 0–1 0–4
2004 UEFA Intertoto Cup 1. Round Slovakia Spartak Trnava 4–1 0–3 4–4


Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
1999–00 UEFA Cup 1. Round Germany Wolfsburg 2–1 0–2 2–3
2001–02 UEFA Cup Qualifying Round Moldova Nistru Otaci 3–0 0–1 3–1
1. Round France Bordeaux 3–1 1–5 4–6
2003–04 UEFA Cup Qualifying Round Lithuania Ekranas 2–1 1–1 3–2
1. Round Croatia Varteks 3–2 3–1 6–3
2. Round Greece PAOK 0–0 1–1 1–1
3. Round Belgium Club Brugge 0–0 0–1 0–1
2005–06 UEFA Cup 1. Round Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk 0–2 1–4 1–6
2008–09 UEFA Cup 1. Qualifying Round Kazakhstan Shakhter Karagandy 1–1 1–0 2–1
2. Qualifying Round Switzerland Young Boys 2–3 1–4 3–7

UEFA Champions League

Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
2005–06 UEFA Champions League 2. Qualifying Round Croatia Hajduk Split 3–0 5–0 8–0
3. Qualifying Round England Manchester United 0–3 0–3 0–6
2006–07 UEFA Champions League 2. Qualifying Round Republic of Macedonia Rabotnički 1–1 1–4 2–5
2007–08 UEFA Champions League 2. Qualifying Round Sweden Elfsborg 0–1 0–0 0–1
2009–10 UEFA Champions League 2. Qualifying Round Sweden Kalmar FF 2–0 1–3 3–3
3. Qualifying Round Estonia Levadia Tallinn 1–0 1–0 2–0
Play-off Round Bulgaria Levski Sofia 2–0 2–1 4–1 Q
Group Stage Round 5 and 1 England Liverpool 0–1 0–1 N/A
Group Stage Round 2 and 6 France Lyon 0–4 0-4 N/A
Group Stage Round 3 and 4 Italy Fiorentina 3–4 2–5 N/A
  • (Q) – Qualified for Group Stage

Successful/famous coaches

See also Cat:Debreceni VSC managers.

Notable former players

See also Cat:Debreceni VSC players.


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