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Decepticharge is the name of a fictional character in the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity.


Transformers Generation 1

Japanese name Decepticharge
Alternate Modes Honda S2000 convertible
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Alternators

Decepticharge a Decepticon warrior.



Decepticharge did not appear in any animated or comic fiction. When the toy was originally slated to appear in both the Alternators and Binaltech lines, a Binaltech story chapter was written for it. With the cancellation of the figure in the Binaltech line, the chapter was dropped from the story, and was released in Alternators without any fiction.


  • Decepticharge (2005)
Decepticharge transforms into a Honda S2000 convertible, and comes equipped with a hardtop accessory that also acts as a shield. As with Alternators Windcharger, the engine/gun accessory comes without the long barrel that was originally designed for it.
His head sculpt was originally developed for Windcharger when the intention was for Windcharger to be a remold of the Ford Mustang Grimlock figure. That remold was eventually changed to Wheeljack when the name "Windcharger" was instead applied to the US version of the Binaltech Overdrive figure (Hasbro had been unable to secure the name for use in the US), and the unused head sculpt found its way onto the S2000 remold.
Takara's version of the S2000 remold was intended to be Wildrider, then Blackarachnia (under the name "Black Widow", the Japanese name for the Beast Wars character), but Takara ultimately didn't release it as either.
Decepticharge was never released in the Binaltech line, although was available in Japan as a limited edition "US Edition" as part of a contest attached to the Transformers: Binaltech & TF Collection Complete Guide book.
This mold was subsequently redecoed into Binaltech Arcee.


  • Decepticharge is among the characters to appear in a simple flash fighting game available on the Japanese Honda web site.[1]



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