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Country  United States
Language English

Dedication is a 2007 romantic comedy film starring Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore. Written by David Bromberg this movie is actor Justin Theroux's directorial debut. The film premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. It was produced by Plum Pictures.



Henry Roth (Crudup) is an obsessive-compulsive & somewhat misanthropic writer of children's books. His illustrator and only friend, Rudy (Wilkinson), dies after a fabulously successful collaboration on their series of children's books about "Marty, the Beaver." Henry is under contract to produce another Marty book for Christmas sales. His publisher, Arthur Planck (Balaban), assigns penniless, lovelorn illustrator Lucy Reilly (Moore) to work with Henry. She's sought by her ex-boyfriend Jeremy (Freeman), who dumped her two years ago but shows up apologetic, having dedicated his new book to her. She and Henry go to a house on the shore to work. Will love bloom amid the rocks, or is Henry a bump on Lucy's road to Jeremy? Rudy's voice, from the grave, gives Henry counsel.


Critical response

The film received mixed reviews from critics. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that the film received 41% positive reviews, based on 44 reviews.[1] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 50 out of 100, based on 19 reviews.[2]

The film was screened at the Sundance film festival, and was given its official selection.

Release Schedule

The film opened on August 24, 2007 in two theaters, earning an average of $5,958 per theater.

It added two additional theaters the following week, but in its third week (September 7), it left one of the initial screens. Its fourth week also saw the loss of another screen, leaving the film to show in only two theaters (Irvine,CA, Los Angeles,CA) nationwide.

However, in its fifth week (September 21), the film was added to 6 additional theaters (in Palm Desert,CA, San Francisco,CA, Seattle,WA, Chicago,IL, Royal Oak,MI, Washington,DC, Philadelphia,PA, Cambridge,MA) marking the largest theater count it had at one point during its run.

The sixth week (September 28), the film lost two theaters, leaving 6 theaters during its last box office-counting week.

Its seventh week, the film opened in 6 cities (La Jolla,CA, Dallas,TX, Indianapolis,IN, Scottsdale,AZ, Portland,OR, Denver,CO) of which it had not previously been shown in.

In November and December 2007, the film started being shown in two-day runs in Northern California (Sonora, Davis, Visalia), marking its final theater run.

DVD release

The film was released on DVD on Feb. 12, 2008 in the United States. The disc has no bonus features.


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Dedication is a romantic dramedy released in 2007. It stars Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore and Tom Wilkinson.

The movie follows a misogynistic children's book author, Henry (Crudup) who is forced to work closely with a female illustrator, Lucy (Moore) instead of his long-time collaborator and only friend, Rudy (Wilkinson).

Directed by Justin Theroux. Written by David Bromberg.


Henry: I've spent my whole life... wanting something... and doing my very best not to find it. Never even going near the places it might be... And suddenly, I've got the goddamn thing practically chained around my neck.
Lucy: What are you talking about?
Henry: You. You. You're the, you're the... You're, you're- you're the goddamn thing. Ahhh, uh. I mean... You're, you're. I can't describe you... uhh, I don't, I don't write that kind of shit, I write... You know, the people who write, who write the real books, the love books, and the poems, and even those stupid little fucking novels with the hunky assholes on the cover...
Lucy: Stop...
Henry: You know it? You know what I'm talking about? You know - you're like Princess shit! You know? fairytales. You know what I'm saying? The million guys are after and you're blinded by your beauty kind of shit. Real big stuff. You know, that just - even, we got the dick that kidnaps you and sticks you in a cave and you're guarded by a five-headed dragon, you know and the tales of your plight are spread throughout the land and all the guys go and put on their shoes so they can see what's up and none of them have the balls to save her except for me. I would go through anything... for you. And still, there I was looking for a way not to see it. Anything. Money...
Lucy: You stupid idiot.
Henry: Yeah.
Lucy: Yes.
Henry: Yeah... big fat stupid idiot.
Lucy: I hope you're better to the next one.
Henry: No - wait...
[he digs in his bag and decides not to give her the dedication to Simone, but grabs the pebble he had given her and then thrown back onto the beach and went back for later]
Henry: It was easy to find... it's the only one like it.
Lucy: You broke my heart, Henry. I don't think you can trust people. You always have to find something wrong. I'm just... I'm sorry. I'll miss you.

Henry: Life is nothing but the echo of joy disappearing into the great chasm of misery.
Rudy Holt: ... You've had better.
Henry: Life is nothing but the occasional burst of laughter rising above the inerminable wail of grief.
Rudy Holt: That's my favorite.
Henry: It lives in truth, that's why.

Rudy Holt: You know what life is?
Henry: Life is a horrible little giggle in the midst of a forced death march towards hell.
Rudy Holt: No it isn't.
Henry: An interminable wale of grief...
Rudy Holt: No. Life is a single skip for joy.
Henry: I know.

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