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Deep Jwélé Jaai
দীপ জ্বেলে যাই
Directed by Asit Sen
Produced by Badal Pictures
Written by Ashutosh Mukherjee
Starring Anil Chatterjee
Vasant Choudhury
Music by Hemanta Mukherjee
Cinematography Anil Gupta
Release date(s) 1959
Running time 132 min
Country Flag of India.svgIndia
Language Bengali

Deep jwele jai [1] or Deep Jweley Jai [2](Bengali: দীপ জ্বেলে যাই, To light a lamp) was a Bengali movie directed by Asit Sen. It tells the story of a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, played by Suchitra Sen.

Sen's character is a part of a team exploring new therapy for patients who have suffered emotional trauma. The approach taken by the team is to offer these individuals an emotional resort, which is where Sen's character plays her part. Her role is to act as a friend and a lover for the patient, but at the same time, refrain from any emotional involvement on her own part as her role is purely that of a nurse who is helping the patient recover. She has to repeatedly break the emotional attachments that she experiences because as a nurse, she is a part of therapy.

The movie looks at the neglected emotional trauma of this nurse who is used merely as a tool in the whole process of therapy. The movie ends by showing that the Sen is being admitted to the same ward where she used to be a nurse. The last words in the movie are uttered by Sen, who whispers out "I wasn't acting, I couldn't" indicating that she indeed fell in love with her patient! Also cast among others, were Pahari Shanyal, who plays a veteran doctor eager to explore new grounds, but hesitant of the human costs. Basanta Chowdhury plays as an artist and a lover-scorned.

The music was directed by Hemanta Kumar Mukherjee, and one of the songs, "Ei raat tomar amar" (This night's just for you and me)has come to be regarded as one of the greatest and sensuous love song ever sung in Bengali. The movie is regarded as one of the greatest movies exploring emotions of a relationship. The director would later remake the film in Hindi as Khamoshi (Silence) (1969), starring Waheeda Rehman, Rajesh Khanna, and in a guest role Dharmendra.

There was a Telugu remake, Chivaraku Migiledi (lit: which is left at the end) starring Savitri. Another remake of the film was made in 2005: Kyon Ki, directed by Priyadarshan and stars Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rimi Sen, Jackie Shroff, Om Puri and Sunil Shetty.[3]



  • Suchitra Sen...Radha
  • Basanta Choudhury..Tapash
  • Pahadi Sanyal..Psychiatrist
  • Tulsi Chakraborty
  • Anil Chatterjee..Patient at mental asylum
  • Namita Sinha
  • Kajari Guha
  • Chandrabati Devi..Matron
  • Dilip Choudhury
  • Shyam Laha



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