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Deep Puddle Dynamics
Origin Oakland, California
Genres Hip hop, Alternative hip hop
Years active 1998-2000
Labels anticon.
Associated acts Atmosphere

Deep Puddle Dynamics was a collaborative group featuring Sole, Alias, Doseone and Slug. In 1999, they released their album The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel on anticon.

Tracks 1 through 8 were recorded in one week in late June, 1998. Tracks 9 through 12 were recorded a year later, in the same time frame.

Slug has been quoted as saying that Jel, who programmed the beats for tracks 5, 7, and 8, "can program an amazing beat on his EMU SP 1200 sampler in 5 minutes." [1]

"The Taste Of Rain...Why Kneel" is part of Cokemachineglow's Top 60 Albums of the 2000s, appearing in the Honourable Mentions section.

The album's name is a "western" haiku by Jack Kerouac.

The Taste of Rain...Why Kneel

  1. Deep Puddle Theme Song
  2. The Candle
  3. Thought Vs. Action
  4. Where The Wild Things Are
  5. June 26th, 1998
  6. The Scarecrow Speaks
  7. I Am Hip Hop (Move The Crowd)
  8. Heavy Ceiling
  9. June 26th, 1999: A. Slight
  10. June 26th, 1999: B. Exist
  11. June 26th, 1999: C. Purpose
  12. June 26th, 1999: D. Mothers Of Invention
  13. Rainmen (Controller 7 Remix)[Bonus Track on 2002 reissue]

Production credits:

We Aint Fessin' EP

  1. More From June feat. Eyedea
  2. We Aint Fessin (Double Quotes)
  3. Pitty Party People


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