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Deep Thinkers
Origin Kansas City, Missouri
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2000s
Aaron Sutton (Brother of Moses), Kyle Dykes (Leonard D. Stroy)

Deep Thinkers is an American hip hop group from Kansas City, Missouri composed of MC Aaron Sutton (Brother of Moses) and DJ and producer Kyle Dykes (Leonard D. Stroy,[1] Leonard Dstroy[2], or Lenny D[3]).

The two members of Deep Thinkers first met each other while performing in the live band Sevenfold Symphony. Sutton regularly volunteers in the Kansas City community,[2] and is also an oil painter.[1]

The group's lyrics center on social issues such as politics, homelessness, and poverty. Its beats are composed of a myriad of samples, including those of 1970s funk music,[4] jazz, and world music.[5] Deep Thinkers has performed with artists including Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Mac Lethal.[6]


  • Outlook (self-released)[2]
  • Necks Move (Coup de Grace, 2005)[7]
  • Don't Call It A Mixtape Vol. 1 (free download, 2007)[4]
  • Mindtriloquist (forthcoming, 2008)[3]


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