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Def Jux Presents 3
Studio album by Various Artists
Released March 9, 2004
Genre Hip hop
Label Definitive Jux
Producer Nasa
Aesop Rock
Fakts One
Rob Sonic
Camu Tao
Richie Malevolence
Professional reviews
Various Artists chronology
Def Jux Presents 2
Def Jux Presents 3
Def Jux Teaser 2005

Def Jux Presents 3 is a compilation album for the Definitive Jux independent record label. For fans, it was a chance for the already-familiar Def Jukies to show off their material. For new listeners, it was a great introduction to the Def Jux label roster.


Track listing

  1. "Words From Phase 2"
    • Performed by Phase 2
    • Produced by Nasa
  2. "All In All"
  3. "Make News"
    • Performed by Carnage
    • Produced by Nasa
  4. "Medical Aid"
  5. "Dylsexia"
    • Performed by Rob Sonic
    • Produced by Rob Sonic
  6. "Beatslope [El-P Remix]"
  7. "WMR"
    • Performed by El-P, Camu Tao
    • Produced by El-P
  8. "Homesickness"
    • Performed by Despot
    • Produced by Arcsin
  9. "Devil In The Hole"
    • Performed by S.A. Smash
    • Produced by Camu Tao
  10. "Aquatic"
    • Performed by 4th Pyramid
    • Produced by Richie Malevolence
  11. "You're Dead To Me"
    • Performed by MURS
    • Produced by Aesop Rock
  12. "Jello"
  13. "Oxycontin, Pt. 2"
    • Performed by El-P
    • Featuring Cage
    • Produced by Belief
  14. "No Jumper Cables [DJ paWL Remix]"
    • Performed by Aesop Rock
    • Produced by paWL
  15. "Take No Chances"
    • Performed by Hangar 18
    • Produced by paWL
  16. "Clean Living"
    • Performed by RJD2
    • Produced by RJD2

Bonus DVD

Def Jux Presents 3 also featured a bonus DVD. The DVD featured the following music videos:

  1. "No Jumper Cables"
    • Performed by Aesop Rock
  2. "3 Card Molly"
    • Performed by C-Rayz Walz
  3. "Buck 80"
    • Performed by C-Rayz Walz
  4. "Deep Space 9mm"
    • Performed by El-P
  5. "Stepfather Factory"
    • Performed by El-P
  6. "Live From The Plantation"
    • Performed by Mr. Lif

Chart positions

  • Def Jux Presents 3 [1]
    • Chart: Top Independent Albums
    • Peak position: 22
    • Year: 2004


  • Executive producer: El-P
  • Mastering: Emily Lazar
  • Art direction: El-P, Dan Ezra Lang
  • Design: Dan Ezra Lang


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