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Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terror May Yet Be Won, in Spite of Ourselves[1] is a book by Srđa Trifković. The book is a follow up to his best-selling book The Sword of the Prophet.



  • Part I - Understanding the Threat. Argues that Islam is the only religious doctrine in human history with a developed doctrine, theology and legal system of mandatory violence against unbelievers.
  • Part II - From Europa to Eurabia. Discusses the internal threat brought about by Muslim immigration to Europe.
  • Part III - America - Insecure Homeland. Discusses the internal propaganda tactics and infiltration strategies used by Islamist networks to try to subvert American society.
  • Part IV - Defense Abroad. Analyses the global situation and provides insight on the actual intentions of Islamic nations as opposed to the attempted image they try to project.
  • Part V - The Solution. Outlines a number of practical policies and strategies which the author deems to be effective in the war against jihad.


"Dr. Trifkovic understands Islam... The problem of historical ignorance in today’s English-speaking world, where claims about far- away lands and cultures are made on the basis of domestic multiculturalist assumptions, are hit right on the head by the author," wrote Taki in The American Conservative.[1].

The National Review Book Service warns that Trifkovic exposes what "Muslims, multiculturalists, and the media hope you never find out about Islam." [2] "Trifkovic gives us the unvarnished, 'politically incorrect' truth about Islam... and what we must do if we wish to survive," is the opinion of the Conservative Book Club [3]. According to a recent review, "Serge Trifkovic writes a calm and thoughtful tome... [H]e is arguing that a significant number of people subscribe to militant Islam, and that such militancy is a natural result of following the actual teachings of Muhammad and the Koran" -- Steven Greenhut, The Orange County Register senior editorial writer.


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