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A defense contractor (or defence contractor) is a business organization or individual that provides products or services to a defense department of a government. Products typically include military aircraft, ships, vehicles, weaponry, and electronic systems. Services can include logistics, technical support and training and communications support.

Defense contractors do not generally provide direct support of military operations. Under 1949 Geneva Conventions defense contractors engaged in direct support of military operations may be legitimate targets of military attack. Compare to a private military contractor.

Top 10 worldwide defense contractors, 2008[1]
Rank Name Country/location 2007 rank Defense revenue
(US$ billion)
% of total revenue
1 Boeing  United States 1 30.5 48.0
2 BAE Systems  United Kingdom 2 29.9 95.0
3 Lockheed Martin  United States 3 29.4 92.0
4 Northrop Grumman  United States 4 24.6 77.0
5 General Dynamics  United States 6 21.5 79.0
6 Raytheon  United States 5 19.5 93.0
7 EADS  European Union 7 13.1 21.3
8 L-3 Communications  United States 8 11.2 81.0
9 Finmeccanica  Italy 9 9.9 53.6
10 Thales Group  France 10 9.4 56.0

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