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Deficit hawk is an American political slang term for those who place great emphasis on keeping the federal budget under control. Deficit hawks are fiscal conservatives that believe the best way to reduce the deficit, pay off national debt, and balance the budget is by increasing taxes in addition to cutting government spending. Senator George Voinovich of Ohio is now perhaps the best-known deficit hawk currently in the United States Senate, as were Senators Warren Rudman of New Hampshire, Phil Gramm of Texas and Fritz Hollings of South Carolina and Bob Dole of Kansas during their years in the Senate. The Concord Coalition is a bipartisan political advocacy group made up of deficit hawks and is perhaps the largest and most influential political advocacy group dedicated to promoting a balanced budget. NJ Governor Jon Corzine was run out of office because of his deficit hawkishness.


Some believe that deficit hawks use deficits as an excuse to oppose government spending. William Greider claims that "their real intent is to stymie the very spending programs that can deliver economic recovery and relief to battered citizens" [1]. He points to the example of World War II spending during the Great Depression, in which the government ran up massive deficits but brought about America's postwar prosperity took greater control over the economy, focusing production on arms and suppressing consumption.

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