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देहरादून, Dehra Dun
Location of Dehradun
in Uttarakhand and India
Coordinates 30°20′N 78°04′E / 30.33°N 78.06°E / 30.33; 78.06
Country  India
State Uttarakhand
District(s) Dehradun
Population 447808 (2001)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

657 m (2,156 ft)

Dehradun (Hindi: देहरादून) About this sound pronunciation , also sometimes spelled Dehra Doon, is the provisional[1] capital city of the Uttarakhand state (earlier called Uttaranchal) in India, and the headquarters of Dehradun District.

It is located in the Doon valley, 230 kilometres north of India's capital New Delhi and the Delhi metropolitan area. The district is surrounded by the Himalayas in the north, Sivalik Hills in the south, the river Ganga in the east, and the river Yamuna in the west. The water divide of Ganga and Yamuna passes through the city.

It is also located on the northwestern side of the fertile Gangetic plains of India. Before the creation of Uttarakhand on November 9, 2000, Dehradun was a part of Uttar Pradesh. Neighbouring cities and towns include Haridwar, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Mussoorie and Saharanpur.

The products that have made Dehradun known within India are "Dehradooni basmati rice", Bakery products and Lychee. Dehradun is also famous for some of the oldest and renowned boarding schools like the Doon School and Welham Girls School.


Etymology and History

Dera (or Dehra) is a camp, while Dun or Doon is a reference to a local term used for a river valley between a smaller range Shivaliks and the main Himalayas, and the present town of Dehradun was founded in the early eighteenth century by Guru Ram Rai, the elder son of seventh Sikh Guru Har Rai, and the founder of the Udasin Sect of Ascetics, who when exiled came here in 1675, and first settled in the village Dhamawala which until today hosts the annual 'Jhanda Fair' on the fifth day after Holi in his memory.[2]. Thus the name refers to his Dera or settlement in the valley [3], and marking this settlement is a Darbar called 'Shri Guru Ram Rai Darbar', built in 1699 [4], and modelled on the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jehangir [5]. In Skanda Purana, Dun is mentioned as a part of the region called Kedar Khand, the abode of Shiva. In ancient India during the Mahabharata epic era, Dronacharya the great teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas lived here hence the name "Drona-nagri" [6].

Geography and climate

Climate chart (explanation)
average max. and min. temperatures in °C
precipitation totals in mm
source: IMD

Dehradun has a sub-tropical climate with cold winters, warm and crisp springs, hot summers and a strong monsoon. The mountains around Dehradun receive sustained snowfall in winter, but the temperature in the city hardly ever drops below freezing[7].Dehradun is prone to hail storms in winter.

Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, distant view.


Even though city transportation is now taken care of by blue striped city buses crisscrossing the city, another popular sight are the omnipresent blue three wheel vehicles (known as "Vikrams"). These vehicles provide the most common and cheapest form of public transport, however, these vehicles have also been cited as the chief cause of increased levels of noise and air pollution in the city. The railway station of Dehradun is linked with major cities of the country such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Indore, Ujjain, Ahmedabad, etc with dedicated trains to Dehradun, under Northern Railways. The Dehradun - Chennai Express is the only weekly train that connects Dehradun to Bhopal Junction, Nagpur, Gwalior and Chennai.

Dehradun's night view from Midway Mussorie


The city is served by the Jolly Grant Airport, 25 km east of the city.


Dehradun has a helidrome located on Sahastradhara Road.


It is the state capital and is also the home of many government institutions. The center of the city's activities is the popular landmark known as the Clock Tower (Ghanta-ghar), which is a tall structure with 5 functioning clocks; Can enjoy a good ride or go shopping on the Rajpur Road and not to forget its lively Paltan Bazaaar. The numerous high schools of the city attract students from all over the country. During the day it is common to see students (dressed in various high-school uniforms) moving around the city.


The city has witnessed tremendous growth in the last 20 years. Because of its educational background and high international remittances, Dehradun enjoys a high per capita income, which in dollar terms hovers close to $1800 (national average $800). The city's transition into a large urban centre has been nothing less than phenomenal. Dehradun is in a middle of a commercial & IT boom, which is amplified by the establishment of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI [8]) and various SEZ (special economic zones) through out the city. Right from IT Parks to specifically built industrial belts have proved to be a heaven for industrialists of national and international repute. Combined with excise benefits companies are finding prospective establishment in the city (like other parts of Uttrakhand) very attractive. With the construction of the Delhi-Dehradun four lane highway now in full swing, the primary bottleneck endangering the city's growth (the Delhi-Dehradun two lane highway) has been solved. More economic development is expected at a much wider scale.

Dehradun is the Headquarter of ONGC,India's Largest Oil Company.

Shopping & Markets

  • Paltan Bazar
  • Rajpur Road
  • Connaught Place


Higher Education


The re-established Mindroling Monastery, in Clement Town, Dehradun.

Nearby locations are:

  • Bluiding & Museum
  • Budha Temple & Clementown Park
  • Malsi Deer Park,
  • Sahastradhara,
  • Tapkeshwar Shiv Temple,
  • Robber's Cave,
  • Lachhiwala,
  • Maldevta
  • Dat Kali Mata Mandir
  • Laxman Sidh Temple,
  • Rajaji National Park
  • Santhla Devi
  • MDDA Park
  • Gularghati

Nearby locations are the hill stations of Mussoorie Landour just 36 km away. There is a 16 km (easy) trekking route from Dehradun to Mussoorie.

Dhanaulti is a lovely hill station beyond Mussoorie. Located on Mussoorie-Dhanaulti Road is Himalayan Weavers which produces hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws using only natural dyes and wool, eri silk and pashmina. Their aim is to produce high quality handloom products, popularize the use of environmentally friendly natural dyes and provide a market for craft products made in the Himalayan region.[2]

Chakrata is another nearby hill station, but it is a good 80 km away. Paonta Sahib is a pilgrimage place for Sikhs with a historic Gurudwara on the banks of the Yamuna. Other nearby religious places are Haridwar and Rishikesh.



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Dehradun [1] is the provisional capital of Uttarakhand state. It is nestled between the Himalayan foothills to the north and the Shivaliks to the South. The town offers breathtaking scenery.


Dehradun is situated at an altitude of 2,200 ft in the Doon Valley between two of the most important rivers in India, the Ganga and Yamuna. It offers beautiful scenery and a moderate climate in summer, and so is an ideal place to relax and escape the heat of the plains below. The town also serves as a convenient base for visiting the area's many tourist sites.

Dehradun has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and currently has a population of around 550,000. It is also famous for the Doon School, which is often referred to as the Eton of India.

  • Jolly Grant Airport (IATA: DED) (ICAO: VIDN) - light aircraft only - currently only Air Deccan [2] flies to Dehradun, and there are two daily flights from Delhi, departing at 10:55AM and 1:40PM. The flights take around 1 hour.

Kingfisher Red [3]has 2 daily flight between Dehradun to Delhi & further provides connecting flights to other major destinations of India.

However this airport is very inconvenient as it is over 20 km from the town and not much public transport. Actually the faster trains such as the Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi take a similar time as the flights if you consider the time between the city centres of Delhi and Dehradun

By train

Dehradun (IR station code : DDN) is a major station and a terminus in Uttarakhand. It is connected by rail to Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Allahabad, Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Amritsar, Indore, Ujjain and Chennai.
Here are some useful trains to reach Dehradun:

Train Number Train Name You may board at You may alight at
2017 [4] Shatabdi Express New Delhi Dehradun
2055 [5] Jan Shatabdi Express New Delhi Dehradun
4041 [6] Mussoorie Express New Delhi Dehradun
2327 [7] Upasana Express Howrah (Kolkata), Lucknow Dehradun
3009 [8] Doon Express Howrah (Kolkata), Varanasi, Lucknow Dehradun
2687 [9] Chennai-Dehradun Express Chennai, Nizamuddin (Delhi) Dehradun
2205 [10] Nizamuddin Dehradun AC Express Nizamuddin (Delhi) Dehradun
4632 [11] Amritsar-Dehradun Express Amritsar Dehradun
4163 [12] Sangam Express Allahabad Dehradun
9019 [13] Bandra-Dehradun Express Bandra Terminus (Mumbai), Nizamuddin (Delhi) Dehradun

Also see Rail travel in India

By bus

Delux, Volvo, Semi-deluxe and ordinary Uttarakhand State buses depart every hour from ISBT, Kashmere Gate in New Delhi. There is also an overnight deluxe A/C service run by Uttarakhand Tourism. It is a six to seven hour journey from Delhi. However, the bus station is located about 5-6 km from the centre of the town. If you are coming from Delhi side the trains will generally be more convenient.

By car

Dehradun is in principle a 5 hour drive from Delhi, but unless you leave Delhi very early in the morning, you will encounter traffic that makes the trip significantly longer. The town is on NH 72A (Chhutmalpur to Dehradun). The road is two-laned, but not very wide. There may be many slow-moving vehicles at harvest times, and pilgrims walking on the road in late July and early August.

Get around

By bus

Dehradun has a city bus service run by private owners under STA. The destinations are written in Hindi above the windshield. Generally, however, the buses are crowded, so it is better to use other means of transport.

By auto rickshaw

Auto rickshaws are plentiful in the downtown area. They are not metered, but instead use a fixed rate system. However, as the rate is often not prominently displayed, it is advisable to have some idea of the cost to your destination before taking an auto rickshaw. Otherwise, you are very likely to be charged well over the odds.

By Shared (Fixed-Route) Autorickshaws

The cheapest way to get around town is via the ubiquitous blue three wheelers called Vikrams. These vehicles are often crammed, with capacity for 8 cramped passengers in the back. The Vikrams are numbered according to their routes through the city. Fare is 3-5 rupees.

  • 1 - Rajpur Road: begins at Astley Road and travels North to the Rajpur-Mussoorie Road Fork.
  • 2 - Sahastradhara/Raipur: begins at Survey Chowk, procedes eastward to Sahastradhara Crossing, before splitting towards the North (Sahastradhara Road) or East (Raipur Road) depending on the Autorickshaw.
  • 3 - Dharampur, Rispana Bridge: begins at Survey Chowk, procedes to Haridwar Road and Dharampur, before proceding through the Nehru Colony to Rispana Bridge.
  • 4 - Doiwala: begins at Rispana Bridge and procedes to Doiwala.
  • 5 - Majra/ISBT: begins at Astley Hall, procedes South to Majra and the Interstate Bus Terminus.
  • 6 - Kaulagarh Road: begins at Connaught Place, goes Northwest up Kaulagarh Road.
  • 7 - Chakrata Road: begins at Connaught Place, goes West on Chakrata Road.
  • 8 - Kanwali/Kaonli Road: begins at Astley Hall, procedes South to Saharanpur Chowk, before going West on Kanwali/Kaonli Road towards Balliwala. The last stop on this route varies between Seemadwar/Indranagar, Anurag Nursery or Vasant Vihar Chowk.
  • 10 - Premnagar: very infrequent, goes West to Premnagar via Kaonli Road.

On foot

The best way to explore the town is on foot, since it is surprisingly compact. Finding your way around is not that difficult as it may seem at first glance. Rajpur Road is the main avenue and Chakrata Road is also quite an important street. They both intersect at the Clock Tower Roundabout. Walking across town can take up to 30 minutes.

By car

You can easily visit Dehradun through Car. There are many car rental companies available which Provide world Class Services.

  • Enterprises Car Rental
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Savaari Car Rental,Savaari Car Rental Dehradun [14] has a reputation for providing quality luxury car rentals Dehradun. For more information on online booking of Rental Car in Dehradun, [15]
  • The Kalinga War Memorial, Sahastradhara Road. The only war memorial of its kind in the world which was erected by the British to honour their foe, the Gurkhas (or the Gorkhas).
  • The Gurkha Fort, Tapovan Forest Area.
  • The Museum, Forest Research Institute. Lavish environs and one of the largest institutes of its kind. Guided tours available. Open:9AM-1PM and 2:30PM-5:30PM. Admission free. Photographs are allowed, but no flash indoors.
  • Mindrolling Monastery [16], Clement Town. Tel:+91 135 264-0556, 264-0968. A large Buddhist monastery in the Tibetan Nyingma tradition.
  • Chetwoode Hall, The Indian Military Academy. A charming little museum housing collections of 20th century military artifacts.
  • Clock Tower, Rajpur Road. Built by the British, this remains the icon of the downtown area.
  • Ram Rai Darbar, Jhanda Mohalla. Built by Guru Har Rai's son, it attracts many Sikh pilgrims from the nearby state of Punjab. Admission is free and non-Sikhs are welcome.
  • Tapkeshwar Temple, Garhi Cantt. An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Tapkeshwar is situated on the banks of a rivulet.
  • Sai Darbar Temple, Rajpur Road. This place of worship holds a high spiritual value, and is thus visited by tourists across the country.
  • The Char Siddhs, comprising a group of four temples around Dehradun : Lakshman Siddh (along the Dehradun-Rishikesh road 12 km from Dehradun), Kalu Siddh (near Baniyawala), Manak Siddh (near Shimla Bypass Road) and Madu Siddh (near Premnagar). Small temples in scenic and as yet unspoilt locales. It is commonly believed that visitng all four Siddhs in a single day will fulfill a devotee's wishes.
  • Tapovan, Rajpur Road. According to legend, Guru Dronacharya had done penance here.
  • Jaspal Rana Shooting Ranges, Majhon- Paunda, Via Nanda Ki Chowki, Premnagar, Dehradun
  • Tiger View Jungle Camp, Village Goolar Khalla, Post Saura, Via Raipur, Dehradun [17]
  • RIMC, Rashtriya Indian Military College one of the finest school in India for making the kids to gentleman cadets
Gate at RIMC
Gate at RIMC
  • Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Another place worth a visit is the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. It is the best center on Himalayan geology in the country and has done some pioneering work in the field. A museum displaying the geological diversity of the sub-continent is the center of attraction here and a must see for all those visiting the institute.
  • Robber's Cave Also known as Guchchu Pani,situated at a distance of eight km from the city center.Robber's cave is a beautiful picnic spot. On display here is one of nature's strange phenomena; a stream of water goes underground here and reappears a few metres away. The cave is surrounded by hills and is a beautiful getaway for those looking for peace and quiet of the hills.
  • SahastradharaAround 14 km from Dehradun is the cold Sulphur water spring called Sahastradhara. The spring is believed to have exceptional medicinal value and the dripping caves and a bath in the Baldi River near the spring are said to rejuvenate the body and soul.
  • Dehradun is a base for trekking and adventure tourism, and many people just stay overnight in the city before heading into the Garhwal Hills.

Swasteek [18] - The Himalayan Resort, Swasteek Camp, Vill. Thamana, Pauri-Devprayag Road, Pauri Garhwal Uttarakhand - 246001, Contact Numbers - +91-999 7211 085,+91-999 7870 653.

  • Picnic - Pack a hamper of food and drinks and picnic at Sahastradhara, on the banks of the Baldi River. The mineral waters here are pure and clean. It is a 30 minute drive from the city of Dehradun. You can also rent a cycle from Hotel Madhuban. It takes a little over an hour to bike down.
  • After a hard day's sightseeing, drive down to the village of Dakpathar 45 km away. The sparkling waters of the Yamuna makes this the perfect spot to relax. The neat little GMVN Tourist Complex is located inside the village. It has a good restaurant and a small swimming pool.
  • Basmati rice - the Dehradun area is famous all over India & the world for its fragrant Basmati rice, but you can probably buy bags of it at your local Indian store so don't bother buying any here.
  • Khukris - the traditonal knives that Dehradun is famous for. In fact the sword used in the film "Gladiator" was designed and made in Dehradun. Small shops in Dehradun stock them.
  • Brightly coloured, hand made woollen items made by tribal communities in the nearby Garhwal Hills.
  • Himalayan Weavers use natural dyes to produce hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws of wool, eri silk and pashmina. Their aim is popularize the use of environmentally friendly natural dyes and provide a market for craft products made in the Himalayan region. They have a showroom in Chowk Bazaar (Rajpur). They also have a showroom 8 km from Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Dhanaulti Road. Rajpur: 01352733113, Mussoorie: 0135-2115282 and 9759009830. [19]
  • Paltan Bazaar - a good place to pick up the local variety of Basmati Rice, and hand made woollen garments made by local tribal communities.
  • The English book Depot, [20] 15, Rajpur Road - the best bookshop for miles, with an excellent stock of fiction, travel literature, magazines and newspapers.
  • Astley Hall, Rajpur Road - a complex full of interesting, and good value shops and restaurants.
  • Rajpur Road - the most popular shopping area.
  • Rajpur Road has an abundance of eateries from McDonalds to Nirula's to roadside buffets... the food is great. Try Tibetan dishes available opposite the Parade Ground, or get some cheap but delicious vegetarian thalies near the station.
  • Kumar's, Rajpur Road. This well-known multicuisine restaurant serves Chinese, Indian and Continental food.
  • Udipi, Lytton Road. Famous for South Indian food. Start off with piping hot idlis, and move on to crispy dosas. Round off the meal in style with strong filter coffee.
  • Moti Mahal, City Bus Stand, Rajpur Road. Famous for North Indian fast food. Try the samosa or bread pakora.
  • McDonalds, (2653086) Astley Hall, Rajpur Road. Serves the usual fast food, burgers, wraps etc. No McDelivery or McShakes available. Try the Shahi Paneer Pan, the latest innovation of McDonalds India.
  • Nirula's, [21] Astley Hall, Rajpur Road. This is one of the smaller branches of an all-India chain of fast food outlets. The menu is extensive, and includes pizzas, burgers, platters and rotis. For home delivery, call 2651202 or 2651203.
  • Vatika, [22] 97, Rajpur Road. A good multi-cuisine restaurant serving tasty and wholesome food. (A restaurant of Hotel Madhuban)
  • Ellora, Ellora's amazing cookies and plum cake
  • Pizza Hut, In Rajpur Road you can find one Pizza Hut and a good place to eat out
  • Yo! China (now renamed as China King) is without doubt the best Chinese restaurant in town offering a wide range of dimsums and budget priced combo meals and a must visit is Ginger 'n' Garlic situated over China King offering 35 different types of paranthas is a must stop for Punjabi food lovers.Their g'n'g special (chicken) dish is something to die for. For free home deliveries all over Dehradun you can call them at 2655773,2655774.
  • Lhasa, One of the best restaurants for authentic Tibetan fare located on Rajpur Road close to the Old Mussoorie Road diversion. This is several km out of town. Call them at 2733274 for bookings or to order a pick-up meal. No home deliveries.
  • The Orchid, restaurant close to the MDDA Rajpur Park near Jakhan. Scenic views nestled on the side of the mountain overlooking verdant valleys. Decent food.
  • Tibetan market. Great momos (steamed buns, filled with meat).
  • Swasteek-The Himalayan Resort. Great Food,Tours,Adventure [23].
  • Flavors, Saharanpur Road, 2626166,2726166, [24]. 11AM- -11PM. Delicious food and amazing ambiance with live ghazals  edit
  • Rajpur Road has many bars. Try a strong Tibetan drink called chang available in Rajpur (7 km away from clock tower).
  • Cafe Coffee Day, Rajpur Road, [25]. Excellent coffee and pastries.
  • Barista, The English Book Depot, 15 Rajpur Road, [26]. Excellent coffee, iced tea and pastries.
  • Head Over Hells Bar, 97 Rajpur Road, [27]. A good range of drinks and snacks.
  • President Hotel and Bar The finest bar in the downtown. However some retired Army officers and serving officers like to Jam out in DSOI, (To try this out either you have to be an Army officer or his guest. :) )
  • Shipra Bar. This bar is the part of the Great Value hotel and is reasonably OK.
  • My Wife's Place. In Rajpur Road you can find this and well known for it's north indian food, especially a varaity of kebabs and mughlai dishes  edit
  • There are quite a few hotels in Dehradun, with the best options being located on Rajpur Road. The city does not have a five-star hotel yet. However, Mussoorie (34 km uphill) has quite a few top-end options.
  • Shaheen Bagh Boutique Resort, 18 , Bigha , Village Jamniwala, On shighally School Road , Near Tones River (This Boutique Resort is 20 minutes from Dehradun town, located on a hilly ridge on the town's outskirts. The hill station of Mussoorie is 45 minutes away. Nestled in the Doon Valley on the banks of the Tons River is Shaheen Bagh.), +919258774889 /+919927420034. checkin: 12 Noon; checkout: 12 Noon. About Us Situated just below the British hill station of Mussoorie, the elegant house, with an adjoining cottage, is located on a 7-acre estate verdant with fruit orchards, many species of exotic and rare plants and trees. The landscaped gardens, spread across five levels, are a visual delight with their watercourses, lily pools and picturesque pathways. The Resort , with an adjoining cottage, is located on a 7-acre estate verdant with fruit orchards, many species of exotic and rare plants and trees. The landscaped gardens, spread across five levels, are a visual delight with their watercourses, lily pools and picturesque pathways. ■Indoor games: camerboard, chess, loto, jhinga, pictionary etc. ■ Sketching & Painting. ■ Wi-Fi Internet Connection ■ Yoga & Acupressure By Dr. Meena Semwal. ■Massage. ■HDMI Connection available for your play station. ■Day trip to Dehradun/Mussorie & near by can be organised. ■Doctor on Call. ■Bonfire & Bar-B-Q. FOR BOOKING & SPECIAL OFFERS PLEASE MAIL - 5000.  edit
  • Hotel Doon Castle, Patel nagar, niranjanpur, opp.telephone exchange, saharanpur road. Tel:+91 135 2626166, 2726166
  • Motel Kwality, 19, Rajpur Road. Tel:+91 135 657-001 - clean, but with basic facilities.
  • Hotel Ambassador, Windlass Shopping Centre, Rajpur Road. Tel: +91 135 655-831, 655-832 - very good location, well-designed rooms.
  • Best Western Madhuban, 97, Rajpur Road. [28] Tel:+91 135 749-990, 749-995 - Note that the web page for the Best Western international chain does not list this hotel, so its claim to be a Best Western hotel is unverified. The LP guide has dropped this hotel from its listings.
  • 'Great Value Hotel', 74C, Rajpur Road. [29] Tel:+91 135 2744-762 - located near the Best Western Madhuban, this well-run establishment is good value for money.It offers a choice of well appointed rooms,Food & Beverage facilites.Call 09358106043,09358106046,09358106047 for reservations and expect a quick reply.


There are many internet cafes scattered throughout the town. All the hotels listed above have internet access. There are many iways in the city.

  • Computer Base, Windlass Shopping Centre, Rajpur Road.
  • Reliance World, 56, Rajpur Road. Tel: +91 135 309-4844
  • Sify iway, 20, Raj Plaza, Rajpur Road (Tel: +91 135 309-8880); Anekant Place; Arhat Bazaar; Balliwala Chowk; Capri Mkt; Chakrata Road; Dav College Road; Deeplok Colony; Gandhi Road; Jakhan; Prem Nagar; Race Course; Swaraj Shopping Complex; 18 A, EC Road; St. 12, Arshiwad Enclave; 8, New Road; Ballupur Road; 42 Indira Nagar; Clement Town; 155, Saharanpur Road.
  • There are innumerable tourist towns that are well connected to Dehradun.
  • The Himalayan foothills
  • Nagtibba (ten thousand ft) - tribal communities.
  • Jaunpur - stunning villages in this area.
  • Chakrata - unspoilt views (restricted area for foreign nationals).
  • Harkidun - great trekking destination with picture postcard views. all round.
  • Haridwar - a sacred site on the Ganges - a little over one hour by train or road.
  • Rishikesh - a sacred site.
  • Mussoorie
  • Sahastradhara - a hot spring resort.
  • The Rajaji National Park
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