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Deir al-Hatab
Deir al-Hatab is located in the Palestinian territories
Deir al-Hatab
Arabic دير الحطب
Governorate Nablus
Government Village Council
Also spelled Dayr al-Hatab (officially)
Coordinates 32°13′01.52″N 35°19′14.89″E / 32.2170889°N 35.3208028°E / 32.2170889; 35.3208028Coordinates: 32°13′01.52″N 35°19′14.89″E / 32.2170889°N 35.3208028°E / 32.2170889; 35.3208028
Population 2,213 (2007)

5,540  dunams (5.5 km²)

Head of Municipality Hussein Abd al-Kareem

Deir al-Hatab (Arabic: دير الحطب‎) is a Palestinian village in the Nablus Governorate in the northern West Bank, located east of Nablus. The village's built-up area consisted of 330 dunams in 2000. Prior to 1993, it was less than 200 dunams. The entire village is located in "Area B" which gives the Palestinian National Authority control over civil affairs, while Israel is responsible for security.[1]

The Israeli settlement of Elon Moreh is established within Deir al-Hatab's jurisdiction, taking up nearly 2,000 dunams of the village's land.[1]


Deir al-Hatab had a population of 234 residents in 1922 and according to a census by the British Mandate of Palestine government the village had 277 inhabitants in 1931. A survey by Sami Hadawi in 1945 recorded a population of 370. In 1987, 1,120 people were living in Deir al-Hatab.[2]

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Deir al-Hatab had a population of over 2,213 inhabitants in 2007.[3] Around 33% of households in the village have 1-5 members, 51% have 6-10 members and 17% have over 10 members. About 10% of the population over ten years of age is illiterate, women making up 78% of this statistic. In addition, 43% of the student population are females.[1]


Agriculture forms 24% of Deir al-Hatab's economy while small business, work in the government and construction form the remainder. Over half of the population is of working-class age (15-64) and women made-up half of the labor force in 1999. Deir al-Hatab's village council claims unemployment has dramatically increased from 30% in 1999 to 90% in 2001.[1]


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