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Delinquent Habits
Origin East Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Rap
Years active 1991 to present
Chente Loco

Delinquent Habits (a.k.a. Los Delinquentes) is a Chicano hip hop group. Formed in Los Angeles in 1991, they are known for their Latin-tinged rap, which is both melodic and hardcore. Their first album was executive produced by Cypress Hill member Sen Dog and featured guest appearances by Sen himself as well as Puerto Rican New York City rapper Hurricane G. Their second album, Here Come The Horns, again featured Sen Dog as well as Sen's brother, pioneering Latin rapper Mellow Man Ace. The melodic "Merry Go Round" featured the female singer Michelle. The group chose to focus more on hardcore rap on their fourth offering, "Freedom Band".



  • Kemo the Blaxican (David L.K. Thomas)
  • Ives, Irie, El Guero/Huero Loco (Ivan Martin, MC)
  • O.G. Style (Alejandro Martinez, DJ and Producer)
  • Michelle (Vocals)

The group itself originally consisted of two MCs, Ives and Kemo, and O.G. Style as the DJ. Thus the group was often called "Los Tres Delinquentes" (In English: "The Three Delinquents"). In 1996, the group garnered international success with their first single "Tres Delinquentes" selling over one million copies. The success of the song pushed the group's self-titled album to nearly the same figure. Kemo soon left after the completion of their album Freedom Band to pursue a solo career with some substantial success. He was replaced by female vocalist Michelle, who had been previously featured in their songs.

August 2008 former mc Kemo signed a record deal with Ampire Records/ Redrum Recordz for a European release of his second album.



  • Delinquent Habits - 1996
  • Here Come the Horns - 1998
  • Merry Go Round - 2000
  • Freedom Band - 2003
  • Dos Mundos Dos Lenguas - 2005
  • New And Improved - 2006
  • The Common Man - 2009


  • "Return of the Tres" was featured in the 2001 and 2005 films, Double Take and Harsh Times, respectively. The song was also used in one of Nike's Joga Bonito advertisements.
  • Tres Delinquentes was featured in the 2005 film Havoc.
  • "Get High" Single from the album Vibración Exquisita, Punto Rojo - 1997
  • Several of their songs are featured on the soundtracks to video games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico, and Total Overdose's official sequel; Chili Con Carnage.
  • Ive's other alias is "El Güero/Huero Loco", meaning "The crazy blonde one". Güero (or Huero) can also be used as a derogatory term for a non-Hispanic caucasian but is also found as a common term of endearment.
  • Kemo's birth name is David Lewis Keimonti Thomas.
  • "Tres Delinquentes" of their first studio album "Delinquent Habits" is LA Dodger Andre Ethier's at-bat song in 2009.

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