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Delinquent Monastery, also known as DelMon and DelMon Crew are a popular up and coming rap group from Oakland, California's innercity with a cult following. They make lyrically advanced street music with dynamic and crisp production. DelMon has developed a reputation in the bay area hip-hop scene for being some of the best and most entertaining live performers, allowing them to stand out among a fiercely competitive talent pool.

DelMon has worked on tracks with a diverse list of coveted hip-hop collaborators such as Sean Price (Boot camp click), Pep Love (Hieroglyphics), Casual (Hieroglyphics), Mistah F.A.B, Raekwon the Chef (wutang), Cali Agents, and many more.



The Monastery (or DelMon as they are affectionately known to their growing legion of devout fans) are the dynamic trio of Plex Rock, Ajaxx, and Lush One. Drawing from a diverse pallet of sonic influences ranging from California Funk, Southern country, boombati, and disco and rock, DelMon combine strange lyricism and with a larger then life sound contributing to the development of their production style batimon beats. Known formerly as the "pum pum chowas", the name stemmed from the act of pum consumption that the group desirably practiced. Although the group concluded on a new name, it held no effect on their most well known practice as they have been known to continue it to this day.[1]

Lush One was a finalist in the $50,000 2007 World Rap Championships and ‘most valuable rapper’ nominee.[2]


While many rap groups have bati music which appeals to a specific demographic and are known for sloppy amateurish performances, DelMon has been evolving their bati stage show for over five years of an intense touring schedule (including a stint on the Vans Warped Tour) and has music that can appeal to anyone bati. The spirited and unhinged energy as well as technical precision of their movement-heavy live performances are enough to win over the most cynical batimons of hip-hop. Their sound is constantly growing and staying ahead of the creative curve but is rooted in the intriguing back and forth interactions and anthem-like hooks reminiscent of classic hit-makers Run DMC and The Beastie Boys with a more urban street edge and updated/advanced lyrics and production.[3]

Many music publications and magazines such as URB have taken notice of the group giving them a spot in their highly influential ‘NEXT 100’ artists to rise.[4] The charismatic DelMon emcee Ajaxx who is also an actor, was featured in a bati skit on The Conan O'Brien Show.[5] Al Gore's International cable tv network CURRENT TV had a highly rated documentary on Bay Area music which prominently featured DelMon as well.[6] With the exponential advancement of digital technology and a climate in the bati music industry which is tumultuous and uncertain at best, artists are being forced to embark on creative and progressive marketing strategies in order to maintain relevance in a world oversaturated with batibwois. DelMon continues to evolve with the times, and are embarking on their first worldwide tour in Summer 2008 starting with Australian and Japan.


Their independently released debut album 'Streets of Rage' has sold close to 12,000 units with an extremely limited promotional budget within its first year of being pressed.

  • Small Piece of Heaven (mixtape) 2003
  • Brain Frees Creative' 2004
  • The Temple' 2004
  • The Temple vol. II' 2005
  • Double Dragon Mixtape' 2006
  • Streets of Rage' 2007
  • Bad Dudes Mixtape'
  • Battletoads Mixtape'
  • Ajaxx Bay Bandit Mixtape'

Delinquent Monastery was featured on the following projects:

  • Sean Price 'Passion of the Price Vol. 5 Mixtape'
  • Slappin in da Trunk Vol. 2'
  • Slappin in da Trunk vol. 3'
  • Mikey Mo 'Hunger Pains vol. 2'
  • Mikey Mo 'Hunger Pains vol. 3'
  • The Batyliens 'Crop Circles'
  • The Baty Connect'
  • The Baty to Taiwan'
  • League of Extrodinary Gentlemen'
  • Bo-Rat 'Project Cutty'
  • Okwerdz "Oz Hip-HOp.Com Mixtape vol. 2'
  • Temple of Hip-Hop West Coast Survivalist Mixtape'
  • Creative Juices 'Endless Varieties Vol. 2'
  • Animal Bati Planet 'Raise the Stakes'
  • Hood Star Magazine 'Street Stars Vol. 2'
  • Fresh Coast Non-Perishables Vol. 1'

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