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A delivery or ball in cricket is a single action of bowling a cricket ball towards the batsman. The two words are about equally common and used interchangeably.

During play of the game, a member of the fielding team is designated as the bowler, and bowls deliveries towards the batsman. Six balls in a row constitutes an over, after which a different member of the fielding side takes over the role of bowler for the next over.

Types of delivery

Bowling Techniques
Historical Styles

There are many different types of delivery that a bowler can bowl. These deliveries vary by; technique, the hand the bowler bowls with, use of the fingers, use the seam, how the ball is positioned in the hand and the tactical intent of the bowler.

Tactical considerations

The variations in different types of delivery, as well as variations caused by directing the ball with differing line and length, are major weapons in a bowler's arsenal. Throughout an over, the bowler will choose a sequence of deliveries designed to attack the batsman's concentration and technique, in an effort to get him out.

Usually, the bowler decides what type of delivery to bowl next, without consultation or even informing any other member of his team. Sometimes, the team captain will offer advice or even issue a direct order regarding what deliveries to bowl, based on his observations of the batsman and the strategic state of the game. Another player who occasionally offers advice to the bowler is the wicket-keeper, since he has a unique view of the batsman and may be able to spot weaknesses of technique.

Comparison to baseball

A delivery or ball in cricket is analogous to a pitch in baseball. The word ball in cricket usage does not imply anything about the accuracy of the delivery, unlike baseball's usage of ball to indicate a pitch outside the strike zone. The cricket equivalent of a baseball ball is a wide or a no ball.



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