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  • DELTA (ELT), a professional qualification in English language teaching
  • Delta, a quadra group used in socionics

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Science and technology

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Medicine and biology

  • Delta (genus), Old World genus of potter wasps
  • Delta (ligand), an activator of the Notch signaling pathway
  • DELTA (taxonomy), a data format used in taxonomy for recording descriptions of living things
  • Delta wave, the frequency band of brain activity between 1 and 4 hertz



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There is more than one place called Delta



  • Delta (Nigeria) is a state in Nigeria.

United States of America

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DELTA (from the shape of the Gr. letter A, delta, originally used of the mouth of the Nile), a tract of land enclosed by the diverging branches of a river's mouth and the seacoast, and traversed by other branches of the stream. This triangular tract is formed from the fine silt brought down in suspension by a muddy river and deposited when the river reaches the sea. When tidal currents are feeble, the delta frequently advances some distance seawards, forming a local prolongation of the coast.

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Delta n.

  1. delta (greek letter)

Simple English

Common letters
ΑaA ΜmEm
ΒbBe ΝnEn
GgGe ΟοO
ΔdDe ΠpPe
hHa ЖжZhe
ΕɛE RrAr
ΖzZe SsEs
ΗeEe ΤtTe
ΘөEth UuU
ΙiI FfEf
JjJe WwWa
ΚkKa ΧxXa
LlEl ОWоwWe
Uncommon letters
Digamma Qoppa
San Sampi
Other letters
Stigma Sho

Greek alphabet

Delta (uppercase/lowercase Δ δ), is the letter of the Greek alphabet, used to represent the "d" sound in Ancient and Modern Greek. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 4. Letters that came from it include the Roman D and Cyrillic Д.

The upper-case letter Δ can be used as symbol representing "change".

In molecular chemistry the lower case greek letter δ is used to represent a partial charge. This is always less than the unit charge associated with an ion but has no real fixed value.

A river delta is so named because its shape approximates the upper-case letter delta.

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