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δ Sagittarii
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Sagittarius
Right ascension 18h 20m 59.7s
Declination -29° 49' 41"
Apparent magnitude (V) +2.72
Distance 306 ± 27 ly
(94 ± 8 pc)
Spectral type K3III
Other designations
19 Sagittarii, HR 6859,
HD 168454, SAO 186681,
HIP 89931, ADS 11264,
CCDM 18210-2950

Delta Sagittarii (δ Sgr / δ Sagittarii) is a star system in the constellation Sagittarius. It has the traditional names Kaus Media, Kaus Meridionalis, and Media. Kaus Media is 306 light years from Earth and radiates with a total luminosity of 1180 times that of the Sun. The radius of Delta Sgr is 62 times solar while its mass is about 5 times the solar mass.

Kaus Media has an apparent magnitude of +2.72 and belongs to the spectral type K3. It has three dim companions:

  • Delta Sagittarii B, a 14th magnitude star at a separation of 26 arcseconds,
  • Delta Sagittarii C, a 15th magnitude star at a separation of 40 arcseconds, and
  • Delta Sagittarii D, a 13th magnitude star at a separation of 58 arcseconds from the primary.

It is not certain that these stars form a physical system or whether they are merely aligned by chance.

In the Hindu system of Astrology, this star is also called "Purvashada Nakshatra". In ancient Chinese astronomy, it is the 4th star of 6 stars in the Dipper or 'South Dipper' mansion of the Black Tortoise of the North.


The name Kaus Media comes from the Arabic قوس qaws 'bow' and Latin media 'middle'.

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