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Deluge screenshot
Screenshot of Deluge downloading a torrent
Developer(s) Marcos Pinto, Andrew Resch, Sadrul Habib Chowdhury, Martijn Voncken
Stable release 1.2.1  (February 20, 2010; 22 day(s) ago (2010-02-20)) [+/−]
Preview release 1.2.1  (February 20, 2010; 22 day(s) ago (2010-02-20)) [+/−]
Operating system Unix-like, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type BitTorrent client
License GPL

Deluge is a BitTorrent client, created using Python and GTK+ (through PyGTK). Deluge is currently usable on POSIX-compliant operating systems. It is intended to bring a native, full-featured client to GTK desktop environments such as GNOME and Xfce. An official Windows port is also available. The program uses the libtorrent C++ library through official Python bindings.[citation needed]



Deluge was created by two members of, Zach Tibbitts and Alon Zakai and was previously being maintained and hosted at Google Code, but has now moved to its own website.

While under early development, Deluge was known as gTorrent because it was to be a BitTorrent client for GNOME. When the first version was released on September 25, 2006, it was renamed to Deluge to avoid implying that the client was GNOME-only.

The 0.5 release marked a complete rewrite from the 0.4.x code branch. The 0.5.x branch added support for encryption, peer exchange, binary prefix and UPnP.

At about the time of the 0.5.1 release, the two original developers effectively left the project leaving Marcos 'markybob' Pinto and Andrew 'andar' Resch to continue development on their own.

Version saw support for both Mac OS X (via MacPorts) and Windows being introduced, and version's was retracted due to a bug that caused Deluge to crash for some users.

Around this time, Deluge became notable for its resistance to Comcast's bandwidth throttling without a change in code, while clients like Vuze (Azureus) and μTorrent had to borrow the method implemented by Deluge.[citation needed]

From version 1.1.1 through version 1.1.3, Windows installers were temporarily unavailable due to the Windows packager leaving the project.[1]

Following 1.1.3, packages for all operating systems were no longer provided by the developers; instead, source tars and community provided packages were released.[citation needed]

General features

Older version of Deluge

Deluge aims to be a lightweight,[2] secure,[3] and feature-rich client.[4] As such, most of its features are part of plugin modules. Starting with version 1.0, Deluge separated its daemon (server/core) from its interface, allowing users to remotely manage the application over the web. It has been one of the first clients to support magnet links, introducing this feature with version 1.1.0 released on January 2009.[5]

Release history

Color Meaning
Red Release no longer supported
Green Release still supported
Blue Future release
Major Version Minor Version Release Date Significant Changes
0.3  ? ?
0.4  ? ?
0.5 2007-06-11 Peer exchange, encryption, UPnP + NATPMP, Improved user interface, Redesigned preferences dialogue, Proper startup and shutdown 2008-07-22 ?
(1.0 Release Candidates)
0.9.09 2008-09-15 ?
(Formerly 0.6)
1.0.0 2008-09-22 1.0.0 Stable Release. Codenamed "Sharks are Bulletproof."
1.0.7 2008-12-11 UI, libtorrent fixes
1.1 1.1.0 2009-01-11 support for the Magnet URI scheme
1.1.3 2009-02-15 Packages no longer provided, bug fixes
1.1.4 2009-03-08 ?
1.1.5 2009-03-16 ?
1.1.6 2009-04-06 ?
1.1.7 2009-04-25 ?
1.1.8 2009-05-21 ?
1.1.9 2009-06-15 ?
1.2 1.2.0 2010-01-12 ?
1.2.1 2010-02-20 ?
1.3 1.3.0 ? ?


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