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The Democracy Alliance is a donors collaborative established by a group of liberal political activists, labor unions and donors in the United States.

Prominent members include George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, Susie Tompkins Buell, trial lawyer Guy Saperstein, trial lawyer Fred Baron, movie director Rob Reiner, Norman Lear, Drummond Pike, Rob McKay, Rutt Bridges, Patricia Stryker, Rob Glaser, Rob Johnson, Anne Bartley, Jonathan Heller, Charles Rodgers, Gail Furman, Davidi Gilo, Rachel Pritzker Hunter and the Service Employees International Union.[1][2]



A PowerPoint presentation, "The Conservative Message Machine Money Matrix", created by Rob Stein and shown to individuals and small groups of donors in 2003 and 2004, is often credited as the reason that the group initially came together.[3] During the panel discussion, Stein said the Democracy Alliance has no intention of seeking tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service because such status would subject it to myriad rules and regulations and make it unduly problematic for it to operate.

The first official meeting of the Democracy Alliance was held at The Boulders near Scottsdale, Arizona in April 2005. It took place in an atmosphere described by New York Times reporter Matt Bai as "intense secrecy".[4] Rob Stein, whose famed PowerPoint presentation "The Conservative Message Machine Money Matrix" was the key motivating force that brought the group of progressives together, was installed as the Democracy Alliance's temporary CEO, pending its selection of a more permanent day-to-day leader.

At the Democracy Alliance's second meeting, held at the Chateau Elan near Atlanta, Georgia in October 2005, management consultant Judy Wade was installed as the second official CEO of the organization. At the fourth meeting of the Democracy Alliance, in Miami in November 2006, Wade was "abruptly" fired and replaced with Kelly Craighead.[5][6]

In July 2006, Taco Bell heir Rob McKay was elected chairman of the board and Anna Burger of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was elected vice chair.[7]

Organizations funded

According to Matthew Vadum, a senior editor at the conservative Capital Research Center, Democracy Alliance members gave more than $100 million to liberal nonprofit groups.[8]


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