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Since 1947, the Democratic members of the United States Senate have elected a policy committee chairman. From 1947 to 2000, the Democratic leader was also the policy committee chairman. From 1989 to 1999, there was a co-chairman. Starting in 1999, the co-chairman was dropped and the position of policy committee chairman became a separate elected position.

List of Democratic Policy Committee Chairmen in the United States Senate

Dates Name State Notes
1947-1949 Alben W. Barkley Kentucky Also Democratic floor leader
1949-1951 Scott W. Lucas Illinois Also Democratic floor leader
1951-1953 Ernest W. McFarland Arizona Also Democratic floor leader
1953-1961 Lyndon Johnson Texas Also Democratic floor leader
1961-1977 Mike Mansfield Montana Also Democratic floor leader
1977-1989 Robert Byrd West Virginia Also Democratic floor leader
George J. Mitchell Maine Also Democratic floor leader
Tom Daschle South Dakota
Also Democratic floor leader
Harry Reid Nevada
1999-present Byron Dorgan North Dakota  



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