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A democratic hierarchy is a hierarchy built through a democratic process.

It consist of a collection of groups on different levels where each group select a representative which represent the group on the next level.

A group on the 1st level will chose a representative who joins a group on the 2nd level made up of a number of representatives of 1st level groups. This 2nd level group selects a representative for representing the group on the 3rd level, and so on.

Unlike in more common democratic systems, the representative is not selected for a fixed amount of time but can be replaced by his group at any time. When someone challenges a representative, the group votes whether to be represented at the next level by the incumbent or by the challenger.

Like in common representative democracies, it is the representative's duty to make decisions on behalf of the group. A representative is likely to be challenged if he does not represent the prevailing opinions of the group he represents.

Democratic hierarchy in a business

In a business, a democratic hierarchy might imply that different project teams select a project leader. The group of project leaders would then elect a department leader, and the department leaders might elect a leader for the business.

Because democratic hierarchies promote the need of the majority, a trick is needed to ensure that needs of the business are the same as the needs of the employees. The trick is to make the employees shareholders of the business. This is typically done by making shares part of the salary.


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