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Demon Days: Live at the Manchester Opera House
Video by Gorillaz
Released March 27, 2006
Recorded Manchester Opera House
Genre Alternative
Length 69:50
Label Parlophone
Producer Gorillaz
Professional reviews
Gorillaz video chronology
Phase One: Celebrity Take Down
Demon Days: Live at the Manchester Opera House
Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades

Demon Days: Live at the Manchester Opera House is a Grammy Award nominated[1] live DVD by Gorillaz, released 27 March 2006 in the UK (see 2006 in British music). It compiles the live performances from 1 November–5 November 2005 at the Manchester Opera House that recreated the Demon Days Studio album and was directed by David Barnard and Grant Gee.

Nearly all of the album's performers were available to participate in the event, including Neneh Cherry, Bootie Brown, Shaun Ryder and Ike Turner. MF DOOM and Dennis Hopper appeared through video and narration, respectively. Local Manchester choirs were hired for the performances.

Included as an encore are "Hong Kong", a song written for the War Child album Help: a Day in the Life, and "Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)" from the Gorillaz album, as a tribute to the memory of Ibrahim Ferrer, who died before the event took place. Also included are the visuals seen on the large screen for all but three of the performances, as those songs featured single cover art for the duration of each respective song. The visuals for "Kids With Guns" are the contribution by the "Search For A Star" Video winner "Carlos".

During the performance, 2D and Murdoc appeared (as puppets) in a box and were motioning for the encore toward the end.

The live performances in Manchester were a pre-festival commission for the Manchester International Festival, which took place in 2007. [2] [3]


Track listing

  1. "Intro" (Gorillaz, D. Harper)
  2. "Last Living Souls" (Gorillaz)
  3. "Kids With Guns featuring Neneh Cherry" (Gorillaz)
  4. "O Green World" (Gorillaz)
  5. "Dirty Harry featuring Bootie Brown" (Gorillaz, R. Robinson)
  6. "Feel Good Inc. featuring De La Soul" (Gorillaz, D. Jolicoeur)
  7. "El Mañana" (Gorillaz)
  8. "Every Planet We Reach Is Dead featuring Ike Turner" (Gorillaz)
  9. "November Has Come featuring MF Doom (footage)" (Gorillaz, D. Dumile)
  10. "All Alone featuring Roots Manuva & Martina Topley-Bird" (Gorillaz, R. Smith, S. Tong)
  11. "White Light" (Gorillaz)
  12. "DARE featuring Rosie Wilson & Shaun Ryder" (Gorillaz)
  13. "Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head - Read by Dennis Hopper" (Gorillaz)
  14. "Don't Get Lost in Heaven" (Gorillaz)
  15. "Demon Days" (Gorillaz)
  16. "Hong Kong featuring Zeng Zhen" (Gorillaz)
  17. "Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) featuring Ibrahim Ferrer (footage)" (Gorillaz)


  • Vocals/Piano - Damon Albarn
  • MD/Keyboards - Mike Smith
  • Guitar - Simon Tong
  • Second Guitar - Simon Jones
  • Bass - Morgan Nicholls
  • Drums - Cass Browne
  • Percussion - Karl Vanden Bossche
  • Turntable - Darren Galea
  • Cello - Isabelle Dunn
  • Cello - Dan Keane
  • Bass - Emma Smith
  • Viola - Amanda Drummond
  • Viola - Nina Kapinsky
  • Violin - Antonia Pagulatos
  • Violin - Kirsty Mangan
  • Viola - Gary Pomeroy
  • Cello - Deborah Chandler

Backing vocalists

  • Wayne Hernandez
  • Sharlene Hector
  • Rosie Wilson
  • Wendi Rose
  • Aaron Sokell

GU-ZHENG (chinese zither) musician

  • Zeng Zhen

Release details

The DVD was released in various countries:

Country Date Label Format Catalog
Australia 27 March 2006 Capitol DVD 356 2449
DVD: Deluxe Edition 359 3559
Japan 29 March 2006 Toshiba-EMI DVD TOBW3294
United Kingdom 27 March 2006 Parlophone DVD 0946 3 59355 9 2
Canada 28 March 2006 Parlophone DVD 0946 3 59354 9 3
United States 4 April 2006 Parlophone, Virgin DVD 0946 3 56243 9 7


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