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Demonic Toys
Directed by Peter Manoogian
Produced by Charles Band
Anne Kelly
Written by David S. Goyer
Starring Tracy Scoggins
Bentley Mitchum
Michael Russo
Jeff Weston
Daniel Cerny
Ellen Dunning
Barry Lynch
William Thorne
Robert Stockele
Larry Cedar
Richard Speight, Jr.
and Pete Schrum
Music by Richard Band
Cinematography Adolfo Bartoli
Editing by Andy Horvitch
Distributed by Full Moon Entertainment
Release date(s) March 12, 1992 (USA)
Running time 86 min
Country  United States
Language English
Followed by Dollman vs. Demonic Toys
Demonic Toys 2

Demonic Toys is a film produced by Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment and released in 1992. The film features small, killer toys similar to those seen in Puppet Master, a film which Band produced in 1989. Demonic Toys, like many other Full Moon releases, never had a theatrical release and went straight-to-video in 1992. It was given an "R" rating for violence, language, and brief nudity.



The film begins with Judith Gray (Tracy Scoggins) and Matt Cable (Jeff Weston), two police officers (boyfriend and girlfriend), waiting outside of the Toyland Warehouse, a warehouse for overstocked toys, waiting to arrest two gun shop owners, Lincoln (Michael Russo), and Guy Hesse (Barry Lynch), for selling illegal guns from foreign countries. While they're waiting, Judith tells Matt about a strange dream she's been having: Two boys, one good, one bad, playing war, and a small wooden room with a dangling lamp hanging from the ceiling. She also mentions to Matt that she's been thirty-one days pregnant. The gun shop owners finally arrive, but ends with Matt shooting Hesse in the ribs, and Lincoln shooting Matt in the chest, killing him. With Hesse still alive (barely), Lincoln and Hesse run and hide inside the Toyland Warehouse, with Judith chasing them, and they split up, and Judith continues to go after Lincoln.

Meanwhile in the Security Office, the Security Guard Charnetski (Peter Schrum) places an order at Chunky Chicken, a chicken delivery service owned by Peterson (Larry Cedar), and is run by Andy (Richard Speight Jr.) and Mark Wayne (Bentley Mitchum). Mark, who is a friend of Charnetski, grabs his food and takes off to deliver it. Meanwhile, Hesse, who's dying, sees a spot of light shining from the ceiling to the floor. Believing it is the tunnel to heaven, Hesse crawls over to the light and rests. But as he bleeds on the ground, the toys that are around him begin to come to life. He gets bitten in the neck by Jack Attack, gets his fingers eaten off by Grizzly, and gets shot in the chest by Mr. Static. Meanwhile with Judith, she finally handcuffs Lincoln in the storage closet when suddenly, the door to the storage closet closes and locks them in. Meanwhile, Mark arrives with Charnetski's food, when he hears gunshots coming from Judith in the storage closet and leaves to go get Charnetski.

After unlocking them from the storage closet, Charnetski leaves to call the police. But on his way back, the Teddy Bear hits him in the leg with a bat, causing him to trip, and lose his gun. The gun lands in the hands of Baby Oopsie Daisy, who shoots Charnetski in the leg. Jack Attack continues to strangle him, Teddy Bear continues to tear his face up, and Baby Oopsie Daisy continues to stab Charnetski in the crotch with a knife, with Mark and Judith watching in horror. Baby Oopsie Daisy then pulls Charnetski downstairs to the spotlight, and draws a pentagram around the spotlight. Meanhwile, a runaway named Anne (Ellen Dunning), who's been hiding in the air-conditioner shafts, finally comes out and sticks along with the group. She explains that the she's a runaway because her dad uses her for batting practice. Judith asks how they can get out, and Mark explains that the doors don't open 'til morning, but they're able to be open up from the office, but they can get there through the air-conditioner shafts.

Judith explains that she can't leave Linocln because she has to bring him in, so Mark and Anne continue to head to the office. On the way, they see three little girls wearing gas masks, riding clown tricycles. Anne explains that they're hallucinations. They're not spirits or toys. They finally reach the office, only to find the entire place trashed. They are attacked by Mr. Static and Baby Oopsie Daisy, until Mark uses Charnetski's bug spray and lighter as a flame-thrower, and burns Baby Oopsie Daisy and Mr. Static. Jack Attack bites Anne in the neck, but Mark pulls him off and takes the bitting. Baby Oopsie Daisy comes back and stabs Anne in the eye, killing her. Mark finally gets Jack Attack off his neck, and shoots his head off with a shotgun Charnetski has in his locker. He shoots at Baby Oopsie Daisy, but misses, and Baby Oopsie Daisy leaves. Mark, now afraid and mad, grabs the rest of the shells Charnetski has and continues to find Judith, and get out of the building.

Meanwhile with Judith, she wakes up in a doll house, along with "The Kid" (Daniel Cerny). He reveals that he is a spirit of a demon, and he can take the form of anything he wants. He explains what is going on. He wants to become a human. In order for him to do that, he has to do the nasty with a woman, so his soul can transefer into the woman's egg, where he has to eat the baby's soul, and take over its shell. If the baby doesn't make it through the birth, he has to be buried like a seed, and once he's grown, he should rise from the ground and do it all over again. The last time he was born was sixty-six years ago, October 31, 1925. He was torturing a Doctor and his wife (Jim Mercer and Pat Crawford Brown) to help him, but the baby didn't make it through the birth, so they tricked some tricker treaters to bury him somewhere, but he was buried underneath the construction site of the warehouse, so he wasn't able to get out. That is, until Hesse bled onto the spotlight, because the blood from a human helps him come alive and helps him get stronger until he does the nasty with an impregnated woman.

While Judith is in the dollhouse, Lincoln, who's had a knife with him the entire time, uses it to free himself from his handcuffs, and escapes. Meanwhile with Judith, the Demon explains that the spotlight was where he was buried for the past 66 years, and he lured her here, because...she's already pregnant! Judith is sent back to the warehouse, and finds Lincoln missing from his handcuffs. She then leaves to go after him. Lincoln catches up to Mark and is about to blow his brains out when Judith finally catches up and shoots Lincoln in the head, killing him. Suddenly, all of the toys that are around them start coming to life, and they begin shooting them to death, including Mr. Static, Baby Oopsie Daisy, and Grizzly. Suddenly, Grizzly starts turning into a man life-sized monster and throws Mark against the wall, and chases after Judith. Judith then finds herself inside the wooden room with the dangling lamp hanging from the ceiling. Judith, knowing this is the end, is about to shoot herself in the mouth, when all of the sudden, a little toy-soldier opens the other locked door for her, and Juith escapes...

To get caught by the Demon! The Demon takes Judith over to the pentagram and ties her up. Meanwhile, Mark, who is still alive, is about to leave, when he hears Judith's screams and goes back inside to save her, until...he gets attacked by the Grizzly Monster! Mark runs back into his delivery car, and rams the Monster into the wall. Mark then shoots the gas tank, lights it, and the car explodes, killing the Grizzly Monster. Meanwhile, as the Demon, now in the form of a man (Robert Stockele) is about to do the nasty with Judith, the little toy-soldier shoots the demon in the eye, cuts Judith free, and turns into a little boy soldier (William Thorne). The Man-Devil transforms back into the kid and the kids begin fighting, explaining the entire war card game in Judith's dream. As "The Kid" is about to kill the Fair-Haired Boy, Judith stabs him with the Faired-Haired Boy's sword, and the demon is sent back to Hell. Before heading back to Heaven, the Fair-Haired Boy explains to Judith that he's the spirit of the son she's going to have in the next eight months. Judith finally reunites with Mark, and the two wait for the doors of the Warehouse to open and let them go.



Featured toys


In 1993, Charles Band decided to merge the toys alongside the title character from the 1991 film Dollman for Dollman vs. Demonic Toys. He also included Nurse Ginger from Bad Channels into the mix. In the film, Brick Bardo (the Dollman of the title) is a 13 inch alien stranded on earth, where he gets himself a 12 inch tall girlfriend (Nurse Ginger) after finding out aliens shrunk her down to his height. Since he's a cop on his home planet, and has the fire power required for the job, he agrees to put a stop to the toys, as a favor to the normal sized cop, Judith. The movie shows flashback scenes to its three prequels, to keep the viewer aware of the back story.

In 2004, Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys aired on scifi and was released on DVD in 2006. It was a concept that had been planned as far back as 1994. Only four puppets appeared in the actual movie: Blade, Jester, Pinhead and Six Shooter. The idea was also to re-use the old look of the toys. However, the end result was a change in design for the toys, and a lack of any battle scenes between the toys and the puppets, resulted in most fans feeling disappointed. It's been revealed by head executive of Full Moon Features, Charles Band, that the film was considered to be non canon.

Another film, titled Demonic Toys: Personal Demons, was released for video on demand to in late 2009. Dr. Lorca from the 1997 film Hideous! returned as one of the main characters. Demonic Toys 2 completely ignores the two 'versus' films, picking up after the events of the first film.

Jack Attack makes a brief appearance in Evil Bong, alongside other fullmoon charecters including ooga booga from doll graveyard, the gingerdead man and Jack Deth from trancers,



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