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Dental pathologists are doctors of dental science who specialise in the diagnosis and characterization of diseases of the teeth, jaw, and maxilla through the examination of tissue specimens.

Toothpaste abrasion, previously called toothbrush abrasion, is destroying many hundres of thousand of healthy teeth. Why? Patients have been taught to load up ther brush with as mhch abrasive toothpaste as possible, and brush as vigorusly as possible. This allows the abrasives in the paste, aluminum oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and mica filler to abrade the enamel,the hardest substance very slowly. while all areas of exposed dentin or cementum, much softer areas of the tooth will be worn away much quicker.

                I will help Identify the offending toothpaste, and being an officer in the Nassau Dental Society, perhaps we can do something about it!

Norman the Dentist



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