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Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia

Established: 1929
Location: Moscow

Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia (Russian: Кафедра экономической и социальной географии России) is one of the oldest and most powerful Russian educational organization in economic geography and regional science



The oldest department of the geographical faculty in Moscow State University. It was found in 1929 by Nikolay N. Baranskiy as a chair of economic geography on geographical branch of mehaniko-mathematical faculty. In 1933 it was a part of created soil-geographical faculty as a Chair of economic geography of the USSR. With the organisation of geographical faculty in The State University of Moscow in 1938 the department became constant division in its structure. Since 1992 – department of economic and social geography of Russia.

The first head of the department was its founder - professor, member-correspondent in Russian Academy of Sciences N. Baransky (19291941$ 1943-1946). Throughout 80-year-old history the department was headed by professor P.N. Stepanov (1941–1943; 1946-1949), Julian G. Saushkin (1949-1981), A.T. Khruschev (1981-2000) and since 2000 - Vladimir E. Shuvalov.

Scientists of the chair created a school of thoughts known as rayon school of economic geography. Its theoretical bases have been put by professors N.N. Baransky and N.N. Kolosovsky, developed in J.G. Saushkin's works and many professors of the chair who have brought the big contribution to formation and development of the theory and methodology of social and economic geography, economic-geographical division into districts, geography of the industry, agriculture, transport, building, non-productive sphere, geography of the population, geourbanistics, methods of economic-geographical researches. Modern staff of chair


6 doctors and 14 candidates of sciences, 6 professors, 9 senior lecturers, 1 assistant, 6 scientific employees and also 5 leading engineers.

Students of chair

112 students and masters on two streams: «Economic and social geography» and «tRegional policy», 25 post-graduate students.


  • General questions of social and economic geography,
  • Economic geography,
  • Social geography,
  • Political geography,
  • population and moving Geography,
  • Geography of branches of key spheres of economy,
  • Wildlife management and the economic organisation of territory,
  • Geourbanistics, economic-geographical division into districts,
  • Regional problems of social and economic development
  • Territorial planning, designing and management,
  • the Regional policy.


Academic, research and design organisations; higher educational institutions, state governing bodies; the international, federal and regional centres of social and economic and political analysis, management and marketing; the investment and consulting companies; banks; industrial-commercial structures.

Training courses

  • Introduction in speciality
  • Social and economic indexes of regions and countries
  • the Estimation of natural resources
  • Social bases of public reproduction
  • Geography of population with demography bases
  • Technical and economic bases of industrial and agricultural production
  • Geography of agriculture, transport, an investment complex, sector of services
  • Recreational geography
  • Geourbanistics
  • Cultural geography
  • Political geography
  • Economic-geographical problems of wildlife management
  • city Ecology
  • Bases of the budgetary device and the budgetary policy
  • Institutsional factors of regional development
  • Bases of a regional policy
  • Technique of economic-geographical researches
  • Social and economic cartography
  • Mathematical methods in social and economic geography
  • Geography of areas of Russia and the Near abroad countries
  • Modern problems of regional development
  • Territorial self-organisation of society
  • Economic-geographical expertise

Leading directions of scientific research

  • Evolution of territorial organisation of society
  • Transformation of social and economic space of Russia
  • Social and economic development of regions of Russia and the new independent states
  • Complex economic-geographical researches of regions
  • Social and economic and environmental problems of development of cities
  • Territorial planning and designing
  • Territorial administration and self-management
  • the Theory and methodology of economic and social geography.

Complete researches in 2000-2008гг.

  • «The Territorial organisation of the Russian society» (the Russian Federal Property Fund project);
  • «Transformation of social and economic space of Russia», «the Territorial organisation of economy for management optimisation» (programs «Universities of Russia»);
  • «Social and economic transformation of countryside of Russia in 1990 years» (project ИНТАС);
  • «Research of laws of formation of systems of economy and moving in connection with features of their mutual relations in different types of countryside»;
  • «Geographical problems of economic and social development of the Central Russia in conditions of market economy» (state budgetary).

Scientific contacts

  • Departments of economic-geographical profile of leading universities of Russia and the CIS countries (lecturing, the general scientific editions, carrying out of joint scientific conferences)
  • Institute of geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other academic institutes (participation in joint scientific projects and grants, the invitation of leading scientists for lecturing, joint scientific editions);
  • Profile committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (participation in preparation and examination of bills);
  • the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (consultation, a professional training, the invitation of leading experts for lecturing, performance of joint scientifically-applied projects).

International contacts

  • the Scientific management of post-graduate students and trainees from foreign countries (Germany, France, Japan, China, South Korea);
  • Educational-fact-finding expeditions (Great Britain)
  • Educational foreign training of students (Germany, Great Britain, China);
  • Scientific training and business trips of department members(Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the USA, South Korea, etc.);
  • Work as experts and executors of sections of research projects of the international organisations (the United Nations, OSCE, ОЕСР, IBRD, Institute the East-West, etc.).


External links

(Russian)* The Official site of the Department

(Russian)* The Information on a site of Geographical faculty of Moscow State University



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