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Full name Club Deportivo Saprissa
Nickname(s) El Monstruo Morado; Los Morados, La 'S'
Founded July 16, 1935
Ground Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá
(La Cueva),
San José, Costa Rica
(Capacity: 24,000)
Chairman Mexico Jorge Vergara
Head Coach Costa Rica Roy Myers
League Primera División de Costa Rica
Invierno 2008 3rd (of 12 teams)
Home colours
Away colours

Club Deportivo Saprissa is a Costa Rican sports club, mostly known for its football team. The club is located in San Juan de Tibás, San José, and plays their home games at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa

The club's success has led to the Costa Rican newspaper Diario Extra nicknaming the team El Monstruo Morado ("The Purple Monster"), after Saprissa won a Championship in the early 1980s and an article in the newspaper said "the crowd yells and screams like a thousand-headed monster".

Saprissa is one of the most successful clubs in CONCACAF having won the CONCACAF Champions' Cup three times - in 1993, 1995, and 2005. Saprissa is also the most successful club in Central America having won five Central American crowns in 1972, 1973, 1978, 1998, and 2003 as well as 28 Primera División de Costa Rica championships, the most of any team in Costa Rica.

For the year from 1 September 2007 to 31 August 2008 the club is listed as being the 106th best team in the world by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics, an organization recognized by FIFA.[1] One of their most notable moments came in 2005 when they became the first, and so far only, non-Mexican club in CONCACAF to take part in the FIFA Club World Cup, finishing in third place. Along with Club Necaxa, this is the highest finish out of any CONCACAF team in the FIFA Club World Cup. Liga de Quito of CONMEBOL finished second in the 2008 FIFA club world cup, however, they are from Ecuador.

Saprissa has the most appearances in the CONCACAF Champions Cup finals with three first place finishes and four runners-up finishes. Their six consecutive national Costa Rican titles from 1972 to 1977 is a national record. The club has won a record 28 national titles and 8 short championships as well as three official international tournaments and ten international championships.

The club was the best in Central & North America of the 20th century according IFFHS.[2]



Deportivo Saprissa was founded on 16 July 1935 and they entered the Costa Rican Third Division as Saprissa F.C. They were promoted to the Primera División de Costa Rica, making their debut in the top flight on 21 August 1949. The club has remained in the Costa Rican top flight ever since. They were Primera División champions six consecutive seasons between 1972 and 1977.


Recent events

In 2003, the club was bought by Mexican entrepreneur Jorge Vergara, the owner of Mexican football club Club Deportivo Guadalajara and soon after the operator of Major League Soccer club Club Deportivo Chivas USA in the United States.

Saprissa won the 2005 CONCACAF Champions Cup, beating Mexican club UNAM in the final over two legs, in May 2005. As CONCACAF club champions they qualified for the 2005 FIFA Club World Championship, held in Japan in December 2005. They beat Australian club Sydney FC in the quarter-finals thanks to a goal by Christian Bolaños. In the semi-finals they were beaten 3-0 by English club Liverpool. In the third place match they beat Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia 3-2. Álvaro Saborío scored two goals, and Rónald Gómez scored the final goal in the 89th minute to seal the win. They finished the competition in third place behind São Paulo of Brazil and Liverpool. Saborío was joint top scorer, and Bolaños was awarded the Bronze Ball by FIFA as third best player of the championship.

Team colours and nickname

In 1937, Saprissa adopted purple as the official kit colour. It is said that the team adopted purple because their previous kit, which consisted of a red and blue striped shirt, was washed together by mistake. Then when the kits were ready to be picked up, it was realized that the two colours had blended, forming a solid purple colour.[citation needed]

The history of the nickname El Monstruo Morado (The Purple Monster) can be traced back to 1987, when the Costa Rican newspaper Diario Extra gave the team the nickname during the local derby with LD Alajuelense. A reporter is said to have commented that the sea of fans in the stands at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá in Tibás wearing purple and the tremendous noise they were generating made him feel like he was "in the presence of a thousand headed monster". Saprissa immediately adopted the nickname El Monstruo Morado.


Fans of "La Ultra Morada" in La Cueva

Saprissa plays home games at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá, named after Ricardo Saprissa. They originally played at the Costa Rica National Stadium, which they rented and shared.

A new site for a stadium was bought in 1965 and on 27 August 1972 after six years of construction and upgrades, Estadio Ricardo Saprissa was officially opened. The first match was between Deportivo Saprissa and Comunicaciones of Guatemala. The match ended in a 1-1 draw with Peter Sandoval of Comunicaciones scoring the first goal at the new stadium.

The stadium is called La Cueva del Monstruo (The Monster's Cave), after the nickname of the club, El Monstruo Morado ("The Purple Monster"). It has a seating capacity of 23,112 and is overlooked by local mountains and downtown San Jose.


La Ultra Morada (The Purple Ultra) is the club's official supporters group. The group was the first Ultras group in Costa Rica, formed in 1995 when the then Saprissa president Enrique Artiñano brought fans from the Chilean football club Universidad Católica, to help build a similar ultras group to their Los Cruzados, for Saprissa. In the mid-to-late 1990s the Ultras began to develop the image of being football hooligans when violence began to break out with opposition fans during games. Due to the negative atmosphere and press coverage, Saprissa stepped in to restore order to a group that they had helped create. Ultra Morada has now been taken under the wing of Saprissa, making it a more stable but devoted supporters group. This project is still on-going. The groups rivalry with La 12 (The Twelve) who support LD Alajuelense has been the cause of a number violent clashes in and out of stadiums.


The official mascot of the team is a cartoonish-like purple dragon, similar to one of "Dragontales" and many other dragons from children programs. Because of this, many of the fans call the mascot "Un monstruo bonachón" which means "A friendly dragon". But even though the nickname may sound childish, the Ultra and Costa Rica shows love for their team mascot and actually respect it, make healthy and friendly jokes about it and put many T-shirts or costumes of him. However on early 2010, a new mascot was introduced, the mascot was designed in Mexico and replaced the old mascot without previous notification, the new mascot was highly rejected by the fans, claiming that "No queremos un dinosaurio super héroe, queremos al espíritu del equipo (We don't want a super hero, we want the original spirit of the team". The new mascot was replaced once again after the rejected, the team now has the original mascot again, the one of 1987.


Current squad

As of 2009[3]

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Costa Rica GK Keylor Navas
2 Costa Rica DF Yader Balladares
3 Costa Rica DF Victor Cordero Captain sports.svg
5 Costa Rica DF Alexander Robinson
8 Costa Rica MF Walter Centeno
9 Costa Rica FW Alejandro Sequeira
10 Costa Rica FW Alonso Solís
11 Costa Rica MF Allan Alemán
12 Costa Rica MF Fernando Paniagua
13 Costa Rica GK Fausto González
14 Costa Rica DF Andrés Nuñez
16 Costa Rica DF Oscar Duarte
17 Costa Rica MF José Luis López
18 Costa Rica DF Jervis Drummond
19 Costa Rica FW Jairo Arrieta
No. Position Player
20 Costa Rica MF David Guzman
21 Costa Rica FW Armando Alonso
22 Costa Rica GK Esteban Alvarado
24 Costa Rica DF Ricardo Blanco
25 Costa Rica MF Esteban Luna
27 Costa Rica FW César Elizondo
28 Costa Rica FW Josue Martinez
29 Costa Rica DF Javier Loaiza
30 Costa Rica MF Douglas Sequeira
31 Costa Rica MF Michael Barrantes
33 Costa Rica MF Luis Diego Cordero
34 Costa Rica GK Jose Kenneth Acuña
36 Costa Rica FW Joel Campbell
Costa Rica DF José Mena
Costa Rica GK Minor Alvarez

Non-playing staff

Name Role
Costa Rica Victor Badilla Vice President
Costa Rica Mario Jiménez Commercial Manager
Costa Rica Roy Myers Head Coach
Costa Rica Marco Herrera Assistant Coach
Costa Rica - Assistant Coach
Costa Rica Pier Luigi Morera Head Athletic Trainer
Costa Rica Roger Mora Goalkeeping coach
Costa Rica Willy Gálvez Team Physician

Former coaches

1950s - 1960s

Gavelo Conejo




2000s to date



  • Primera División de Costa Rica championships (28):
    • 1952-53, 1953-54, 1957-58, 1962-63, 1964-65, 1965-66, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70, 1972-73, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78, 1982-83, 1988-89, 1989-90, 1993-94, 1994-95, 1997-98, 1998-99, 2003-04, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 Apertura, 2007-08 Clausura, Invierno 2008
  • Costa Rican Short Championships (8):
    • 1997-98 Clausura, 1998-99 Apertura, 1998-99 Clausura, 2003-04 Apertura, 2005-06 Apertura, 2005-06 Clausura, 2006-07 Apertura, 2006-07 Clausura


  • CONCACAF Central American Champions
    • Winners(1): 1970
  • Copa Ricard
    • Runners-up (1): 2008
  • US Camel Cup
    • Winners (1): 1995

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Simple English

The Deportivo Saprissa is a football team of Costa Rica. The team was founded on July 16, 1935. It became a part of the top league, Primera División de Costa Rica on August 21, 1949.

Saprissa was founded because of a group of players and leaders. Ricardo Saprissa Aymá was a part of this group. In 1952, the team won its first national championship. Saprissa



In 1937, the colors purple and white were chosen as the colors of the club.

Juani Saprissa Aymá was the president of the Saprissa. Jose Francisco “Pachico” García was their manager when the team started in the Third Division. The Deportivo Saprissa won the championship of Third Division in 1947. In 1948, they played in the Second Division. They won the championship of Second Division that year, with no games lost.

In March 1959, the team became the first Latin American team to go the around the World. The "Morados", which is the team's nickname, played 25 matches in 22 countries of the world. They won 14, tied 1 and lost 7. The team scored a total of 66 goals and had 46 goals scored against them.

During the 1970s, the Deportivo Saprissa won 6 championships. They won every championship from 1972 to 1977. On October 12, 1966, the construction of their stadium started. It is called "La Cueva del Monstruo" or simply La Cueva. After 6 years, the opening of Saprissa Stadium was held on Sunday August 27, 1972.

National Titles

  • 26 National Championships:
  • 1867-68
  • 1952-53
  • 1953-54
  • 1957-58
  • 1962-63
  • 1964-65
  • 1965-66
  • 1967-68
  • 1968-69
  • 1969-70
  • 1972-73
  • 1973-74
  • 1974-75
  • 1975-76
  • 1976-77
  • 1977-78
  • 1982-83
  • 1988-89
  • 1989-90
  • 1993-94
  • 1994-95
  • 1997-98
  • 1998-99
  • 2003-04
  • 2005-06
  • 2006-07
  • 2007-08
  • 15 national Sub- championships
  • 6 championships consecutively from 1972 to 1977

International Titles

  • 3rd place in the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2005
  • 3rd place in the Cup RICARD, Uruguay 2006.
  • A Central American tournament (1970)
  • Three tournaments of Central American Fraternity (1972 and 1973 and 1978).
  • A Camel Cup in the United States(1985).
  • Two tournaments CONCACAF (1993 and 1995).
  • Two sub- championships Inter-American Cup.
  • LG Cup (1998).
  • The Uncaf Cup 2003.
  • CONCACAF Champions 2005.



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