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Depot (dēpō) is from the French dépôt which means a deposit (as in geology or banking) or a storehouse. In English, depot can mean any one of a number of things, with minor variances between the different English speaking countries:




  • "Depot" is a term used for providing details on the account held by one bank with another where it does not exist.



  • In medical terms, a depot injection is a long-acting formulation of an injectable drug.


  • A centralized store or operating base for logistical use by commercial or governmental bodies for storage of goods (supply depot) or maintenance of materiel (repair depot). In the U.S. Air Force and Army, this refers to a central location where items that are deemed unserviceable (in need of repair), such as broken parts, munitions, support equipment, etc. can be sent for repair that cannot be provided by a standard operating base. A repair depot will often have specialized repair and test equipment, and may offer repair capabilities rivaling the OEM.
  • The headquarters of a regiment or regiments where recruits are assembled and trained. Where Soldiers and officers awaiting discharge, postings, or injured soldiers are taken care of, and all the wants of the regiment are provided for.


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DEPOT (from the Fr. depot, Lat. depositum, laid down; the French accent marks are usually dispensed with in English), a place where things may be stored or deposited, such as a furniture or forage depot, the accumulation of military stores, especially in the theatre of operations. In America the word is used of a railway station, whether for passengers or goods; in Great Britain on railways the word, when in use, is applied to goods stations. A particular military application is to a depot, situated as a rule in the centre of the recruiting district of the regiment or other unit, where recruits are received and undergo the necessary preliminary training before joining the active troops. Such depots are maintained in peace time by all armies which have to supply distant or oversea garrisons; in an army raised by compulsory service and quartered in its own country, the regiments are usually stationed in their own districts, and on their taking the field for war leave behind a small nucleus for the formation and training of drafts to be sent out later. These nucleus troops are generally called depot troops.

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From French dépôt



Depot n. (genitive Depots, plural Depots)

  1. depot, repository
  2. (banking) deposit, depository

Simple English

In transportation, Depot may mean:

  • A railway or bus station.
  • A large train or bus station, for the maintenance or storage of vehicles.
  • A place or building where buses, trains, or trams belonging to a particular company are kept when not in use.


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