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Murtipujaka is also known as Deravasi and is the term for a sect of Jainism which includes most members of the Shvetambar sect.

Murtipujaka Deravasis differ from the Sthanakvasi division of the sect in that they go to a Jain Temple (Derasar) and pray towards an idol of a Jain Tirthankar instead of a sthanak (empty room), which the Sthanakvasi sect prefers.

Deravasi Jains believe that siddhas, or liberated souls, have a form, whereas Sthanakvasi Jains believe they do not.

Murtipujaka monks and worshipers do not use the muhapatti, a piece of cloth over the mouth, during prayers, whereas it is permanently worn by Sthanakvasi and Terapanthi Jains. The Sthankvasis and Terapanthis do so to protect the living beings in the air around them from any injury or death due to their speech.

There are more Murtipujaka Deravasi Jains in comparison to Sthanakvasi Jains in India.


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