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Derek Raymond Joseph Audette (born 16 June 1971) Canadian poet, artist, and musician.


  • Hysteria has no place in the mind of the sane or the free.
    • Never to Burn Again (2006)
  • Uncertainty lies at the heart of all experience. Uncertainty is woven into the very fabric of the cosmos and all that exists within. Uncertainty is the foundation of the blueprint for existence. That is truth. Am I certain of this? No! How can I be?
    • A Condition of Experience (2006)
  • Racism is always a symptom of a small mind. It is born from man's inability to raise himself from the realm of animals and consciously refuse the temptations of the instinctive impulses of our reptilian brains. The very nature of racism is a failure of humanity - a failure to see through the trickery used by mother nature to fool us into protecting ourselves. We should have, by now, each of us, ascended beyond any need or want for such atavistic, preliterate concerns. However, as sad and disappointing as it may be, so many continue to fail in their growth as spirit.
    • A Condition of Experience (2006)
  • Yes, we can all be huge fucking winners; if we just put our minds to it. And, possess a whole shit-load of luck, and are willing to mercilessly and ruthlessly crush someone to do it. But, they never tell you that last part. That part is ugly.
    • Big-Ass Winners, Little-Ass Losers (2006)
  • Each work that I create is passion. Each work is love. Each work is life. Each work is human. Each work is humanity. You can own all of that!
    • Alive in the House of the Monkey King (2005)
  • I’ve found plenty of weasels. This fucking neighborhood is infested with them. I suppose that should tell me something about the number of lions in this area. If there were more lions, or at least some, it stands to reason that we wouldn’t have this weasel problem.
    • Alive in the House of the Monkey King (2005)
  • Many people tell me that my poetry is awful. And, for the life of me, I can’t decide if they are right, or just stupid.
    • Apparently, My Poetry Sucks! (2004)
  • None of them rhymed much I don’t think. Well, perhaps a few did. I can’t quite be sure now. I think I wrote most of them while I was stoned.
    • Alive in the House of the Monkey King (2005)
  • Now you don't have your fucking ugly purses, or your twenty-four hundred dollars anymore! So, shut-up and eat your fucking breakfast, or your smoked-meat, or whatever the hell you are going to order, and think about what you've done!
    • Seven Dollar Breakfast (2004)
  • Then I thought: There sits two people who need to be taken out into a field somewhere, made to kneel in the grass, and then shot in the back of the head, execution style. Then, skinned, their hides tanned and branded with a description of their crimes. Then, their empty flesh placed high on a pike for everyone to see until they rot in the sun and rain and are pecked apart by birds and devoured by necropaghi.
    • Seven Dollar Breakfast (2004)


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