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Dervenochoria is located in Greece
Coordinates 38°13′N 23°30′E / 38.217°N 23.5°E / 38.217; 23.5Coordinates: 38°13′N 23°30′E / 38.217°N 23.5°E / 38.217; 23.5
Country: Greece
Periphery: Central Greece
Prefecture: Boeotia
Population statistics (as of 2001[1])
 - Population: 2,191
 - Area: 228.9 km2 (88 sq mi)
 - Density: 10 /km2 (25 /sq mi)
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Elevation (center): 566 m (1,857 ft)
Postal: 190 12, 320 05
Telephone: 26940
Auto: ΒΙ

Dervenochoria (Greek: Δερβενοχώρια) is a municipality in the Boeotia Prefecture, Greece. Its 2001 population was 2,191, its density was 9.83/km². Its area is 228.9 km² and covers the southernmost portion of the prefecture and covers a tenth of Boeotia. The seat of the municipality is in Pyli. The postal code boundary dividing the 100 00s and the 300 00s is between Pyli and Skourta.


Municipal districts


Its geography consists of grasslands and bushes to the south and west, forest in the midlands and to the east that connects with Parnitha. Since the fire, many of them are burnt.


After World War II and the Greek Civil War, the whole town was rebuilt by the mid to late 1950s. Many of them are abandoned.

The municipality was created in 1997.

Most of Dervenochoria was hit by a devastating wildfire (see 2007 Wildfires in Greece) on Thursday June 28, 2007 that came from Parnitha westward, it went 15 km west in hours and hit the village by the afternoon, the fires was by its grasslands and by the time it reached, fire trucks, helicopters and planes were stopping the blaze from heading westward. Some damages to property including houses and buildings were reported. The aftermath was that much of the forest turned into a groggy ashy landscape that may take years to restore its natural beauty. Its fires continued drastically until June 30 and slowly disintegrated into sporadic parts and on July 2, the fires had stopped on its entirely. It took hours to contain the blaze. Several mountain roads and trails may remain closed.

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