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Des Blood 2 is a Japanese computer game of the type known as an eroge, i.e. containing an erotic element. It is the second game in Illusion Soft's Des Blood series. The gameplay is shooter with interactive hentai scenes.



The game starts with the awakening of the main heroine from the cryo-chamber. She does not remember anything about who she is and where she is from. The only things she finds around her is a set of clothes, a handgun and a medallion with the date AD 2156 and name "Lily" engraved on it.

When she steps out from her cryo-coffin, she meets different people and gradually learns that her name is Lily Sandrea, the time is AD 2158, and she is on the wanted list of the Space Army. She receives help from the some people she meets - clone hunter Kikuno and another girl named Kito.

The Space Army is controlled by the sapient super-computer Isys that dwells on the space station, and Isys wants the next-generation chip Isys2 that is implanted in Lily's head, but that wouldn't be so easy to obtain, and in the end Lily manages to destroy the orbital station and escape without being consumed by the mad AI.


Lily Sandrea

Main heroine of the game. Brown-haired slim girl who does not remember who she is at the beginning. She bears an Isys2 super-computer chip implanted in her head which causes her a lot of trouble.


A clone-hunter, she meets Lily and helps her a lot. Silver-headed, she has two spare bodies - one for her hard and dangerous work and another for physical pleasure. She is older of the three sisters that survived the Rostready Incident.


A clone-hunter and somewhat of the Kikuno's battle buddy, he too helps Lily and saves her before his death. He is a former lover of the Hotaru Sara and was at the very beginning of the Rostready Incident that brought Isys into existence.


A girl who saves Lily from her first conflict with the Space Army. Redhead, boyish and impatient.

Satou Tatsuya

Free chaser who hunts down criminals for reward. It happened that he killed Kikuno's younger sister when they were little kids. His wife Emily is the older sister of Kito. Also the main hero of the first game.


Gameplay consists mainly of two parts: running/shooting and interactive sex scenes.

Running/shooting is quite simple. The player runs through level boxes with periodically popped battle events when the scene stops, enemies appear and the player shoots them with the mouse cursor as in some lightgun-shooting videogames. There are different weapons to select with different killing power - guns, shotgun, machine-gun, grenade launcher, each with its own limited ammunition. During the journey the player will stumble on different items on each level - weapons, ammunition, health packs, card keys and items to use later in the sex scenes.

The sex scenes consist of three main parts: static image, realtime 3D-scenes and prerendered video. On the static images the player selects an action (look, touch, tongue, finger, dildo,penis ) and the place on the girl's body to apply the selected action. This is followed by with voiced conversation in the 3D-scene.

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