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A designer is a person who designs or creates a beautiful piece of art. Working as a designer usually implies being creative in a particular area of expertise. Designers are usually responsible for developing the concept and making drawings or models for something new that will be made by someone else. Their work takes into consideration not only how something will look, but also how it will be used and how it will be made. There can be great differences between the working styles and principles of designers in different professions.

In the 1980s the term 'designer' began to be applied to products such as furniture and clothing that had distinctive aesthetics or were the work of certain 'signature' designers. So, for example, there were 'designer chairs' and 'designer jeans'. The term later came to be applied to anything that was ostentatiously created for a purpose, such as 'designer drugs', or even the 'designer stubble' worn by some fashionable men.

The role of a designer in today's society goes far beyond that of which it has traditionally and historically been known for. Experiences are really what designers are creating through the thoughtful and deliberate application of design. People demand better experiences and it is the role of the designer to deliver this through the observation of life and the people living it, in order to identify opportunities that makes life better and more meaningful, in most cases meaningful enough to pay more money for.

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A designer is someone who designs things like products and films and many more besides. He also projects commercials and website, etc.

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