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Despina Vandi
Δέσποινα Βανδή
Compilation album by Despina Vandi
Released 2006
Recorded 1994-2001
Genre Laïka, contemporary laïka, dance-pop
Label Minos EMI
Producer Phoebus, Toni Kontaxakis
Despina Vandi chronology
The Very Best of Despina Vandi
Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi (Greek: Δέσποινα Βανδή) is the seventh compilation album and first box set album by Greek singer Despina Vandi, featuring her three previous compilations Dance, Ballads, and Ta Laïka Tis Despinas, released in 2006 by her previous record label Minos EMI in Greece and Cyprus.

Track listing

Disc One: Dance

  1. "Outopia" (Utopia)
  2. "Deka Endoles" (Ten commandments)
  3. "Ipofero" (I suffer)
  4. "Perittos" (Unnecessary)
  5. "Profities" (Prophecies)
  6. "Akros Tolmiro" (Bold extremity)
  7. "A Pa Pa" (No way)
  8. "Giatriko" (Medication)
  9. "Xenodohio" (Hotel)
  10. "Spania" (Rarely)
  11. "Den Pethaini I Agapi" (Love does not die)
  12. "Kitaxe Me" (Look at me)
  13. "Tis Kardias Mou Giatria" (The hospital of my heart)

Disc Two: Ballads

  1. "Oute Ena Efharisto" (Not even one thank you)
  2. "Esena Perimeno" (I'm waiting for you)
  3. "Den Ise Edo" (You are not here)
  4. "Gela Mou" (feat. Vasilis Karras) (Smile at me)
  5. "Lipame" (I feel sorry)
  6. "Parata Me" (Leave me alone)
  7. "Horis Esena" (Without you)
  8. "Enoha Vradia" (Anxious nights)
  9. "Eripio"
  10. "Thelo Na Se Xehaso" (I want to forget you)
  11. "Prospatho" (I am trying)
  12. "Kai To Oneiro Egine Efialtis" (And the dream became a nightmare)

Disc Three: Ta Laïka Tis Despinas

  1. "To Koritsaki Sou" (Your little girl)
  2. "Den Iparhi Tipota" (There is nothing)
  3. "Deka Endoles" (Ten commandments)
  4. "Nihtolouloudo" (Night flower)
  5. "Fysa Ageri" (Wind blowing)
  6. "Emeis I Dyo Malonoume" (We two are fighting)
  7. "Diakoptaki" (A little break)
  8. "Apopse I Angeli" (Tonight the angels)
  9. "Ena ki Ena Kanoun Dyo" (One and one make two)
  10. "Adiexodo" (feat. Giannis Parios) (Trap)
  11. "Enohos (Ase Me)" (Worried (Leave me alon))
  12. "Den Aniko Se Kanenan" (I do not belong to anyone)
  13. "Proti Nihta" (First night)
  14. "Akriva" (Expensive)
  15. "Tis Kardias Mou Giatria" (The hospital of my heart)
  16. "A Pa Pa" (No way)

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