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A Destination Alliance is a term first used by Destination Alliances to describe the form of a consortium of stakeholders coming together to undertake joint alliance marketing activities within a destination in a structured way. An alliance can provide a way to increase marketing exposure that would otherwise be out of reach from individual stakeholders within a destination.

An example of a Destination Alliance is Destination Warsaw.[1]

The concept of tourism alliance marketing has been crystallised into a national framework in the United Kingdom using the name Destination Alliances by Michael Hancock and can be viewed on the Destination Alliances website. They describe the principles of an effective alliance, Trust Foundation, Shared vision, Structure, Motivation, Precondition and Outcomes necessary to build a strong and enduring alliance.


Destination Alliances are discussed by Palmer and Bejou.[2] A further research paper has been written on the subject proposing a specific framework for its operation.[3]


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