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The American Captain William Bainbridge paying tribute to the Dey, circa 1800

Dey (Arabic: داي, from Turkish Dayı [1][2]) was the title given to the rulers of the Regency of Algiers (Algeria) and Tunis (Tunisia) under the Ottoman Empire from 1671 onwards. Twenty-nine deys held office from the establishment of the deylicate in Algeria until the French conquest in 1830.

The dey was chosen by local civilian, military, and religious leaders to govern for life and ruled with a high degree of autonomy from the Ottoman sultan. The main sources of his revenues were taxes on the agricultural population, religious tributes, and protection payments rendered by Corsairs, regarded as pirates who preyed on Mediterranean shipping.

The dey was assisted in governing by a divan (ديوان) made up of the Chiefs of the Army and Navy, the Director of Shipping, the Treasurer-General and the Collector of Tributes.

The dey's realm was divided into three provinces (Constantine, Titteri and Mascara), each of which was administered by a bey (باي) whom he appointed.

The rule of the deys came to an end on 5 July 1830, when Hussein Dey (1765–1838) surrendered to invading French forces.

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  • Dey, De or Dé are also Bengali family names.

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DEY (an adaptation of the Turk. dai, a maternal uncle), an honorary title formerly bestowed by the Turks on elderly men, and appropriated by the janissaries as the designation of their commanding officers. In Algeria the deys of the janissaries became in the 17th century rulers of that country (see Algeria: History). From the middle of the 16th century to the end of the 17th century the ruler of Tunisia was also called dey, a title frequently used during the same period by the sovereigns of Tripoli.

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From Persian دی.

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  1. The tenth solar month of the Persian calendar.



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Jonathan Paul Dey     (1943 -  )     (J.P.Dey)

Published on the lichens in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of the eastern US


  • Dey, J.P. 1975. Fruticose and foliose lichens of the high-mountain areas of the Southern Appalachians. Duke University, NC. Ph.D. Dissertation. #857


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