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Raja Dhaj or Rai Diyach, a name by which he is better known among Sindhi Rajputs when they listen to the ballad of Sorath, is an ancient figure made immortal by his abduction of Sorath, a woman of legendary beauty. His deeds are still recounted after hundreds of years in the states of Haryana (the highly popular swaang called Sorath), Rajasthan, Gujarat and Sindh (Sur Sorath, one of the traditional 30 Surs included in Shah Jo Risalo). Sorath - Rai Diyach is one of the seven popular tragic romances of the Sindh, the other six being Umar Marvi, Momal Rano, Sohni Mahiwal, Laila Chanesar, Sassui Punnun, Noori Jam Tamachi. Together, they are commonly known as Seven Queens (Sindhi: ست مورميون) of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

The story of the abduction of Sorath by Dhaj, Ror Kumar has been portrayed by swaang artistes in Haryana and Rajasthan since times immemorial. In Sindh, it was penned down by the Sindhi Sufi poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai during his lifetime, 1689-1752, based on pre-existing legends. This unforgettable romance is based on actual history that has to do with the times of the founder of Rori Shankar[1] in Sindh, who was none other than the protagonist of this story. With the establishment of Rori, Dhaj, Ror Kumar founded the Ror Dynasty, which was to rule Sindh for the next one thousand years, in 450 BC.[2]


Historical importance

Historian Dr. Raj Pal Singh, a Jat by caste himself, has said in his book "Ror itihaas ki jhalak",[3]

Raja Dhaj occupies an extremely important place in the history of Rors. His name is commonly on the tip of every Ror's tongue and he has become the popular subject of many swaang episodes and songs, which are heard with great admiration by people of all castes in North India even today.


Dhaj, Ror Kumar had six sons from Sorath. They were named as Kunak, Takshak, Prasenjit, Kardhman, Raghu and Sharanjit. Kunak succeeded Raja Dhaj as the monarch of Sindh and Hind; Takshak went to Lucknow, Raghu went to the present-day Pune-Satara area, Prasenjit renounced the world and became a Jogi; Kardhman went to Eastern Uttar Pradesh and his descendants are supposed to be the owners of 84 villages in the present-day Gorakhpur and Gonda districts till today.[4]

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  • A part of Bhittai's "Sur Sorath" [1]
  • The full story of Dhaj, Ror Kumar and Sorath, which has been compiled by Shri Ramdas after consulting swaang artistes as well as bards, can be read in the book "Aryavart evam Ror Vansh ka itihaas" on pages 68-98


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