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Emperor of the Roman Empire
055 Diadumenianus.jpg
Diadumenianus on a denarius.
Reign May 217 – 218 (as Caesar under Macrinus); 218 (as Augustus
Full name Marcus Opellius Antoninus Diadumenianus
Born [September 14, 208 a.C]
Died 218
Place of death Antioch
Father Macrinus
Mother Nonia Celsa

Marcus Opellius Antoninus Diadumenianus or Diadumenian (208–218) was the son of the Roman Emperor Macrinus, and served his father briefly as Caesar (May 217–218) and as Augustus (in 218). Diadumenian was born in 14th of September 208 a.C or according to Historia Augusta in 19th of September 208 a.C because he shared the same birthday with the emperor Antoninus Pius. His mother was Empress Nonia Celsa, although her existence remains dubious, because she was only mentioned by the Historia Augusta. He was born Marcus Opellius Diadumenianus, but his name was changed and added Antoninus to solidify connection to the family of Marcus Aurelius as done by Caracalla.

Diadumenian had little time to enjoy his position or to learn anything from its opportunities because the legions of Syria revolted and declared Elagabalus ruler of the Roman Empire. When Macrinus was defeated on June 8, 218, at Antioch, Diadumenian followed his father's death.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Roman Emperor
Served alongside: Macrinus
Succeeded by


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