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Dial Global
Dial Global.png
Type Radio network
Country  United States
Availability National, through regional affiliates
Owner Triton Media Group
Launch date Unknown at this time.
Former names X Radio Networks
Official Website dial-global.com

Dial Global is a radio syndication company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Triton Media Group.

Dial Global was founded as X Radio Networks as a division of Excelsior Radio Networks. It merged with Dial Communications and Global Media in 2006, from which it derived the Dial Global name. Dial Global initially specialized in syndicated weekend music programs of various types; however, it acquired Transtar Radio Networks from Westwood One in 2007.

Triton Media Group purchased Excelsior in early 2008, and would soon after buy two of its three main competitors: Waitt Radio Networks and Jones Radio Networks. Triton will use the Dial Global name for all of the network programming.




24-hour networks

Dial Global owns the assets of Transtar Radio Networks, Jones Radio Networks (formerly Drake-Chenault) and Waitt Radio Networks; these were three major providers of satellite music programming in the United States.

To remove duplication, in 2008, the Jones networks were consolidated and merged into their Transtar counterparts to create a new division titled "Dial Global Total," while Waitt will remain separately operated as "Dial Global Local."

From Transtar and Jones

Network Ident Format Additional Notes
Triangle-blue.svg Adult Contemporary Adult Contemporary Relocated from Jones Radio Networks. Also known as "AC"
Triangle-blue.svg Adult Standards Adult standards Known on air as "America's Best Music."
Triangle-blue.svg Classic Country Classic Country Relocated from Jones Radio Networks. Formerly known as "Classic Hit Country"
Triangle-blue.svg Classic Hits Classic Hits Relocated from Jones Radio Networks.
Triangle-blue.svg Classic Rock Classic Rock Formerly Jones's "Rock Classics" and Dial Global's "Adult Rock and Roll"
Triangle-blue.svg Drive FX Trance/House
Triangle-blue.svg Hot Country Today Current Country Hits Formerly "Hot Country" and Jones' CD Country
Triangle-blue.svg Hot AC Hot Adult Contemporary Relocated from Jones Radio Networks, replacing "Bright AC" on December 29, 2008.
Triangle-blue.svg Hits Now! Contemporary Hit Radio
Triangle-blue.svg KPIG Americana/Deep Cut/Classic rock/Alt-Country Simulcast of the Freedom, California-based superstation.
Triangle-blue.svg Kool Gold Oldies Formerly known as "The Oldies Channel" and "Kool Gold Timeless Classics", replacing Jones' "Good Time Oldies".
Triangle-blue.svg Mainstream Country Country Also known as "Your Kind of Country." Replaced Jones "U.S. Country".
Triangle-blue.svg S.A.M.: Simply About Music Variety Hits
Triangle-blue.svg True Country Classic Country Relocated from Jones Radio Networks. Formerly "True 24-Hour Country".

Hot Country offers the syndicated Jeff Young in the Morning show as part of the network.

Waitt networks

Dial Global's parent company purchased Waitt Radio Networks in April 2008. This division is now known as "Dial Global Local" and will remain separate from the "Dial Global Total" division that encompasses the Transtar and most of the Jones networks.

The Waitt networks are as listed:

Network Ident Format Additional Notes (If any)
Triangle-gold.svg AC Active Hot Adult Contemporary
Triangle-gold.svg AC Pure Adult Contemporary
Triangle-gold.svg Country Classics Classic Country
Triangle-gold.svg Country Today Modern Country
Triangle-gold.svg Genuine Classic Rock Classic Rock
Triangle-blue.svg Jack FM Variety/Adult Hits Acquired from ABC Radio.
Triangle-gold.svg The Lounge Adult Standards
Triangle-blue.svg Modern Rock Modern Rock
Triangle-gold.svg Oldies Plus Oldies
Triangle-blue.svg Good Time Oldies Oldies Relocated from Jones Radio Networks.

Other networks

Network Ident Format Additional Notes
Triangle-teal.svg Dial Global-Compass Sports Radio Network Sports Active during live NFL and NCAA games. Cooperation between Dial Global and Compass Media Networks.
Sporting News Radio Sports Listed on Dial Global's Web site; relationship with this network is unknown.

Triangle-blue.svg = Currently Active.
Triangle-gold.svg = Due to the purchase of Dial Global, Waitt, and Jones Radio Networks by Triton Media Group; consolidation is pending.
Triangle-teal.svg = Active on a seasonal basis.
Triangle-red.svg = To be discontinued.

Defunct Networks

Network Ident Format Fate of Network
Jones Standards Adult Standards Discontinued on September 30, 2008. Integrated into "America's Best Music".
Jones Variety Hits Variety/Adult Hits Discontinued on September 30, 2008. Integrated into "S.A.M.: Simply About Music".
Bob FM Variety/Adult Hits Discontinued in favor of Jack FM.
The Bar Country Rock Hybrid Discontinued on 2009 due to low affiliate interest.
Smooth Jazz Smooth Jazz Discontinued on September 30, 2008.
U.S. Country American Country Discontinued on December 29, 2008. Integrated into "Mainstream Country."
Bright AC Hot Adult Contemporary Discontinued on December 29, 2008. Integrated into "Hot AC."
CD Country New Country Discontinued on December 29, 2008. Integrated into "Hot Country."
Sports USA Radio Network Sports Spun off as its own company.

Talk programs

Produced by Lincoln Financial Media (WLNK)

Produced by Cox Radio (WSB)

Produced by multiple networks

Produced by Citadel Broadcasting

Independently produced

Music programs

News and weather

  • AP Radio News

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