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Northern Football League
Current season or competition:
Formerly Diamond Valley Football League
Sport Australian rules football
Founded 1922
Commissioner Ron Bongetti
Motto Communities Working Together
No. of teams 33
Country(ies) Australia
Most recent champion(s) Heidelberg
Most championships Heidelberg
Official website www.nfl.org.au

The Northern Football League (formerly known as the Diamond Valley Football League) is an Australian rules football competition based in the Diamond Valley region of suburban Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The league changed its name on 1 May 2007. The league was founded in 1922 originally having seven clubs, four of whom are still participating. In 1941 the league went into recess for five years as a result of World War II, the competition recommencing in 1946. After the war the league continued to grow. In 1981 it was split into two divisions.

The entire DVFL board resigned over the summer of 2006–2007 and was replaced by officials from AFL Victoria until suitable replacements were found prior to the commencement of the 2008 season.

In 2008 the NFL added an open-age Netball competition and announced an intention that a third division would be added for the 2009 season with the old 14-team 2nd division to be split into eight and six-team divisions. Three junior clubs, Yarrambat, St Marys, Keon Park Stars, announced plans to field Under-19s teams for the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons [1] Reversing the prior decision the league decided that division 2 would be split half way through the 2009 season based on ladder position after the 13th round and a permanent division 3 for 2010 would dependent on at least one more club joining the league. [2] With St Marys to field a senior team in 2010 the NFL have announced a stand alone division 3 to commence from 2010.[3] [4]


League details



Board of Directors

  • Chairman- Frank Rosbrook (deceased)
  • Jeff Parkes
  • Dean Philpotts
  • Tony Topp
  • Robert Young
  • Ron Bongetti

Junior Committee

  • Dean Philpotts (Junior Chairman)
  • Michael McLaughlin
  • Noel Smith
  • Wayne Zealley
  • Mark Adams


  • General Manager- Kevin Crompton
  • Football Operations Manager- Jarrad Carey


  • Administration Manager- Delwyn Berry
  • Media Manager- Josh Berriman


Name Start End
R.Rogers 1922 1922
A.Santon 1923 1928
S.W.Kirkland 1928 1941
F.Smith 1946 1947
R.R.Scott 1948 1953
G.J.Gilberg 1954 1954
W.Hart 1955 1979
R.G.Ward 1980 2006
B.Treager 2007 2007


Name Start End
W.S.Laurie 1922 1940
G.J.LeBrocq 1941 1975
B.A.Tooth 1976 1983
P.G.Floyd 1983 2006
D.Collings 2007 2007

Senior Competition


Division 1

Club Founded Nickname Location Home Ground Entered Competition Most recent Promotion Jumper
Bundoora Football Club 1974 Bulls Bundoora Yulong Reserve 1981 1982 Navy jumper white vee and hoops
Eltham Football Club 1909 Panthers Eltham Central Park 1922 2003
Essendon Bombers Jumper.svg
Greensborough Football Club 1905 Boro Greensborough War Memorial Park 1922 2007 Bottle green jumper with white GFC monogram
Lalor Football Club 1955 Bloods Lalor Lalor Reserve 1968 2008 Red jumper with White wings and White LFC motif
Heidelberg Football Club 1876 Tigers Heidelberg Warringal Park 1923 1983
Richmond Tigers Jumper.svg
Macleod Football Club 1946 Kangaroos Rosanna De Winton Park 1947 2010 Royal blue,white and gold panels
Montmorency Football Club 1924 Magpies Montmorency Montmorency Park, North Oval 1924 N/A
Collingwood Magpies Jumper.svg
North Heidelberg Football Club 1958 Bulldogs Heidelberg Heights Shelley Street Reserve 1958 N/A Red, white and blue jumper with Bulldog motif
Northcote Park Football Club 1952 Cougars Northcote Bill Lawry Oval 1982 1995 Green and White and Gold panels with Green Cougar motif
West Preston Lakeside Football Club 1998 Roosters Reservoir J E Moore Park 1996 1997 White jumper with red and blue v's

Division 2

Club Founded Nickname Location Home Ground Entered Competition Most recent Relegation/Promtion Jumper
Diamond Creek Football Club 1888 Demons Diamond Creek Coventry Reserve 1922 2008
Melbourne Demons Jumper.svg
Epping Football Club 1904 Blues Epping Epping Recreation Reserve 1933 2007 Navy jumper with white EFC on front
Fitzroy Stars Football Club 1973 Stars Thornbury Victoria Park 2008 N/A Red Jumper with Black top and Yellow Southern Cross on front.
Keon Park Football Club 2008 Stars Resevoir J.C.Donath Reserve 2009 Under 19's only N/A Black Jumper with Yellow yoke
Lower Plenty Football Club 1961 Bears Montmorency Montmorency Park, South Oval 1995 2005
Brisbane Bears Jumper.svg
Mernda Football Club 1903 Demons Mernda Mernda Recreation Reserve 1937-1939, 1987 1991 Red with Royal Blue Lightning spikes
Thomastown Football Club 1976 Bears Thomastown Main Street Reserve 2001 2010 Brown with Grey and Gold lightning vee with Bear logo on front
Watsonia Football Club 1967 Saints Watsonia A K Lines Reserve 1981
St Kilda Saints Jumper.svg
Whittlesea Football Club 1904 Eagles Whittlesea Whittlesea Showgrounds 1934-1946, 1992 N/A Blue jumper with Yellow wings and Eagle motif

Division 3

Club Founded Nickname Location Home Ground Entered Competition Most recent Relegation Jumper
Heidelberg West Football Club 1936 Hawks Heidelberg Heidelberg Park 1939 2009
Hawthorn Hawks Jumper.svg
Hurstbridge Football Club 1914 Bridges Hurstbridge Ben Friley Oval 1922-1931, 1988 2009 Navy Jumper with Gold middle panel and Navy HFC motif
Parkside Football Club 1934 Devils Alphington Pitcher Park 2003 2009 Red jumper white with PFC motif,
Panton Hill Football Club 1926 Redback Spiders Panton Hill Panton Hill Oval 1929-1930, 1997 2009 Red with black Prison Bars
Reservoir Football Club 1984 Mustangs Reservoir Crispe Park 1981,2008 2009 Blue jumper with Light Blue jail bars
South Morang Football Club 1954 Lions Mill Park Lakes Mill Park Lakes Reserve 2009
Brisbane Lions Jumper.svg
St Mary's Senior Football Club 2008 Burra Mill Park Kelynack Reserve 2010 N/A Teal jumper with White and Black curved design on sides

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of each year the Premiers of division 2 and 3 are promoted to division while the club that finishes last in division 1 and 3 are relegated.



Premiership Table

Seniors Reserves Thirds
Club Div 1 Div 2 Div 1 Div 2 Div 1 Div 2
Heidelberg 18 1 12 1 1 -
Greensborough 16 1 5 2 6 2
Eltham 8 6 3 - 1 -
Epping 6 2 1 2 2 -
North Heidelberg 6 - 11 - 5 -
Lalor 5 3 3 3 4 2
Northcote Park / Northcote Park - Alphington 5 2 - 2 5 2
Diamond Creek 4 3 1 3 - -
Montmorency 4 - 5 - 5 -
Reservoir - Lakeside 3 - 6 2 7 1
Bundoora 2 1 8 - 4 1
Reservoir 2 1 - 2 - 3
Templestowe 2 - - - 1 -
Macleod - Rosanna / Macleod 1 1 5 - 2 3
Heidelberg West 1 - 1 - 1 -
West Preston - Lakeside 1 - - - 2 -
West Preston - 3 - 6 - 1
Watsonia - 1 - - 1 -
Lower Plenty - 1 - - - 2
Hurstbridge - 1 - 1* - 1
Mernda / Plenty Rovers - 1 - 1 - 1
Thomastown - 1 - 1 - -
Parkside - 1* - - - -
South Morang - - 1 1 - -
Whittlesea - - - 1 - 1
Research - - - 1 - 1
Thornbury - - - - - 1
Wallan - - - - - 1
West Lalor - - - - - 1
Total 83 30* 62 30* 47 24
* - includes Division 3 premiership which formed part of the Division 2 competition in 2009

Division 1

NFL Seniors Captain Coach Reserves Thirds
2009 Heidelberg Abe Williams Phil Plunkett Bundoora Greensborough
2008 Heidelberg Blair Harvey Phil Plunkett Heidelberg West Preston Lakeside
2007 Heidelberg Blair Harvey Phil Plunkett Heidelberg Eltham
DVFL Seniors Captain Coach Reserves Thirds
2006 Heidelberg Blair Harvey Craig Hunter Bundoora West Preston Lakeside
2005 North Heidelberg Brett Hancock Brett Hancock Montmorency N'cote Park/Alphington
2004 Heidelberg Blair Harvey Craig Hunter Heidelberg N'cote Park/Alphington
2003 West Preston Lakeside Fabian Carelli Ryan Smith Bundoora N'cote Park/Alphington
2002 Northcote Park Matthew Amad Peter Dean Montmorency Bundoora
2001 Northcote Park Matthew Amad Vin Hanlon Heidelberg Montmorency
2000 Northcote Park Matthew Amad Steve Easton Heidelberg Bundoora
1999 Northcote Park Matthew Amad Steve Easton Bundoora N'cote Park/Alphington
1998 Lalor Darryl Sinclair Ray Shaw Lalor N'cote Park/Alphington
1997 Northcote Park John Origlasso Steve Easton Bundoora Epping
1996 Bundoora Trevor Robinson Gary Massey Bundoora North Heidelberg
1995 Bundoora Trevor Robinson Gary Massey Montmorency Lalor
1994 North Heidelberg Mark Perkins Mark Perkins North Heidelberg Montmorency
1993 Lalor Graham Spillard Steve Easton Bundoora Epping
1992 Lalor Steve Petrucelle Steve Easton North Heidelberg Reservoir-Lakeside
1991 Lalor Brett Mancini Barry Rist Bundoora Montmorency
1990 Heidelberg Shane Delanty Michael Sullivan North Heidelberg Greensborough
1989 Greensborough Brett Fowler Harold Martin North Heidelberg North Heidelberg
1988 Greensborough Wayne Dobson Greg Jones North Heidelberg Bundoora
1987 North Heidelberg Paul Storey Gary Massey North Heidelberg Lalor
1986 Heidelberg Ray Shephard Michael Sullivan North Heidelberg Bundoora
1985 North Heidelberg Paul Storey Gary Massey North Heidelberg Lalor
1984 Greensborough Robert Hyde Robert Hyde Greensborough North Heidelberg
1983 Greensborough Robert Hyde Robert Hyde Bundoora Lalor
1982 Diamond Creek John O'Connell John O'Connell Montmorency Templestowe
1981 Diamond Creek John O'Connell John O'Connell Lalor Montmorency
1980 Lalor Chris Valerkou Barry Rist Lalor Heidelberg
1979 Montmorency Shane Molloy Shane Molloy Montmorency Greensborough
1978 North Heidelberg Kevin Grose Kevin Grose Reservoir-Lakeside Reservoir-Lakeside
1977 Reservoir-Lakeside Dennis Le Gassick Bob Edmonds North Heidelberg Watsonia
1976 Montmorency Lee Adamson Lee Adamson North Heidelberg Reservoir-Lakeside
1975 Reservoir-Lakeside Dennis Le Gassick Kevin Egan Reservoir-Lakeside Reservoir-Lakeside
1974 Eltham Bernie Massey Bernie Massey Eltham Greensborough
1973 Templestowe Garry Dyring Barry Rist Macloed-Rosanna Reservoir-Lakeside
1972 Eltham John Newnham Ray Slocum Greensborough Greensborough
1971 Macleod-Rosanna Kevin Simpson Kevin Dillon Eltham Reservoir-Lakeside
1970 Eltham John Walker John Walker Reservoir-Lakeside Greensborough
1969 Eltham Barry Capuano Hugh Mitchell Reservoir-Lakeside Greensborough
1968 Templestowe Craig Chivers Bob Symes South Morang Reservoir-Lakeside
1967 Greensborough John Carmody John Carmody Heidelberg Montmorency
1966 Greensborough John Carmody John Carmody Reservoir-Lakeside Heidelberg West
1965 Reservoir-Lakeside Graham Campbell Graham Campbell Reservoir-Lakeside Macleod-Rosanna
1964 Heidelberg Brian McMahon Brian McMahon North Heidelberg Macleod-Rosanna
1963 Epping Trevor Johnson Trevor Johnson Heidelberg North Heidelberg
1962 North Heidelberg Ron Buckley Eddie Draper Greensborough North Heidelberg
1961 Greensborough Joe Murphy Joe Murphy Greensborough
1960 Greensborough Joe Murphy Joe Murphy Heidelberg
1959 Heidelberg Peter Gurry Peter Gurry Macleod
1958 Greensborough Frank Londrigan Frank Londrigan Macleod
1957 Heidelberg Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Macleod
1956 Heidelberg Kevin Hart Kevin Hart Heidelberg
1955 Greensborough Fred Anderson Fred Anderson Heidelberg West
1954 Montmorency R. Hibbert Phil Ryan Greensborough
1953 Eltham Keith Headon Jack Harding Heidelberg
1952 Greensborough Percy Adamson Percy Adamson Epping
1951 Montmorency Phil Ryan Phil Ryan Heidelberg
1950 Heidelberg R. Clarke R. Clarke Heidelberg
1949 Eltham G.Hunter Henry Downing Diamond Creek
1948 Heidelberg G. Irvine Alan Stott Macloed
1947 Reservoir Don Atkinson Don Atkinson Eltham
1946 Reservoir Ron McConchie Tom Manchester
1941 - 1945 Competition suspened due to World War 2
1941 Heidelberg West
1940 Epping
1939 Epping
1938 Heidelberg Alan Stott Alan Stott
1937 Heidelberg Alan Stott Alan Stott
1936 Epping
1935 Epping
1934 Greensborough
1933 Epping
1932 Eltham H.Weidlich A.Parsons
1931 Greensborough
1930 Eltham A.Parsons A.Parsons
1929 Heidelberg
1928 Heidelberg
1927 Greensborough
1926 Diamond Creek
1925 Greensborough
1924 Diamond Creek
1923 Heidelberg
1922 Greensborough

Division 2

NFL Seniors Captain Coach Reserves Thirds
2009 Macleod Kane Shaw Christian Brandt Diamond Creek Whittlesea
2009* Parkside Robert Wise Peter Dean Hurstbridge
2008 Thomastown Barry McDonald
Vince Capeci
Dean Sinclair Mernda Macleod
2007 Lalor Steven Marshall Mark Pederson Thomastown Mernda
DVFL Seniors Captain Coach Reserves Thirds
2006 Greensborough Russell Dickson Greensborough Greensborough
2005 Diamond Creek Shannon Logan Neale Carroll Greensborough Macleod
2004 Lalor Gavin Langbourne Gavin Langbourne Lalor Greensborough
2003 Hurstbridge Jai Audley Rob Dyson Lalor Lalor
2002 Eltham Craig McKay Wayne Freeman South Morang Wallan
2001 Lalor Darryl Sinclair Darryl Sinclair Lalor Lalor
2000 Eltham Mark Minney Gary Jessop Eltham Bundoora
1999 Lower Plenty Paul Hicks Paul Hicks Whittlesea Lower Plenty
1998 Diamond Creek Steven Legg Danny Davenport Diamond Creek Reservoir
1997 Eltham Paul Smith Ray Spratt Diamond Creek Lower Plenty
1996 West Preston Adam Bruni Harold Martin West Preston Research
1995 Eltham Paul Smith Grant Wilmot West Preston Hurstbridge
1994 Northcote Park Dave Robertson Dave Robertson Northcote Park n/a
1993 West Preston Pat Fitzgerald Andrew Smith West Preston Macleod Juniors
1992 Diamond Creek Greg Elliot Jon Collins West Preston West Lalor
1991 Mernda Simon Smythe Vin Hanlon West Preston n/a
1990 Epping Kalev Vann Graham Bux Epping n/a
1989 Eltham Andrew Russell Peter Moore Epping n/a
1988 West Preston Phil Crapper Mark Duckworth Research n/a
1987 Watsonia Adrian Sanderson Barry Rist Reservoir Lakeside Thornbury
1986 Epping Matt Scully Matt Scully Reservoir Lakeside West Preston
1985 Northcote Park Wayne Bannister Wayne Bannister West Preston Reservoir Lakeside
1984 Reservoir Rob Docherty Harold Martin Reservoir Reservoir
1983 Heidelberg Michael Sullivan Michael Sullivan Northcote Park Reservoir
1982 Eltham Warren Deards Hassa Mann Reservoir Northcote Park
1981 Bundoora Mark Slater Mark Slater Heidelberg Northcote Park
* - Division 3 premiership which formed part of the Division 2 competition in 2009


Division 1

Best and Fairest
Frank Smith Medal
Leading Goal Kicker Best on Ground in grand final
Gary Massey Medal
Year Player Club Player Club Goals Player Club
2009 Daniel Keenan Montmorency Shane Harvey North Heidelberg 102 Dean Haydock Heidelberg
2008 Shane Harvey
Daniel Keenan
David Mitchell
North Heidelberg
Shane Harvey North Heidelberg 108 Blair Harvey Heidelberg
2007 Daniel McFerran West Preston L'side Chris Hall
Shaun Ryan
North Heidelberg
72 Michael Gay Heidelberg
2006 Brett Jeffrey Northcote Park Adrian Baker West Preston L'side 73 Dale Nolan Heidelberg
2005 Daniel King Epping Chris Hall Heidelberg 102 Jake King North Heidelberg
2004 Daniel King Epping Cristian Brandt North Heidelberg 78 Chris Hall Heidelberg
2003 Fabian Carelli West Preston L'side P. Van Blommestein Heidelberg 87 Damien Walsh-Quay West Preston L'side
2002 Mario Bandera North Heidelberg Steve Bawden Epping 87
2001 Dean Haydock Heidelberg Jason Heatley North Heidelberg 110
2000 Paul King Bundoora Damien Yze Northcote Park 99
1999 Leigh Gray North Heidelberg Jamie Shaw North Heidelberg 134
1998 Ryan Smith Heidelberg Athas Hrysoulakis Lalor 88
1997 Barry Mitchell Northcote Park Jamie Shaw North Heidelberg 114
1996 John Origlasso Northcote Park Jamie Shaw North Heidelberg 88
1995 Adrian Cameron Bundoora Jamie Shaw North Heidelberg 113
1994 Renato Marinelli Diamond Creek Jamie Shaw North Heidelberg 161
1993 Kevin Brown Bundoora Brett Hancock North Heidelberg 97
1992 Chris Keating Bundoora Jason Heatley North Heidelberg 118
1991 Peter Woodward
Neil Brindley
Peter Mastin
Jamie Solyom Lalor 73
1990 Chris Keating Bundoora David Miller Heidelberg 95
1989 Richard Guldon Heidelberg Steve Webster Montmorency 62
1988 Brad Dunbar Heidelberg West Steve Webster Montmorency 57
1987 Wayne Dobson Greensborough Steve Webster Montmorency 83
1986 Mark Perkins Heidelberg West Mark Johnson North Heidelberg 59
1985 Darryl Harries Lalor Glenn Townsend Greensborough 103
1984 Kelvin Wood Heidelberg West Russell Jessop Lalor 103
1983 Wayne Dobson Greensborough Bill Seiler Diamond Creek 82
1982 Wayne Headlam Diamond Creek Bill Seiler Diamond Creek 86
1981 Wayne Headlam Diamond Creek Bill Seiler Diamond Creek 82
1980 Elias Demestichas South Morang K. Robbins Lalor 90
1979 John Ellis Watsonia Robert Downie Watsonia 64
1978 Mario Cipolla North Heidelberg Kevin Grose
Graeme Fraser
North Heidelberg
1977 Jeff Edwards North Heidelberg Ron Wilson South Morang 83
1976 John Horton Diamond Creek Bruce McDowell Greensborough 97
1975 John Clancy Heidelberg Bruce McDowell Greensborough 86
1974 Mario Cipolla North Heidelberg Lindsay Hopkins Templestowe 66
1973 Stephen Thorpe Templestowe Ivan Bromley Reservoir-Lakeside 87
1972 Robin Perkins Heidelberg Ivan Bromley Reservoir-Lakeside 115
1971 Jim Christou Heidelberg John Horton Diamond Creek 78
1970 Frank Natoli Reservoir Lakeside C. Vadja Macleod-Rosanna 81
1969 Geoff Noble Macleod-Rosanna
1968 Dennis Aspinall Eltham
1967 Geoff Condie Diamond Creek
1966 K. Jones Diamond Creek
1965 Graham Campbell Reservoir Lakeside
1964 Pat Foley Heidelberg West
1963 Pat Foley Heidelberg West
1962 Ken Jones Montmorency
1961 Joe Murphy Greensborough
1960 Clem Cooper Epping

Division 2

Best and Fairest
George LeBrocq Medal
Leading Goal Kicker Best on Ground in Grand Final
John Elliot Medal
Year Player Club Player Club Goals Player Club
2009 Daniel Moore Epping John Hayes Fitzroy Stars 89 Kane Shaw Macleod
2008 Lionel Proctor Fitzroy Stars Aaron Willitts Epping 78 Stefan Berak Thomastown
2007 Andrew Bennett Macleod Cristian Brandt Macleod 109 Nick Mafilovski Lalor
2006 Daniel Eifermann Whittlesea Nick Lynch Macleod 102 David Hutchison Greensborough
2005 Ryan Bongetti South Morang Tom Felle Mernda ? Shannon Logan Diamond Creek
2004 William Box Panton Hill Aaron James Lalor 114 Paul Briggs Lalor
2003 Jai Audley Hurstbridge Toby O'Meara Reservoir 73 Justin Crowe Hurstbridge
2002 Heath Ayres Wallan Adam Bruni Reservoir 82
2001 Tony Callea Fawkner Park Paul Baker Whittlesea 107
2000 Paul Eccles Watsonia Gavin Tapner Watsonia 90
1999 Mark Spiteri Kinglake Ron McKeown Whittlesea 114
1998 Dean Harrington Whittlesea Jamie Bown Whittlesea 79
1997 Ray Buttigieg
Tony Maraschiello
South Morang
Paul Baker Kinglake 102
1996 Rocky Iacopino Macleod Paul Baker Hurstbridge 93
1995 Dale Carmody West Preston Paul Baker
David Miller
West Preston
1994 Billy Colosimo Reservoir Paul Baker Hurstbridge 139
1993 Adam Bruni West Preston Paul Baker Hurstbridge 116
1992 Paul Tilley West Preston Cristian Brandt West Preston 68
1991 Robert Mietus Hurstbridge Greg Withers Heidelberg West 80
1990 Malcolm Griffiths
John Hassell
Steve Webster Epping 96
1989 Brett Johnstone
Glenn Whittenbury
South Morang
M. Niddrie Templestowe 92
1988 Steve Easton Research Darren Scott Epping 80
1987 Greg Fyffe West Preston R. Wilson Eltham 83
1986 Stan Apostola Epping Darren Scott Epping 97
1985 Les Pugh Thornbury Warren Jarman Eltham 72
1984 Adrian Sullivan West Preston Steve Banbury West Preston 56
1983 Bernie Nicholson Macleod - Rosanna Peter McNiece Northcote Park 83
1982 Anthony McFarlane
Glenn Irving
Peter Lowe Macleod-Rosanna 85
1981 Mark Slater Bundoora Rob Michaelangeli Northcote Park 76

Juniors Competition

The NFL Juniors Competition has 24 clubs. The competition comprises approximately 200 teams divided into 8 age groups; under 9 thorough to under 17 except under 16.

Lew Hall Trophy

The trophy is awarded each year to the club which has the most combined premiership points from the under 13, under 15 and under 17 age groups.

Year Club
2007 Research
2006 Hurstbridge
2005 Preston RSL
2004 Epping
2003 Fawkner Park
2002 Mill Park
2001 Mill Park
2000 Yarrambat
1999 Whittlesea
1998 Eltham
1997 Keon Park Stars
1996 Greensborough
1995 Montmorency


Club Nickname Location Home Ground Entered Competition Jumpers/Notes Senior Affiliation
Diamond Creek Football Club Creekers Diamond Creek Coventry Reserve 1922 Melbourne Demons Jumper.svg Diamond Creek
Eltham Football Club Panthers Eltham Eltham Central Pk, Plenty Park, Susan Street Reserve 1922 Essendon Bombers Jumper.svg Eltham
Epping Football Club Pingers Epping Epping Rec Reserve Navy jumper with White EFC motif on front Epping
Greensborough Football Club Raiders Greensborough Anthony Beale Reserve 1968 Green Jumper with White hoops at top and raider logo Greensborough
Hurstbridge Football Club Bridges Hurstbridge Ben Frilay Oval Navy jumper with Gold middle panel and HFC motif Hurstbridge
Keon Park Stars Junior Football Club Stars Keon Park J C Donath Reserve 1993 Black jumper with yellow yoke Keon Park Stars Under 19's
Lalor Football Club Bloods Lalor Lalor Reserve Red Jumper white wings Lalor
Lalor Stars Football Club Stars Lalor W A Smith Reserve Bottle Green and Red Jumper with White diagonal lightning bolt Thomastown
Mill Park Football Club Stallions Mill Park Redleap Reserve Blue jumper with White lightning stripes in diagonal corners None
Mernda Football Club Demons Mernda Mernda Rec Reserve Red jumper with Navy lightning stripes in diagonal corners Mernda
Montmorency Football Club Magpies Montmorency Montmorency Park 1968 Black jumper with White stripes at the bottom leading to Magpie logo Montmorency
Northcote Junior Football Club
Formerly Alphington Junior FC
Cougars Northcote McDonell Park Blue, White and Gold Panels with Green Cougar across front Northcote Park
North Heidelberg Junior Football Club Bulldogs Heidelberg Heights Shelley Street Reserve Red Blue and White with bulldog logo North Heidelberg
Panton Hill Football Club Redbacks Panton Hill Panton Hill Oval 1997 White jumper with Red and Black stripes at top above Redback logo Panton Hill
Preston RSL Football Club Bullants Preston W Ruthven Reserve Red jumper with White PRSLYC motif above Bullant Fitzroy Stars
Research Junior Football Club Searchers Research Research Park 1987 Maroon jumper with a White outlined Yellow V Lower Plenty
Reservoir Football Club Colts Reservoir Crispe Park Blue Jumper with Light Blue jail bars Reservoir
South Morang Football Club Lions Mill Park Lakes Mill Park Lakes Maroon and Blue jumper with Gold lion, like Brisbane South Morang
Wallan Junior Football Club Magpies Wallan Wallan Rec Reserve White Jumper with Black stripes Wallan
West Lalor Junior Football Club Dragons Lalor Huskinsson Street Reserve Navy Jumper with Silver V Thomastown
West Preston Lakeside Football Club Roosters Preston J E Moore Park White and Red jumper with Blue lightning flashes West Preston Lakeside
Whittlesea Football Club Eagles Whittlesea Whittlesea Showgrounds Navy jumper with Gold wings and Gold Eagle in the middle Whittlesea
Yarrambat Football Club Bats Yarrambat Yarrambat War Memorial Park Gold and Brown stripes, like Hawthorn None

Life Members

Name Year Name Year Name Year Name Year
R.Rogers 1923 R.R.G.Ward 1974 L.A.Warren 1993 K. Wing Jan 2003
A.Santon 1926 W.A.Partington 1974 P.J.A.Smythe 1994 D.Holt 2003
W.S.Laurie 1941 E.A.Bowcher 1974 K.A.Andrew 1994 B.Boffey 2003
J.Dawson 1950 A.R.Eley 1975 P.G.Floyd 1994 W.Bodley 2003
A.T.Clarke 1950 J.B.Murphy 1976 N.K.McLean 1995 G.Turnball 2003
T.Hogan 1950 R.Rhode 1979 A.D.Walker 1996 W.Harris 2003
R.A.Smith 1950 D.R.Glasgow 1980 D.Stanley 1996 C.B.Keating 2004
F.Smith 1950 T.M.Bary 1980 E.O.Marsh 1996 V.A.Floyd 2004
R.R.Scott 1952 B.A.Tooth 1980 W.E.Bray 1996
R.R.Scott 1955 M.A.Hingston 1984 D.W.Casey 1997
C.W.Hart 1961 K.W.Salter 1984 N.Caroll 1998
R.A.E. Tooth 1962 B.Boyle 1985 L.Robinson 1999
R.R.Beale 1964 A.Thomas 1985 B.J.Smead 2000
I.J.Sheahan 1964 J.R.Welch 1988 J.Garlick 2000
W.T.Randle 1964 W.T.Kelly 1988 R.J.Curran 2000
T.M.Hogan 1964 W.L.E.Hanson 1990 S.K.Pearn 2001
F.C.Sweene 1964 P.E.Watkins 1991 F.A.Mellerick 2002
R.G.Scott 1966 A.R.Stickland 1993 D.Kuchmar 2002
D.P.Cordner 1967 W.G.McKenna 1993 S.J.Cusumano 2002

Former Clubs

  • All Blacks Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Coburg Amateur Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Diamond Valley Juniors (A merger between Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge football clubs prior to World War II which was dissolved when the DVFL resumed in 1946)
  • Fairfield Park Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Fawkner Park Football Club (Merged with North Coburg Saints in 2007 and play in the EDFL as Northern Saints)
  • Kangaroo Ground Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Kinglake Football Club (Currently in the Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League)
  • Kingsbury Junior Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Plenty Rovers Football Club (The Plenty Rovers FC came about because of a merger between the Mernda & Doreen, they played at the Doreen Recreation Reserve, from 1932-1964 (1936-1939, 1946 in the DVFL), until they were forced to move out of Doreen due to powerline extensions, and moved to Mernda, where they changed their name back to the Mernda Football Club in 1965)
  • Research Football Club (Club is now solely a junior club, however they do have an alignment with Lower Plenty Football Club)
  • Reservoir-Lakeside Football Club (Merged with West Preston to form West Preston Lakeside F.C)
  • St Andrews-Coburg Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Templestowe Football Club (Currently in the Eastern Football League (Australia))
  • Thornbury Football Club (Merged with Reservoir Rovers to become Thornbury Rovers)
  • Thornbury Rovers Football Club (Club is defunct)
  • Wallan Football Club (Currently in the Riddell District Football League)
  • Warrandyte Football Club (Currently in the Eastern Football League (Australia))
  • West Preston Football Club (Merged with Reservoir Lakeside to become West Preston Lakeside)

Main Sources

  • Diamond Valley Football League Annual Report's from 1976 to current day 2007
  • Diamond Valley Football League Website
  • Diamond Valley Football League Clubs
  • Diamond Valley Football League Football Record
  • Diamond Valley Football League Archieves

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