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Diana Karazon
Birth name Diana Karazon
Born October 30, 1983 (1983-10-30) (age 26)
Origin Jordan
Occupations Singer
Years active 2003–present

Diana Karazon (Arabic: ديانا كرزون‎) (born October 30, 1983 in Kuwait) is an Arabic pop singer. She rose to fame after winning the Arabic version of Pop Idol called Superstar in 2003. Karazon is the most successful singer in Jordan since 2003 till present as she was awarded by King Abdulla and Queen Rania. Karazon is now working with Jordanian businessman Mohamad al Majali.


Early life

Born in Kuwait, but raised in Amman, Jordan and is a naturalized Jordanian, Karazon is of Palestinian ancestry. She started her singing career as a child supported by her father who himself was a musician and a member of Jordanian artists association. She sang her first song in public when she was 6 year old which was dedicated to King Hussein. The song was "Ya ayyuha al meleko (Oh your highness the King)".

As a young girl she began to perform in many competitions in and out of Jordan. She won the contest at MBC Radio Station and soon went on to enter "Superstar" the Arab Idol singing competition.

Personal life

Karazon is a big fan of Abu Wadee`e and Um kalthom as she was singing for Um kalthom since she was a child. Karazon had a problem with Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfiq for Egypt song Masr Gameela, Karazon said that she has the rights to sing it.

Music career

Karazon won the contest and went on to make a debut CD called Ensany Ma Binsak (Diana SuperStar of Arabs). Her style was based on traditional Arabic music and Arabic pop music. The CD was sung in many Arabic dialects.

Karazon later was contractually obligated to represent "Pan-Arabia" in the international World Idol competition and was remembered for singing in Arabic when the other International contestants sang in English instead of their home languages. She ranked 9th among the 11 contestants and shared that rank with the German contestant, Alexander Klaws.

In 2005 she released a follow up album El Omr mashy (Life is going on).

Karazon has stated her influences included Fairuz and Warda.

Karazon had a lot of singles hits after the two albums such as "Garh", "Kalam alain" (Libyan song) and "Ah bmazagi", which was the big smash hit in 2006.

Karazon had many words like best rise star, best single (lamma teb`a habibi and Ah bmazagi), star of the year (2003) and many more.

Karazon had a single hit in 2009 it was "Momkin ansak" (you forget me forever), which shows that Diana has a cool style singing in English, her fans didn't like the video at all, as it was done by unknown director.

She had her own show was on TV Ramadan 2009 (due With Diana) and she made a hit by singing the titanic song "My Heart Will Go On" in her show.

Karazon is now working on her new album (Diana 2010) and it will be released by the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010.


سوبر ستار Performances

Top 55: أكذب عليك (Akdib Aleyk) by Warda
Top 12:
Top 10:
Top 8: آه يا ليل (Ah Ya Leel) by Ragheb Alama
Top 7: إبعتلي جواب (Iba'atli Jawab) by Nour Mehana
Top 6: ألف ليلة وليلة (Alf Leela W Leela) by Umm Kulthum
Top 5: دنيا الوله (Dinya Min El Wala) by Abdallah Al Rowaished
Top 4: أنا في انتظارك (Ana Fi Entazarak) by Umm Kulthum
Top 4: مغرومة (Maghroume) by Najwa Karam
Top 3: أكذب عليك (Akdib Aleyk) by Warda
Top 3: البوسطه (El Posta) by Fairuz
Top 3:
Grand Final: لسا فاكر (Lissa Faker) by Umm Kulthum
Grand Final:
Grand Final: تعا ننسى (Ta'a Ninsa) by Melhem Barakat

Preceded by
Super Star

Season 1 (2003)
Succeeded by
Ayman El Aatar

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