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Diane Francis (born 1946)[1] is a Canadian journalist, author, and editor-at-large for the National Post newspaper since 1998.[2] She was previously the Editor of the Financial Post from 1991 to 1998, when it was taken over by the National Post and incorporated into it.[3] A columnist with the Financial Post since 1987,[3] her columns are syndicated across Canada's largest newspaper chain in major cities. She also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. She is married and has two adult children.[4]

Francis is also a broadcaster and a best-selling author of nine books on a variety of socio-economic subjects for Canadians[2]. Her 1986 book Controlling Interest: Who Owns Canada? produced "the startling fact that one-third of Canada’s wealth was in the hands of just 32 families and five conglomerates";[5] it featured in Canadian best-seller lists for over a year.[6] Her 2008 followup, Who Owns Canada Now: Old Money, New Money and The Future of Canadian Business showed that whilst much of the wealth covered in her earlier book had been inherited, 55 of the 75 wealthy families or individuals profiled were self-made.[7] 36 of these had never been interviewed before, including K. Rai Sahi, the CEO of ClubLink.

Her 1996 book titled Fighting for Canada was published in the French language as Maîtres Chanteurs Chez Nous![8]. In it, she alleged subversive tactics and violation of human rights by certain members of the Quebec sovereignty movement during the 1995 Quebec referendum[8].

Francis has been the recipient of a number of awards for her work in journalism from various organizations, publications, and universities throughout Canada[2]. She is Distinguished Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada's largest business school. She has been a fellow at Harvard University's Shorenstein Center and a media fellow at the World Economic Forum. She has served on the advisory board of the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and a member of the board of directors for CARE Canada, and as the volunteer chair for the fund-raising campaign for Ryerson University's community health center[2].

In September 2007, Diane Francis became a Director of Aurizon Mines Ltd., listed on the Toronto and American Stock Exchanges. In November 2009, she became a trust for the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, a world leader in oceanography research.

In December 2009, Francis called for a global imposition of China's one-child policy.[9]


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