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Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900 in the year 1897
Russen - Scobell
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Russen - Scobell
Russen - St. Amand St. André - Salwey Samble - Sautre Savage - Scobell

Russen, David

Rust, George

Rust, Cyprian Thomas

Rustat, Tobias

Ruthall, Thomas

Rutherford, Andrew, Earl of Teviot

Rutherford, Daniel

Rutherford, John (d.1577)

Rutherford, John (1695-1779)

Rutherford, Samuel

Rutherford, William

Rutehrforth, Thomas, D.D.

Rutherfurd, Andrew, Lord Rutherfurd

Ruthven, Alexander

Ruthven, Edward Southwell

Ruthven, John, third Earl of Gowrie

Ruthven, Patrick, third Lord Ruthven

Ruthven, Patrick (1573?-1651)

Ruthven, William, second Lord Ruthven

Ruthven, William, fourth Lord Ruthven and first Earl of Gowrie

Rutland, Dukes of. See Manners ...

Rutland, Earls of. See Manners ...

Rutland, Hugh of. See Rotelande, Hue de

Rutledge, James

Rutt, John Towill

Rutter, John

Rutter, Joseph

Rutty, John, M.D.

Rutty, William, M.D.

Ruvigny, Marquis de. See Massue de Ruvigny ...

Ryall, Henry Thomas

Ryan, Daniel Frederick

Ryan, Edward, D.D. (d.1819)

Ryan, Edward (1793-1875)

Ryan, Lacy

Ryan, Michael (fl.1800). See under Ryan, Michael (1800-1841)

Ryan, Michael (1800-1841)

Ryan, Michael Desmond

Ryan, Richard

Ryan, Vincent William

Rycaut, Paul

Ryder. See also Rider

Ryder, Alfred Phillipps

Ryder, Dudley (1691-1756)

Ryder, Dudley, first Earl of Harrowby

Ryder, Dudley, second Earl of Harrowby

Ryder, Henry

Ryder, John (1697?-1775), D.D.

Ryder, John (1814-1885)

Ryder, Nathaniel, first Baron Harrowby. See under Ryder, Dudley

Ryder, Richard

Ryder, Thomas (1735-1790)

Ryder, Thomas (1746-1810)

Ryder, William

Rye, Edward Caldwell

Ryerson, Egerton

Ryerson, William. See under Ryerson, Egerton

Rygge, Robert

Ryland, Herman Witsius

Ryland, John (1717?-1798)

Ryland, John (1753-1825)

Ryland, John Collett

Ryland, Jonathon Edwards

Ryland, William Wynne

Rylands, John

Rylands, Peter

Ryley. See Riley.

Ryley, Charles Reuben

Ryley, John

Ryley, Philip. See under Ryley, William, the elder (d.1667)

Ryley, Samuel William

Ryley, William, the elder (d.1667)

Ryley, William (d.1675). See under Ryley, William, the elder (d.1667)

Rymer, James

Rymer, Thomas

Rysbrack, John Michael (Joannes Michiel)

Ryther, Augustine

Ryther, John (1634?-1681)

Ryther, John (d.1704). See under Ryther, John (1634?-1681)

Ryves, Bruno

Ryves, Elizabeth

Ryves, George Frederick

Ryves, Mrs. Lavinia Janetta Horton de Serres. See under Serres, Mrs. Olivia

Ryves, Thomas

Saberet. See Sebert

Sabie, Francis

Sabine, Edward

Sabine, Joseph (1662?-1739)

Sabine, Joseph (1770-1837)

Sabran, Lewis

Sacheverell, Henry

Sacheverell, William

Sackville, Charles, sixth Earl of Dorset and Earl of Middlesex

Sackville, Charles, second Duke of Dorset

Sackville, Edward, fourth Earl of Dorset

Sackville, George, first Viscount Sackville. See Germain, George Sackville

Sackville, John Frederick, third Duke of Dorset

Sackville, Lionel Cranfield, first Duke of Dorset

Sackville, Richard

Sackville, Richard, fifth Earl of Dorset. See under Sackville, Edward, fourth Earl of Dorset

Sackville, Robert, second Earl of Dorset

Sackville, Thomas, first Earl of Dorset and Baron Buckhurst

Sacrobosco, Christopher. See Holywood

Sacro Bosco, Johannes de. See Holywood, John

Saddington, John

Saddler, John

Sadington, Robert de

Sadleir, Franc

Sadleir, John

Sadler, Anthony. See under Sadler, Anthony (fl.1630-1680)

Sadler, Anthony (fl.1630-1680)

Sadler, John (d.1595?)

Sadler, John (1615-1674)

Sadler, Michael Ferrebee

Sadler, Michael Thomas

Sadler, Ralph

Sadler, Thomas, in religion Vincent Faustas (1604-1681)

Sadler, Thomas. See under Sadler, John (1615-1674)

Sadler, Thomas (1822-1891)

Sadler, Windham William

Sadlington, Mark

Saebbi. See Sebbi

Sælræd. See Selred


Saffery, Mrs. Maria Grace

Saffold, Thomas

Safred. See Seffrid

Sage, John

Saham, William de

Sainbel, Charles Vial de

Sainsbury, William Noel

St. Albans, Duke of. See Beauclerk, Charles

St. Albans, Duchess of. See Mellon, Harriot

St. Albans, Earl of. Jermyn, Henry

St. Albans, Viscount of. See Bacon, Francis

St. Albans, Roger of. See Roger

St. Albans, William of. See William

St. Amand, Arlmaric de (fl.1240). See under St. Amand, Almaric de, third Baron de St. Amand

St. Amand, Almaric de, third Baron de St. Amand

St. Amand, James

St. André, Nathanael

St. Aubyn, Miss Catherine, aftwards becoming Mrs. Molesworth

St. Aubyn, John (1696-1744)

St. Aubyn, John (1758-1839)

Saint-Carilef, William of. See Carilef

St. Clair. See Sinclair

Sainte-Mère-Eglise, William of. See William

Saint-Evremond, Charles de Marguetel de Saint Denis, de

St. Faith's, Benedict of. See under St. Faith's, John of

St. Faith's, John of

St. Faith's, Peter of. See under St. Faith's' John of

St. Faith's, Robert of. See under St. Faith's' John of

St. Faith's, William of. See under St. Faith's' John of

Saint-George, Henry (1581-1644)

Saint-George, Henry, the younger (1625-1715). See under Saint-George, Henry

St. George, John

Saint-George, Richard

Saint-George, Thomas. See under Saint-George, Henry

Saint-German, Christopher

St, Germans, third Earl of. See Eliot, Edward Granville

St. Giles, John of. See John

St. Helens, Baron. See Fitzherbert, Alleyne

St. John, Bayle

St. John, Charles George William

Saint-John, Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke

St. John, Horace Stebbing Roscoe

St. John, James Augustus

Saint-John, John de

St. John, John

St. John, Oliver (1559-1630)

St. John, Oliver (1580?-1646)

St. John, Oliver (1603-1642). See under St. John, Oliver (1580?-1646)

St. John, Oliver (1598?-1673)

St. John, Oliver Beauchamp Coventry

St. John, Percy Bolingbroke

St. Lawrence, Christopher, Baron Howth (d.1589)

St. Lawrence, Christopher, Baron Howth (1568?-1619)

St. Lawrence, Nicholas, Baron Howth (d.1526)

St. Lawrence, Nicholas, Baron Howth (1550?-1607). See under St. Lawrence, Christopher, Baron Howth (d.1589)

St. Lawrence, Robert, Baron Howth

St. Leger, Anthony

St. Leger, Francis Barry Boyle

St. Leger, Warham

St. Leger, Warham (d. 1600). See under St. Leger, Warham

St. Leger, William (d.1642)

Saint Leger, William (1600-1665)

St. Leonards, Baron. See Sugden, Edward Burtenshaw

St. Lifard, Gilbert of. See Gilbert

St. Liz, Simon de, Earl of Northampton. See Senlis

St. Lo, Edward

St. Lo, George

St. Maur. See Seymour

St. Molyns, Lord of. See Kavangh, Cahir Mac Art

Sainton, Prosper Philippe Catherine

Sainton-Dolby, Madame Charlotte Helen. See under Sainton, Prosper Philippe Catherine

St. Paul, John de

St. Quinton, William

St. Victor, Richard of. See Richard

St, Vincent, Earl of. See Jervis, John

Saker, Edward

Saker, Horatio. See under Saker, Edward

Sala, George Augustus Henry

Salaberry, Charles Michel de

Salcot, John. See Capon, John

Sale, Florentia, Lady. See under Sale, Robert Henry

Sale, George

Sale, George Charles, See under Sale, John

Sale, John

Sale, John Bernard. See under Sale, John

Sale, Robert Henry

Sale-Barker, Lucy Elizabeth Drummond Davies

Salesbury. See Salisbury

'Salesby,' Robert of. See Robert

Salgado, James

Salisbury, Earls of. See Longespée ...; Montacute ...; Neville ...; Cecil ...

Salisbury, Countess of. See Pole, Margaret

Salisbury, Enoch Robert Gibbon

Salisbury, Henry

Salisbury, John of. See John

Salisbury, John (1500?-1573)

Salisbury, John (1575-1625)

Salisbury, John (fl.1627). See under Salisbury, John (1575-1625)

Salisbury, John (fl.1695). See under Salisbury, Thomas (1567?-1620?)

Salisbury, Richard Anthony

Salisbury, Roger of. See Roger

Salisbury, Thomas (1555?-1586)

Salisbury, Thomas (1567?-1620?)

Salisbury, Thomas (d.1643)

Salisbury, William (1520?-1600?)

Salisbury, William (1580?-1659?)

Salisbury, William (d.1823)

Salkeld, John

Salkeld, William

Sall, Andrew

Salmon, Eliza

Salmon, John

Salmon, John Drew

Salmon, Nathanael

Salmon, Robert

Salmon, Thomas (1648-1706)

Salmon, Thomas (1679-1767)

Salmon, William (1644-1713)

Salmon, William (fl.1745)

Salomon, Johann Peter

Salomons, David

Salt, Henry

Salt, Samuel

Salt, Titus

Salt, William

Salter, James (fl.1665). See under Salter, James (1650-1718?)

Salter, James (1650-1718?)

Salter, James (fl.1723)

Salter, James (d.1767). See under Salter, James (1650-1718?)

Salter, John William

Salter, Samuel (d.1756?). See under Salter, Samuel (d.1778)

Salter, Samuel (d.1778)

Salter, Thomas

Salter, Thomas Frederick

Salter, William

Salthouse, Thomas

Saltmarsh, John

Saltonstall, Charles

Saltonstall, Richard (1521?-1601)

Saltonstall, Richard (1586-1658)

Saltonstall, Wye

Saltoun, sixteenth Lord. See Fraser, Alexander George

Saltrey, Henry of. See Henry

Saltwood, Robert

Salusbury. See Salisbury

Salveyn, Gerard

Salvin, Anthony

Salwey, Humphrey. See under Salwey, Richard

Salwey, Richard

Samble, Richard

Samelson, Adolph

Sammes, Aylett

Sampson. See Samson

Sampson, Henry (1629?-1700)

Sampson, Henry (1841-1891)

Sampson, Richard

Sampson, Thomas

Sampson, William (1590?-1636?)

Sampson, William (1764-1836)

Sams, Joseph

Samson (fl.550)

Samson (d.1112)

Samson (1135-1211)

Samuda, Joseph d'Aguilar

Samuel, Edward

Samuel, George

Samuel, Richard

Samuel, William

Samways, Peter, D.D.

Samwell, David

Sancho, Ignatius

Sancroft, William

Sanctofidensis, Johannes. See St. Faith's, John of

Sancto Francisco, Angelus à. See Angelus

Sancto Francisco, Bernard à. See Eyston, Bernard

Sancto Germano, Johannes de. See John

Sandale, John de

Sandars, Thomas Collett

Sandby, Paul

Sandby, Thomas

Sandeman, Robert

Sandeman, Robert Groves

Sanders. See also Saunders

Sanders alias Baines, Francis

Sanders, Francis Williams

Sanders, George

Sanders, John

Sanders, Nicholas

Sanders, Robert

Sanders, William

Sanders, William Rutherford

Sanderson, James

Sanderson, John, D. D

Sanderson, Robert (1587-1663)

Sanderson, Robert (1660-1741)

Sanderson, William

Sandford. See also Sanford

Sandford, Daniel

Sandford, Daniel Keyte

Sandford, Francis

Sandford, Francis Richard John, first Lord Sandford

Sandford, Fulk de

Sandford, Herbert Bruce. See Sandford, Daniel Keyte

Sandford, James

Sandford, John de (d.1294)

Sandford, John (1565?-1629)

Sandford, John (1801-1873)

Sandford, Samuel

Sandhurst, Lord. See Mansfield, William Rose

Sandilands, James, first Lord Torpichen

Sandilands, James, seventh Lord Torpichen

Sandsbury, John

Sandwich, Earls of. See Montagu ...

Sandwich, Henry de

Sandwich, Ralph de

Sandwith, Humphry

Sandys, Charles

Sandys, Edwin (1516?-1588)

Sandys, Edwin (1561-1629)

Sandys, George

Sandys, Samuel, first Baron Sandys of Ombersley

Sandys, William, Baron Sandys of 'The Vyne'

Sandys, William

Sanford. See also Sandford

Sanford, John Langton

Sanford, Joseph

Sangar, Gabriel

Sanger, John

Sangster, Samuel

Sanleger. See Saint Leger

Sanquhar, sixth Lord. See Crichton, Robert

Sansetun, Benedict of

Sansum, Robert

Santlow, Hester. See under Booth, Barton

Santry, Lord. See Barry, James

Saphir, Adolph

Sapiens, Bernard. See Bernard

Saravia. Hadrian à

Sargant, William Lucas

Sargent, John

Sargent, John Grant

Sargent, John Neptune

Saris, John

Sarjeaunt, John. See Sergeant

Sarmento, Jacob de Castro, M.D.

Sarsfield, Patrick, titular Earl of Lucan

Sartoris, Mrs. Adelaide. See Kemble

Sartorius, Francis. See Kemble

Sartorius, George Rose

Sartorius, John

Sartorius, John F. See under Sartorius, John

Sartorius, John N. See under Sartorius, John

Sass, Henry

Sass, Richard. See under Sass, Henry

Sassoon, Albert Abdullah David

Satchwell, Benjamin

Saul, Arthur (d.1585)

Saul, Arthur (fl.1614). See under Saul, Arthur (d.1585)

Saull, William Devonshire

Sault, Richard

Saumarez, James, Lord de Saumarez

Saumarez, Philip

Saumarez, Richard

Saumarez, Thomas. See under Saumarez, Philip

Saumarez, Thomas. See under Saumarez, James, Lord de Saumarez

Saunders, Charles

Saunders, Edmund

Saunders, Edward

Saunders, Erasmus

Saunders, George

Saunders, George

Saunders, Henry

Saunders, John

Saunders, John Cunningham

Saunders, Katherine. See under Saunders, John

Saunders, Laurence

Saunders, Margaret

Saunders, Richard

Saunders, Richard Huck-

Saunders, Thomas William

Saunders, William, M.D. (1748-1817)

Saunders, William (1823-1895)

Saunders, William Wilson

Saunderson, Mrs. See under Betterton, Thomas

Saunderson, Nicholas

Saunford. See Sandford

Saurin, William

Sautre, William. See Sawtrey

Savage, Arnold (d.1375). See under Savage, Arnold (d.1410)

Savage, Arnold (d.1410)

Savage, Henry

Savage, James (1767-1845)

Savage, James (1779-1852)

Savage, John

Savage, John (d.1586)

Savage, John (fl.1690-1700)

Savage, John (1673-1747)

Savage, John (1828-1888)

Savage, John Boscawen

Savage, Marmion W.

Savage, Richard, fourth Earl Rivers (1660?-1712)

Savage, Richard (d. 1743)

Savage, Roland

Savage, Samuel Morton

Savage, Thomas (d.1507)

Savage, Thomas (fl.1620). See under Savage, Thomas (1608-1682)

Savage, Thomas (1608-1682)

Savage, William (d.1736). See under Savage, John (1673-1747)

Savage, William (1770-1843)


Savery, Thomas

Savile, Bourchier Wrey

Savile, George, Marquis of Halifax (1633-1695)

Savile, George (1726-1784)

Savile, Henry (1549-1622)

Savile, Henry (1642-1687)

Savile, Jeremiah

Savile, John

Savile, John, first Baron Savile of Pontefract

Savile, John, first Baron Savile of Rufford

Savile, Thomas. See under Savile, Henry (DNB00).

Savile, Thomas, Viscount Savile of Castlebar in the peerage of Ireland ...

Savile, William, second Marquis of Halifax. See under, Savile, George, Marquis of Halifax

Saviolo, Vicentio

Savona, Laurence William of

Savory, William Scovell

Savoy, Boniface of. See Boniface

Savoy, Peter of, Earl of Richmond. See Peter

Sawbridge, John

Sawrey, Solomon

Sawtrey, James

Sawtrey, William

Sawyer, Edmund

Sawyer, Herbert

Sawyer, Robert

Saxby, Henry Linckmyer

Saxon, James

Saxony, Duchess of. See Matilda

Saxton, Charles

Saxton, Christopher


Say, Frederick Richard. See under Say, William (1768-1834)

Say, Geoffrey de, Baron de Say

Say, John

Say, Samuel

Say, William (1604-1665?)

Say, William (1768-1834)

Saye, first Viscount. See Fiennes, William

Saye and Sele, Lord. See Fiennes, James

Sayer, Augustin

Sayer, Robert, in religion Gregory

Sayers, Frank

Sayers, James

Sayers, Tom

Sayle, William

Saywell, William

Scalby, John de

Scales, Baron. See Woodville, Anthony, second Earl Rivers

Scales, Thomas de, seventh Lord Scales

Scambler, Edmund

Scandrett, Stephen

Scarborough, Earl of. See Lumley, Richard

Scarburgh, Charles

Scardeburg, Robert de

Scargill, William Pitt

Scarisbrick, Edward. See Neville, Edward

Scarle, John de

Scarlett, James, first Baron Abinger

Scarlett, James Yorke

Scarlett, Nathaniel

Scarlett, Peter Campbell

Scarlett, Robert

Scarth, Alice Mary Elizabeth. See under Scarth, Harry Mengden

Scarth, Harry Mengden

Scatcherd, Norrisson Cavendish

Scattergood, Antony

Scattergood, Samuel. See under Scattergood, Antony

Schalby, John de. See Scalby

Schalch, Andrew

Schnanck, John

Scharf, George (1788-1860)

Scharf, George (1820-1895)

Scharpe, George

Schaub, Luke

Schaw, William (1550-1602)

Schaw, William, M.D. (1714?-1757)

Scheemakers, Peter

Scheemakers, Thomas. See under Scheemakers, Peter

Schetky, John Alexander

Schetky, John Christian

Scheutzer, John Gaspar, M.D.

Scheves, William

Schiavonetti, Luigi

Schiavonetti, Nicollò. See under Schiavonetti, Luigi

Schimmelpennick, Mrs. Mary Anne

Schipton, John of. See John

Schmidt, Bertard. See Smith

Schmitz, Leonhard

Schnebbelie, Jacob

Schnebbelie, Robert Bremmel. See under Schnebbelie, Jacob

Scholefield, James

Scholefield, Joshua. See under Scholefield, William

Scholefield, William

Scholes, James Christopher

Schomberg, Alexander

Schomberg, Alexander Crowcher

Schomberg, Alexander Wilmot. See under Schomberg, Alexander

Schomberg, Charles, second Duke of Schomberg. See under Schomberg, Frederick Herman, Duke of Schomberg

Schomberg, Charles Marsh

Schomberg, Frederick Herman, Duke of Schomberg

Schomberg, Isaac (1714-1780)

Schomberg, Isaac (1753-1813)

Schomberg, Meinhard, Duke of Leinster and third Duke of Schomberg

Schomberg, Meyer Löw, M.D.

Schomberg, Raphael

Schombergk, Richard. See under Schombergk, Robert Hermann

Schombergk, Robert Hermann

Schonau, Anian de

Schorlemmer, Carl

Schreiber, Lady Charlotte Elizabeth

Schroeder, Henry

Schulenburg, Countess Ehremgard Melusina von der, Duchess of Kendal

Schwanfelder, Charles Henry

Schwartz, Christian Friedrich

Schwartz, Martin

Schweickhardt, Heinrich Wilhelm

Sclater, Edward

Sclater, William (1575-1626)

Sclater, William (d.1646). See under Slayter, William

Sclater, William (1609-1661). See under Sclater, William (1575-1626)

Sclater, William (d.1717?)

Sclater-Booth, George, Lord Basing

Scobell, Henry



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