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Miguel Lopez Mora (born February 10, 1973) better known by his stage name DIGITAL 21, is a singer, composer, producer, videoclip director, graphic designer , visuals realizer,who since the beginning of the 90´s put into practice in his music and in his audiovisual creation the concept of “total artwork”(Gesamtkunstwerk). DIGITAL 21 is pioneer in the Spanish electronic music and in electronic live shows, mixing machines with real instruments such as guitars, bass, analogyc syntethizers, sitars, drums..etc.

In his albums, besides of composing, arranging and producing he is responsible for playing all the instruments requiered for each song: Sitar, electric guitars, megaphone, dj set, analogyc syntethizers, theremin, ukelele, bass, drums..etc.

From 1989 he has travelled on tour around Spain, Belgium, Neederlands, Morocco, Hungary, Check Republic, México, Germany..etc.

Troughout his career many artist had required Digital 21 services for their albums or tours. Fangoria (Alaska and Nacho Canut band), Ana Curra (Parálisis Permanente) or Stefan Olsdal (for his parallel project to Placebo: Hotel Persona), are some of the most remarked examples. All this work is embodied in his 4th album: OUTSIDER, a doble cd with 32 tracks with the participationg of great artists as Big Toxic, Silvia Super Star (Killer Barbies), Dave Tarrida and Miki Kraven (Tresor Lavel, Berlín), besides the up mentioned Stefan Olsdal and Ana Curra. Remarkably recommended the track Modern Kids, an Hotel Persona (Stefan Olsdal parallel band ) song singed by Brian Molko (the Placebo singer) and remixed by DIGITAL 21.

His work stired the interest of many worldwide music spheric personalities such us Paul Schroeder (Stone Roses producer) who coproduced the guitars and bass on his second Lp. Invisible Limits who invited him to sing their emblematic version of Joy Division during their farewell concert. The up mentioned Stefan Olsdal or Mr. Mike Marsh who remastered his third lp. By the way, Mike Marsh has been the responsable of Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Daft Punk Lps. and he has mastered some of the most emblematic lps in the worldwide electronic music such Tiga´s Sexor, Goldfrapp´s Black Cherry , Depeche Mode´s Ultra, or The Prodigy´s Fat of the land.. Marsh decided to master DIGITAL 21´s Nuclear after listening to some tracks.

DIGITAL 21 is together with Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails, Richie Hawtin, Mogwai, Sasha (DJ), John Digweed, dj Krush, or Hot Chip, one of the endorsement Ableton live artists.


Multi Instrumentist










Music Festivals

From the beginning of his career, DIGITAL 21 has been , playing and performing live in a lot of music festivals, some of them are:

Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

FIB: Benicassim festival

Sonorama festival

Ecopop Festival

Electroperra night Festival

Actual Festival

Rec Festival

Goa electronic sundays

Klubbers Day Festival


Art and science festival

Fima Festival hosted by MUSAC contemporary art Museum

Sounds from Spain Festival (México DF)

Sónar Festival (Barcelona, Spain)


1st Lp: The Sound Station (Road Runner records 2000)

2nd Lp: Espacio Infinito (V2 records 2005)

3rd Lp: Nuclear (Junk records 2007)

4th Lp: Outsider (Algoenblanco records 2009)

Tribute albums

The Cure

The Smiths

Depeche Mode


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External links

official website [10]

Alarma videoclip [11]

Sálvame videclip [12]

Digital 21 (Abbreviated D|21) is one of the companies developing seamless digital marketing solution. Digital 21 was founded in 2002, and is based out of Atlanta, GA. Erik Tubbs and Anthony Harris has served as Digital 21's Managing Partner's throughout the company's history.

D|21 is driven by a keen sense of creativity in the media and marketing sector, we offer a unique blend of strategic and tactical services, including web development, interactive marketing, online portals, content management systems, eCommerce, audio/video streaming, and digital signage. By combining these different solutions, companies are able to deploy their marketing and communication platforms in different digital formats such as e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, online marketing, and USB/CD Rom presentations.

D|21 plans and creates interactive marketing solutions with a focus on building brands and delivering a return on your investment, customer lifecycle, and marketing dollars.

D|21 knows that your ability to change people's emotional state makes your brand invaluable. We want your company to identify with its virtual self - informing, stimulating, and entertaining -- with interactive media that develops long-lasting relationships to enhance the user's online experience.


  • Digital 21, LLC (D|21) is an Atlanta based digital marketing and consulting firm specializing in delivering innovative e-business and digital marketing solutions. Formed in 2002, D|21 is a provider of high perfoming interactive media that builds consumer traffic, increase efficiency and improve marketing ROI, ultimately driving revenue for its clients.

  • Services

    Digital Signage

    A digital display of visual content that can be displayed in the form of scrolling message boards, plasma monitors, large projection screens, and emerging display types such as the organic LED.

    The primpary focus of D|21 is to develop a full understanding of the client objectives and offer research-driven content management and the appropriate digital delivery solution to meet those objectives. In order to ensure the success of digital signage, there must be a clear and practical plan for provision of relevant, gripping and timely content taht is regularly refreshed and updated.

    By incorporating animation, video or images, along with savy content/copy, D|21 can create a specifically targeted and compelling presentation. This will Provide a higher consumer capture rate, better recall and retention, and an increase in sells.


    D|21 designs, develops and delivers an engaging interactive experience that gives the client a competitive advanage. D|21 focuses on bringing our quality graphic interface design to the front-end of intractive media experience that commands the attention of your audience. This is vital when selling a product or describing a service.

    Emerging Media

    D|21 continues to operate in the forefront of the information technology age by researching and delivering cutting edge solutions. Emerging Media enables our clients to reach an ever evolving audiences

    The Emerging Media service offer includes:

    - Mobile Marketing
    - Short Code Leasing
    - Web Based Content Delivery (RSS feeds, blogs, video streaming and podcasts)

    Strategy Consulting

    After developing a strong understanding of your industry, are we able to find specific tools and solutions and discover which offer the highest return. We aggregate and organize all findings into a comprehensive report that provides a prioritized, step-by-step roadmap to maximize digital presence and increased revenue.

    If you have a project with unusual challenges, our custom solutions are the perfect answer. From complete virtual campaigns to social network marketing, our passion for creative solutions can help you achieve your goals.


    Our mission is to consistently deliver superior products and services without failure or refusal to completely satisfy and perform far above the client's expectations. Our vision is to become the leading international digital marketing agency that offers the latest technological advaces through an ethical knowledgeable and client-oriented staff.

    We don't SELL, we Build RELATIONSHIPS

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    D21 Lounge

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