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Dimitar Vlahov (born 1878, Kilkis, Ottoman Empire, died 1953, Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia) was a revolutionary from the region of Macedonia and member of the left wing of the Macedonian-Adrianople revolutionary movement (also known as IMRO). As with many other IMRO members of the time, historians from the Republic of Macedonia consider him an ethnic Macedonian and in Bulgaria he is considered an ethnic Bulgarian.

He was born in Kilkis (present-day Greece) and attended the Bulgarian Men's High School of Thessaloniki. After that he emigrated to the Kingdom of Bulgaria and graduated from secondary school in Belogradtchik. Vlachov also studied chemistry in Germany and Switzerland, but graduated in these subjects from Sofia University. In 1903, Vlahov entered a military service in an officer's school in Sofia. Then he worked as a teacher in the Bulgarian Men's High School of Thessaloniki where he was active in IMRO. During this period, he was arrested by the Ottoman authorities and later emigrated to Switzerland where he took part in socialist circles. In 1905, Vlahov went back to Bulgaria and worked as a teacher in Kazanlak. In 1908, after the Young Turks revolution he began working in the Bulgarian secondary school in Thessaloniki again.

In the next few years, Vlahov was politically active as a member of the Ottoman Parliament as a representative from the People's Federative Party (Bulgarian Section). After the Balkan Wars, Vlachov was a representative of the Kingdom of Bulgaria in high diplomatic and administrative positions in Odessa, Kiev, Pristina and Vienna. In 1924, IMRO entered negotiations with the Comintern about collaboration between the communists and the Macedonian movement and the creation of a united Macedonian movement. Vlahov helped the subscription of the so-called May Manifesto about forming a Balkan Communist Federation and cooperation with the Soviet Union. In 1925, he was one of the founders of the connection between Comintern and IMRO (United) in Vienna. He also became a member of Bulgarian Communist Party. During the late 1920s, he worked in France, Germany and Austria as a Comintern publicist. From 1936 to 1944, Vlahov lived in the Soviet Union and in 1944 he went to the new Yugoslavia with Socialist Republic of Macedonia, where he worked in high state and political positions. Later, he was gradually pushed out of his power positions from the circle around Lazar Kolishevski. Vlahov died in Belgrade in 1953.

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