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The following is a list of recurring Muppet, animated, and human characters on the children's television show Sesame Street.

The Vegie monster

Character name Performer name Type First appearance Last new appearance Description Notes
Mudcat, GrandpaGrandpa Mudcat Clash, KevinKevin Clash A 02006-11-06 November 6, 2006 02007-10-10 October 10, 2007 Trackson Jackson's grandfather.
, Grandmama BearGrandmama Bear D'Abruzzo, StephanieStephanie D'Abruzzo M 02000-03-01 March 1, 2000 02001-01-25 January 25, 2001 Baby Bear's grandmother.
Guy, HeroHero Guy Rudman, DavidDavid Rudman A 02000-03-31 March 31, 2000 02002-04-11 April 11, 2002 Baby Bear's imaginary superhero. His appearance is a cartoon version of Baby Bear.
Tuesday, JaneJane Tuesday Taub, KylaKyla Taub H 02004-04-24 April 24, 2004 02006-09-06 September 6, 2006 Starred in the Jane Tuesday segments during Season 35.
Jones, JugheadJughead Jones Morris, HowardHoward Morris A 01971-03-29 March 29, 1971 01971-03-29 March 29, 1971 Appeared on Sesame Street in one segment to promote the letter J.
Frog, Kermit theKermit the Frog Henson, JimJim Henson and Whitmire, SteveSteve Whitmire M 01969-11-10 November 10, 1969 02009-11-10 November 10, 2009 Jim Henson was the character's first puppeteer, creating him in 1955; Henson died in 1990, and Kermit began re-appearing from 1993-2001, but performed by Steve Whitmire. His first appearance on the series was in the series pilot, and his last "new" appearance was in episode 3976, the first episode in the hurricane series. Despite this, he made an appearance in the 40th season premiere. Appeared in various Street scenes, as well as Sesame Street News Flash skits. His birthday is February 29, or Leap Day. He is the only retired Sesame Street Muppet to continuously be seen on television outside the show. His retirement occurred because The EM.TV company (and then later Walt Disney Company) bought the rights to the non-Sesame Street Muppets, including Kermit.
Eight, The King ofThe King of Eight Henson, JimJim Henson A 01971-05-21 May 21, 1971 01971-05-21 May 21, 1971 The King of Eight is a short film produced for Sesame Street by Jim Henson in stop-motion animation with some puppetry. A court jester, the Queen, and several daughters are also featured. The Queen of Six was a similarly produced short.
Middlewell, MarciaMarcia Middlewell Kahan, JudithJudith Kahan A 01978 1978 Her alter ego was as Thelma Thumb, who was often aiding people or others in trouble. Appeared in segments with Cyrus, her pet magpie. When any sort of accident or other kind of trouble seemed imminent, she would invoke the magical verse, "Zapper, jiffy, squincher, scrumb, make me into Thelma Thumb". When this occurred, Marcia shrank in size while retaining her regular size strength, and could also fly, allowing her to view things from a different perspective
, MargaritaMargarita A 02007-10-10 October 10, 2007 Friend and initial skeptic of Trackson Jackson.
Noodle, Mr.Mr. Noodle Irwin, BillBill Irwin L 01998-11-16 November 16, 1998 02008-11-03 November 3, 2008 From the Elmo's World segment.
Six, The Queen ofThe Queen of Six Henson, JimJim Henson A 01971-04-01 April 1, 1971 01971-04-01 April 1, 1971 The Queen of Six is a short film produced for Sesame Street by Jim Henson in stop-motion animation with some puppetry. The queen has six kittens. The King of Eight was a similarly produced short.
, RobinRobin Kasem, CaseyCasey Kasem A 01970-03-13 March 13, 1970 01970-03-26 March 26, 1970 Appeared with Batman, Penguin and his gang, and the Joker.
, RubyRuby Bonora, CamilleCamille Bonora M 01989-05-09 May 9, 1989 01990-12-19 December 19, 1990 Scientific-minded Muppet.
Sunset, Smart SuzieSmart Suzie Sunset A 01978-11-27 November 27, 1978 01987-11-30 November 30, 1987 From the Billy Joe Jive segments. She was Billy's sister and "partner in crime".
Grundy, SolomanSoloman Grundy A 01969-11-10 November 10, 1969
Jackson, TractionTraction Jackson Moultrie, KhalidKhalid Moultrie A 02004-04-04 April 4, 2004 02007-10-10 October 10, 2007 Wheelchair-bound child, who owns Bernie.
, TVTV A 01998-11-16 November 16, 1998 02008-11-03 November 3, 2008 From the Elmo's World segment.
Wally, UncleUncle Wally McCutcheon, BillBill McCutcheon H 01984 1984 01992 1992 Bob's uncle.
Wally and Ralph,Wally and Ralph Price, BillBill Price and Ponazecki, JoeJoe Ponazecki H 01971 1971 01972 1972 Comedy team. Like the earlier Buddy and Jim sketches, Wally was seen as the guy opening little doors with question marks on the "Baker" counting films. Every time he opened those doors, he found various animals inside the little boxes.
Falbo, WandaWanda Falbo (Word Fairy) Martin, AndreaAndrea Martin H 01995 1995 02000 2000 Wanda the Word Fairy is a recurring human (albeit fairy) character, played by comedian Andrea Martin. Wanda is a bumbleheaded character, similar in appearance to the movie version of Glinda the Good Witch (The Wizard of Oz). Wanda is essentially the last human character on Sesame Street to only appear in the interstitial segments. She is based on a sketch (parodying children's shows), which Martin performed on SCTV in the 1970s.
, WatsonWatson Clash, KevinKevin Clash M 01989 1989 01999 1999 Sherlock Hemlock's dog and assistant, who debuted in Mysterious Theater; a spoof of Sherlock Holmes' real-life assistant, Dr. Watson. Watson frequently solves the case long before Hemlock, but is unable to communicate this to his master, who wouldn't know what Watson discovered until the end.
, WillyWilly Love, KermitKermit Love H 01970-11-09 November 9, 1970 0000090 90 A hot dog vendor on the Street, played by the bearded Muppet designer.
Seal, Wolfgang theWolfgang the Seal Clash, KevinKevin Clash M 01988 1988 02008 2008 Originally belonged to Uncle Wally. His birthday is December 23.
, ZoeZoe Brill, FranFran Brill M 01992-11-22 November 22, 1992 02008-10-13 October 13, 2008 Zoe is a ballet-dancing Muppet with a pet rock, named Rocco. Zoe's birthday is on March 10. For many seasons, Zoe was Elmo's counterpart.
, ZorkZork Christy, MikeMike Christy A 01993-11-22 November 22, 1993 01997-11-28 November 28, 1997 Zork is a green alien, who appears in a number of animated segments. He was animated by Mike Christy (aka ArtistMike).
, Fruta ManzanaFruta Manzana Verbitsky, IrraIrra Verbitsky F 01985-03-01 March 1, 1985 01993-03-01 March 1, 1993 A singing Fruit Hat Lady with a mirror.
, Teeny Little Super GuyTeeny Little Super Guy Thurman, JimJim Thurman T 01987-11-25 November 25, 1987 02000-03-02 March 2, 2000 A problem solver who lives inside a plastic dixie cup.
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Muppet Abby Cadabby.
Alan Muraoka, who plays Alan.
Character Actor/Muppeteer
Abby Cadabby Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
(2006–present) Created to increase the number of female Muppets. Daughter of the fairy godmother, who is spoken about but never seen, she "has her own point of view and is comfortable with the fact that she likes wearing a dress".[1]
Alan Alan Muraoka[2]
Proprietor of Mr. Hooper's Store.
Alexander "Alex" Alexis Cruz[3]
Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes Joan Gerber
(1969–1975) Called by Sesame Street's early producers "an arrogant, sanctimonious know-it-all", she frequently opened her segments by announcing, "This is Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes, the smartest girl in the whole world![4]
Alice Snuffleupagus Judy Sladky
(1988–present) Baby sister of Aloysius Snuffleupagus ("Snuffy"). She has "luxurious, pale-golden fur", long eyelashes, and a blue-checkered hair ribbon.[5]
Amazing Mumford Jerry Nelson
Magician whose magic tricks often go awry. His catch phrase, and most-often used to produce his tricks, is "A-là-peanut butter sandwiches".[6]


Big Bird, with First Lady Pat Nixon, in 1970.
Bob McGrath (in 2007), who has played Bob since Sesame Street's premiere in 1969.
Character Actor/Muppeteer
Baby Bear David Rudman
"The character from that Goldilocks story, in Muppet form". Rudman uses a "babyish lisp" when he voices Baby Bear.[6]
Bad Bart Jim Henson
A cowboy whom the townsfolk often fears, though his intentions are usually harmless.
Barkley Toby Tobson (1978-1979), Brian Muehl (1979-1984), Fred Garbo Garver (1984-?), Bruce Connelly
Originally named "Woof-Woof", he is a "large, friendly, shaggy dog" owned by Linda.[6]
The Beetles Richard Hunt, Christopher Cerf, Paul Jacobs, Jonathan Cerf, Jerry Nelson, Brian Muehl and Michael Earl Davis
(1981-1990) Green and Lavender Anything Muppet parodies of The Beatles.
Bert Frank Oz (1969-present), Eric Jacobson (2001-present)[7]
(1969–) Ernie's "best friend", he collects paper clips and is fascinated by pigeons.[8]
Betty Lou Lisa Buckley
Has blonde braided hair, and is friendly and unassuming.[9]
Biff Jerry Nelson[10]
One-half of the Muppet construction worker duo, Biff is an "Archie Bunker-style blue-collar loudmouth". He and his partner Sully made for a "classic comedy team". Whenever they encountered a problem, Biff would ask for Sully's opinion but interrupt him before Sully could answer, and then Sully would be the one to come up with the solution.[11]
Big Bird Caroll Spinney (1969-present)
8 foot 2 inch tall big yellow bird with a slightly quirky outlook on the world, he represents a 6-year old child who questions everything.[12]
Billy Jo Jive
Boy detective who solves small-time neighborhood crimes in a series of short animated features based upon the children's books by John Shearer.[13]
Blögg Joey Mazzarino (2009-Present)
One of Abby's classmates in the Season 40 segment "Abby's Flying Fairy School".
Robert "Bob" Johnson Bob McGrath (1969–)
A regular on the show since its premiere, Bob is Sesame Street's resident music teacher.[14]
Bruno the Trashman Caroll Spinney
A full-body garbage man who carries Oscar's trash can. Bruno rarely speaks.
Buffy Buffy Sainte-Marie
Canadian First Nations folk singer. Buffy appeared in an "understated" scene about breastfeeding with Big Bird and her infant son Cody.[15]
Buster the Horse Kevin Clash
Forgetful Jones' intelligent horse, who often helps his master get out of difficulties.[9]


The Muppet Cookie Monster, on the cover of his 1974 album.
Character Actor/Muppeteer
Celina Annette Calud
A regular for four years, Celina owned and ran the dance studio above the thrift shop.[16]
Christopher "Chris" Chris Knowlings
Chris is Gordon's and Susan's nephew. He works in Hooper's Store with Alan.[17]
Chrissy and the Alphabeats (also known as Chris and the Alphabeats and Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats) Christopher Cerf (voice of Chrissy) and others
(1973-1999) A rock and roll group led by Chrissy, a blue piano player with wild yellow hair, yellow sunglasses, and a yellow shirt. The Alphabeats wear red shirts. Some of their best-known songs include "Count it Higher", "Exit", and "You're Alive". On occasions they sing back-up for Don Music.

Although there were usually three members of the band, an extra member, who was a nameless Hot Pink Anything Muppet with orange hair who wore a blue-and-white striped shirt and was performed by Jerry Nelson, appeared in the song "Count It Higher". Big Jeffy from Little Jerry and the Monotones also appeared as a member of Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats in "Gonna Rock You to Sleep", "I Go to School" and "Kindergarten", replacing the Lavender Alphabeat in those songs.

Chuckie Sue
Telly's pet hamster who was originally named Chuckie until a Season 31 episode where he discovered that she was pregnant.
Computer (2001–)
From the "Elmo's World" segment. Crayon-animated, Computer replaced the "Elmocam" home video portion of the segment.[18]
Cookie Monster Frank Oz (1969–),[19] David Rudman[20]
Cookie Monster has but one obsession–cookies. He feels greedy. He says things like "Me want cookie!". As Sesame Unpaved says, "At first glance, Cookie Monster appears to be a monster with a one-track mind. He is deeply, emotionally, physically, and spiritually attached to cookies". He often wants a job. One problem of job: He eats items other than cookies and gets the sack from every job. When he worked on a farm, he ate the milk and farm animals. When he was a postman, he ate a pillar box: "AWM-num-num-num-yum-num-num-num". When he was a bus conductor he was given a cookie but ate the cookie, the bus and all the passengers: "AWM-num-num-num-num-num-num-num-num-num-yum-num-num". When he was a carpenter he ate a nail and hammer: "AWM-num-num-num-num-yum-num-num-num-num-num." He is now Alistiar Cookie. He reads and eats and drinks. He makes movies.[21]
Count von Count Jerry Nelson (1972–present)
The Count is number-obsessed, and craves counting with a single-focused passion. He has lavender-fleece skin, bat-shaped ears, a flat black hairpiece, a red spade tongue, and wears caped formalwear. Nelson based the Count's character and exaggerated European accent on Bela Lugosi's Count Dracula.[22]


David, portrayed by Northern Calloway.
Character Actor/Muppeteer
David Northern Calloway (1972–1989)[23]
Proprietor of Hooper's Store. "He was that funny, upbeat, cool-looking guy" who dated Maria.[24]
Deena Monster Karen Prell
Described as "hyper-active", Prell's performance was deemed "over-the-top", so the character didn't last long.[25]
Don Music Richard Hunt
Piano-playing composer who required assistance from Kermit to complete the lyrics to his songs. When frustrated, he would cry, "Never, never, never!" and bang his head on the keyboard. He had a bust of Shakespeare on his piano, and as an inside joke, a framed photo of Joe Raposo hanging on the wall.[11]
Dorothy (1998–)
Elmo's pet goldfish, featured mostly on "Elmo's World".[26]


A representation of Elmo, at the 2009 Rose Parade, Pasadena Calif.
Character Actor/Muppeteer
Elmo Kevin Clash (1983–)[27]
A furry, three-and-a-half year old monster. Elmo was performed by several people, including Richard Hunt, but it wasn't until Clash took over the role that Elmo became, according to Clash, a "phenomenon".[28]
Ernie Jim Henson (1969-1990);[29] Steve Whitmire (1990–)[30]
Orange-colored, oval-headed, and always grinning, Ernie is a "free spirit" and a "trickster". His best friend is Bert, and his signature song is "Rubber Duckie".[31]


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Fat Cat Scat Singers Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz and Jim Henson
(1973) Blank-faced Green, Fat Blue and Lavender Anything Muppets in sunglasses and black turtlenecks, who appeared in the "Fat Cat Scat" song. In that song, they and Bip say a list of rhyming words (such as "fat," "cat," "sat," and "hat"), then the Fat Cat Scat singers line up and repeat each word together. Afterwards, Bip interrupts with a sentence combining all of the words in a fast-paced scat, much to his companions' annoyance, which eventually leads to them telling Bip to scat at the end.
Forgetful Jones Richard Hunt
A "simpleton cowboy"[11] who had difficulty remembering things.
Frazzle Jerry Nelson (1971-2001), Martin P. Robinson (1993).
(1971-2001) A growling monster on Sesame Street. His deceptively fierce visage hides a child-like personality and a desperate need to be included. Though he can be intimidating to others, Frazzle has emotions like the rest of us do, as expressed in his eponymous song, "Frazzle." However, since his snarls and roars sound identical, regardless of his mood, the song required skilled interpreters, in the form of the Frazzletones.
The Frazzletones Christopher Cerf, Richard Hunt and Jerry Nelson.
(1975) A backup singing group of monsters, appeared on Sesame Street in 1975 singing the song "Frazzle" with Frazzle himself. The song was released on the album The Sesame Street Monsters!. Maurice Monster was one of the monsters. The dark-blue Frazzletone monster was made out of the Harvey Monster puppet with a yellow wig added. One of the members have a look-alike, and a sound-alike, of Little Chrissy, from Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats.
The Furtones Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt and Kevin Clash.
(1980) A group of singing monsters on Sesame Street. The four unnamed AM Monsters used in the group include Harvey Monster, Kermit the Forg, Baby Monster (who would later become Elmo) and a nameless green monster. Their songs include "We Are All Monsters" and "Near and Far".


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Gabriella "Gabi" Rodriguez (1990–)[32] Desiree Casado[33]
Daughter of Luis and Maria Rodriguez.[32]
Dr. Gina Jefferson Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly (1985–)[34]
Started on the show as a teenager who worked in Hooper's Store.[35]
Gladys the Cow Richard Hunt
With her "piercing operatic voice", Sesame Street Unpaved calls her "a theatrical ham (even though she's a cow)".[36]
Googel Stephanie D'Abruzzo
(2001–2003) Monster member of Monster Clubhouse. Contrary to popular belief—endorsed by the Internet Movie Database, the character is not named "Google", as in the popular search engine.
Gonnigan Jeremy Redleaf
One of Abby's classmates in the season 40 segment "Abby's Flying Fairy School". He often uses his ability to disappear when sad or nervous and-hence his name-is often gone again.
Gordon Robinson Roscoe Orman (1974–)
One of the longest-lasting characters on Sesame Street, Gordon is an African-American teacher, who is married to Susan. He and Susan adopted Miles when he was a baby. His birthday is February 24. Gordon was originally portrayed by Matt Robinson from 1969–1972, and briefly by Hal Miller from 1972-1973.
Granny Bird Caroll Spinney (voice)
Big Bird's grandmother.
Granny Fanny Nesselrode Jim Henson
An elderly Muppet "human" character. She is presumably an actual grandmother, but to which (if any) character(s) is unknown.
Grover Frank Oz (1970-2000) (occasionally thereafter), Eric Jacobson (2000–)
Confident, but shy blue monster. Originally Muppeteered by Frank Oz (1969–2000). His birthday is October 14.
Grover's Mommy various
Grover's mother. Her appearance in 2004 video A Celebration of Me, Grover was Muppeteered by Eric Jacobson. She was also performed by Frank Oz in the 1970s.
Grundgetta Grouch Pam Arciero
Oscar the Grouch's long-time girlfriend. She was originally performed by Brian Muehl (1982–1984). She was retired from the show in 1999 when puppeteer Arciero left to join the cast of Avenue Q. Grundgetta made a background appearance in 2003 and 2004 episodes. She re-joined the cast in Season 36 (2005) as a candidate in "The Grouch Apprentice" skit.
Guy Named "Murray" Joey Mazzarino
(2006) A green Anything Muppet with a button-down shirt and glasses. He appears in "The Sound of the L" in Episode 4116 when various monsters run and fall on the floor, and Murray says, "That was a Lulu".
Guy Smiley Jim Henson
(1970–1990) Game show host with a loud, exuberant personality. He has also been portrayed as a skilled singer.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Mr. Handford David Langston Smyrl (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (1990–1998)
Leonard Jackson originally played Mr. Handford from 1989–1990. He also played Harry Cupper during the first season of Shining Time Station.
Harvey Kneeslapper Frank Oz
He was a blonde-haired and wild-eyed Muppet in a blue sweater, who loved playing practical jokes and puns on unsuspecting victims. He slapped letters and numbers on various Anything Muppet's "bodies". Sometimes, however, his jokes would backfire on him, which annoyed him. Harvey disappeared from Sesame Street because of mixed public reactions to the character, and his laughing was too hard on Muppeteer Frank Oz's throat.
Headline Howie Richard Hunt
(1975) A newspaper journalist whose talent was churning out front page headlines by means of either alliteration or rhyming (or both).
Herbert Birdsfoot Jerry Nelson
(1970–1973) He replaced Kermit the Frog as Cookie Monster and Grover's unofficial teacher. Since he never gained much popularity in that role, he soon disappeared, giving Kermit back that role. He was also a friend of Ernie and Bert, appearing in a number of sketches with the pair.
Herry Monster Jim Henson (1970), Jerry Nelson (1970-present)
Herry Monster is a big, uni-browed, furry light blue monster with a long purple (originally light blue) nose. He does not know his own strength. Despite his intimidating looks, he is very sensitive and kind (he has been seen playing with dolls). His voice is a parody of Jimmy Durante. In books, he is always illustrated as wearing pants with vertical stripes.

Herry appeared on the show from 1970 to 2003. In 2004, he only appeared in the first episode, Season 35 (episode 4057). His birthday is August 31. His best friends are Grover and Cookie Monster.

Hiroshi Gedde Watanabe
(1988) Asian human character.
Honkers Michael Earl Davis and Brian Meuhl original puppeteers (1979).
Friendly, horn-nosed creatures. They honk, rather than speak. Similar to Dingers.
Mr. Harold Hooper Will Lee
Original proprietor of Hooper's Store, who has since passed on.
Hoots the Owl Kevin Clash
A jazzy old saxophone-playing owl Muppet.
Howie Fran Brill
(1970) A rabbit who appeared in one skit from 1970 where he comments on Cookie Monster's poem about, you guessed it, cookies.
Humphrey David Rudman
(1991–) Humphrey and Ingrid are two married Muppet characters. Together, they run The Furry Arms. They are the parents of Baby Natasha. They appeared primarily in Street scenes until the late-1990s, at which time their Street scene time was reduced. They have the same names as the main actors in the film Casablanca. They were originally Bob's creation.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Ingrid Joey Mazzarino
Humphrey's wife and Baby Natasha's mother.
Irvine the Grouch Martin P. Robinson
(1986-) Oscar the Grouch's baby niece.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Jamal Jou Jou Papailler
(1993–1995) Introduced when Sesame Street expanded "just around the corner". Jamal was married to Angela, and had a baby named Kayla.
Jamie Fox Joey Mazzarino
(2006) Elmo and Jamie Foxx sing ABC with a duck named Jamie Fox.
Joey and Davey Monkey Joey Mazzarino and David Rudman
(1993–1997, 2004) Twin monkey Muppet characters.
John-John John Williams III
(1970s) Real-life child actor on the show. He usually appeared with Herry Monster. Grew up to serve in the Air Force.
Mr. Johnson Jerry Nelson (1970–1999, 2004)
Repeatedly irritated by Grover's inept job methods. The character's real name is Mr. Fred Johnson. His brother is Simon the Sound Man.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Kami is an HIV-positive monster Muppet. Kami is only seen in the South African version. She is a mustard-colored furry Muppet who likes nature, telling stories, and collecting stuff.
Koty is Buffy's son.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Leela Nitya Vidyasagar
The Indian-American owner of the Sesame Street Laundromat in Season 39.
Lefty Frank Oz, Caroll Spinney
He tries to sell Ernie various letters and numbers. He also appears in other sketches with an accomplice, where they plan to steal things such as the Golden 'AN' and get the alphabet message. Lefty is played by Caroll Spinney in the sketches where he sells the letter U, and when he tries to sell R and P to Ernie, and by Frank Oz in "Would You Like to Buy an O?" and in skits with his accomplice.
Leonard Wolf Jerry Nelson
(2003) The Big Bad Wolf's bongo-playing brother.

Unlike Big Bad, Leonard is thoughtful and interested in many different things. "I am a wolf, but I don't huff and puff, like my brother does! Just because one wolf huffs and puffs, it doesn't mean all wolves do...I don't always do the same thing as my brother! I'm not a huffer and puffer. Why, I don't even chase pigs! I do play canasta with them every Thursday. And that's not all! On Tuesdays, I practice the violin. On Wednesdays, chess – followed by tai chi! Yes, there's lots of things to do if you're not so busy huffing and puffing."

He essentially was created to metaphorically tell kids not to stereotype, as "If you've seen one wolf, you've not seen them all!"

Lexine "Lexi" Lexine Bondoc (1969–1999)
Lillian "Lilly"
A human character on the show.
Linda Linda Bove
(1971–2003) Neighborhood librarian. She was Bob's perennial girlfriend, as well as the original owner of Barkley. Linda was one of the first deaf actors in a recurring television role.
Little Bird Jim Henson (1969-1970) Fran Brill (1970-present)
(1969–1970) A little bird, presumably a canary. He was a counterpart/foil to Big Bird. Although Little Bird was often referred to as a "she" because of the female performer, Fran Brill, in 1969 where he was performed Jim Henson, the character appears on the Grin and Giggle with Big Bird LP with Big Bird in a song called "Mr. Big Bird, Mr. Little Bird".

Although Little Bird appeared on Sesame Street most often during the 1970s, appearances were frequently made in books throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Little Bird also made a few cameo appearances during the 1980s and 1990s. On-screen appearances include a brief fly-by in the song "Do Wop Hop", sitting at Birdland in "The Birdland Jump", and singing a line in "We Are All Earthlings".

She was actually a refurbishment of the Kenner Gooney Bird, the Muppet mascot of Kenner Toys. Her birthday is December 17.

Little Jerry and the Monotones Jerry Nelson, Christopher Cerf, Richard Hunt and Jeff Moss
(1970-2000) A rock group with Little Jerry as the frontman, backed by Lavender, Pumpkin and Fat Blue Anything Muppets, usually known as Chrissy, Rockin' Richard and Big Jeffy. All members of the band are named after the people who performed their original (and primary) voices: Jerry Nelson was Little Jerry, Christopher Cerf was Chrissy, Richard Hunt was Rockin' Richard, and Jeff Moss was Big Jeffy. On occasions, the names and voices for the members (often being the latter two) were swapped (for example, Rockin' Richard would go by with Big Jeffy's voice and name), or sometimes due to a performer's departure from the show or an early appearance before the performer joined the workshop. There were usually four members of the band, but an extra member (a nameless purple Anything Muppet) appeared in the song "A Body Full of Rhythm".
Luis Rodriguez Emilio Delgado
(1971–) Latin-American neighborhood repairman. He owned the Fix-It Shop with his wife, Maria. Later in the series, he often disguised himself as Senor Cero (a parody of Zorro).
Lulu Stephanie D'Abruzzo
(Season 30 and 34) Lulu was a Muppet character. Lulu debuted in various skits on Sesame Street, before appearing in Street-scenes. Her first Street-scene was part of a monster daycare group that stopped at Hooper's Store. She introduced herself to Alan, shaking his hand vigorously, and pointing out her name tag.

At least part of the reason that the character was short lived was Stephanie D'Abruzzo's commitments to the Broadway musical Avenue Q.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Mama Bear Jennifer Barnhart (2003–)
(1991–) Of fairy tale fame, she is the mother of Baby Bear and Curly Bear, wife of Papa Bear. She is the least used character in the Bear Family. Originally Muppeteered by Alice Dinnean-Vernon (1991-2002).
Mah Nà Mah Nà Jim Henson (1969)
The reddish-magenta Anything Muppet only seen in the famous 1969 sketch Mah Nà Mah Nà, a nonsense song sung on Sesame Street with two female Anything Muppets. He keeps getting carried away, instead of simply repeating "Mah Nà Mah Nà". He most likely evolved into the character later named Bip Bipadotta.
Marco None
(2006-2008) Gina's adopted baby son. He appears an Episode 4130.
Maria Rodriguez Sonia Manzano
(1972–) Co-owns the Fix-It Shop with her husband, Luis. Gabi's mother. Her birthday is June 26.
Max Bear Tyler Bunch
(2009) A hibernation-expert for the "Bears Being Bears" program, as seen in episode 4193 of Sesame Street. When Bear Family cannot fall a sleep for the porridge shortage, they call in Max, who becomes their "hibernation consultant". He convinces them to leave their warm, cozy house and look for somewhere to sleep outside, like a cave or a hollow tree. However, once they discover there are no caves or large-enough trees to sleep in on Sesame Street, he has them get in touch with their "inner bear" and they realize they should dig a den in the ground. Before they head off to sleep in their new hole, he convinces them to have a last meal. Chris serves them some bran flakes, which tastes so good that they decide to not hibernate and live on cereal until Spring. Max then realizes he forgot to plan for his own hibernation and is given their den. The puppet used for Max was originaly used for Bunnie Bear.
Max the Magician Will Arnett
(2008) A magician who magically appears on Sesame Street, New York, New York in episode 4166 of Sesame Street. He teaches Big Bird, Elmo and Rosita math through his "magic tricks." First, he teaches addition with a trick involving 3 scarves. He then teaches them subtraction using 3 cards.
Mel Kevin Clash
One of the four monsters in the "Monster Clubhouse" segment his speech sounds like gibberish to the viewer but the other monsters can understand him perfectly.
Merry Monster Joey Mazzarino
(1990-1998) A Muppet monster with yellow fur and red-orange hair and a green eyelid. She was often seen playing tag.
Melvin "Mel" Kevin Clash
(2001–2004) A member of the Monster Clubhouse.
Miami Mice
(1980s) Two cool detective mice in a parody of the television series Miami Vice, who were asked to solve cases by different Sesame Street characters, but were so laid-back that they never ended up fixing anything.
Miguel Jaime Sánchez
(1970–1971 season) First addition to the human cast of Sesame Street, and also the first to be written out. Miguel was the first Hispanic member of the cast, predating Luis; Raphael; and Maria by a year.
Michael "Mike" Ward Saxton
(1989–1991 season) Friend of Gina, and one of Gordon's students.
Miles Robinson Olamide Faison (2003–)
Adopted son of Gordon and Susan Robinson. His birthday is December 4. He is the real-life son of Roscoe Orman. Miles Orman originated the role from 1987–1992. Imani Patterson took over the role from 1992–2002, after Miles decided he didn't like acting anymore. In 2003, Olamide Faison took over the role.
Molly, the Mail Lady Charlotte Rae
(1971–1972) After appearing on Sesame Street, she became famous as Mrs. Garrett in the 1980s sitcom The Facts of Life.
Mr. John MacIntosh Chet O'Brien
(1971-1992) Street vendor. Mr. Macintosh would occasionally take the opportunity to do a little soft shoe while on his route.
Mr. Noodle Bill Irwin
Mime/clown featured in Elmo's World.
Mr. Noodle's Brother, Mr. Noodle Michael Jeter
(2000-2003) Mr. Noodle's brother replaced Mr. Noodle in Season 31 on Elmo's World and later appeared together with Mr. Noodle himself.
Mrs. Sparklenose Jessica Stone (2009)
Abby's fairy teacher in the Abby's Flying Fairy School segments in Season 40.
Mumford the Magician (a.k.a. "The Amazing Mumford") Jerry Nelson (1971–)
The resident magician on Sesame Street. Mumford's tricks do not always have their intended effects. Among his magical miscues have been turning Grover into a rabbit while trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat, and dramatically increasing the size of Ernie's Rubber Duckie. He is known by his magic phrase "A-la-peanut-butter-sandwiches!" His birthday is June 7. In an episode from Season 35, Mumford accidentally diminishes Big Bird's size when he meant to diminish the letter "M".
Murray Monster Joey Mazzarino
An orange and red monster first seen in Season 37, but not named until Season 38. He is the "host" of the show in season 40.


Character Actor/Mupeteer
Narf Joey Mazzarino
(2001–2004) A member of the Monster's Clubhouse, Narf is a nonsense speaking, mop-headed monster. Narf saying "Clubhouse, wait for me, Clubhouse!".
The Number Painter Paul Benedict
(1972–1973) An eccentric artist who looks for unusual places to paint numbers from 2 to 11. Sometimes referred to as the Mad Painter.
Number Zero Joey Mazzarino


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Olivia Robinson Alaina Reed
(1976–1989) Photographer. She is Gordon’s younger sister.
Oscar the Grouch Caroll Spinney
(1969–) A grouch who lives in a garbage can near the 123 Sesame Street apartment building. His birthday is June 1.
Oscar Hildalgo George A. Lopez
(1989–) Oscar the Grouch's Mexican cousin.
Osvaldo the Grouch Gabriel Velez
(1979–1988) Oscar's Puerto Rican cousin. A brown grouch with a red nose, He speaks both Spanish and English. He has the same temper as Oscar too.
Ovejita Carmen Osbahr
(2008-present) Murray Monster's Spanish speaking lamb who gives clues as to what kind of school they will visit in Spanish before revealing them in a funny way.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Papa Bear Joey Mazzarino
(1991–) Of fairy tale fame, he is Baby Bear's supporting father. Of the supporting members of Baby Bear's family, he is the most used.
Patrick "Pat" Playjacks Jim Henson
(1987) An alternate to Guy Smiley, he never really caught on with viewers. He was the host of "Squeal Of Fortune" and based on Pat Sajak.
Pearl Monster Brian Muehl
See "Deena Monster".
Phoebe Alice Dinnean Vernon
(2001–2003) A member of the Monster's Clubhouse'.
Plácido Flamingo Richard Hunt
(1986–1992) Opera-singing bird, parodies Placido Domingo of The Three Tenors.
Poco Loco Michael Earl Davis
(1978–80) Luis's annoying parrot. Originally played by Jerry Nelson.
Polly Darton Michael Earl Davis (1978-80), (Fran Brill) (1980-present)
A Dolly Parton spoof, Polly sang several country songs with gusto and a heaving chest.
Prairie Dawn Fran Brill
A patient but flustered pageant organizer. Her birthday is August 3.
Professor Hastings Frank Oz
(1969-1970, season 1, Muppet) Lecturer Professor Hastings′s lectures were so dull that he would put himself to sleep while giving them. While he was sleeping, whatever concept he was discussing would be demonstrated in the background. The character appeared in the second half of season 1 and was cut due to the fact that indeed he was boring.
Professor D. Rabbit Kevin Clash
(1987 & 2007) Professor D. Rabbit features in a segment with The Amazing Mumford in the Courtyard.
Professor Nobel Price Brian Muehl (1979-1984), Kevin Clash (1984-1988)
A professor that invents already invented things and other stuff.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Rafael Raul Julia
(1971-1972) The Spanish-speaking proprietor of the hardware store which would later become "Luis' Fix-it Shop".
Mr. Robinson Carl Gordon
Gordon's father.
Rodeo Rosie Jerry Nelson
A cowgirl who appeared on the street occasionally in the 1970s. Also performed by Richard Hunt on occasion.
Roosevelt Franklin Matt Robinson
A street-wise, cool-cat student. He attended Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School.
Rosita Carmen Osbahr (1993-)
Hispanic monster, originally conceived as a fruit bat, who immigrated to America from Mexico as a child. Her full name is "Rosita, la Monstrua de las Cuevas", which translates as "Rosita, Monster of the Caves". Her birthday is December 7.
Ruby Camille Bonora
(1988–1992) One of many failed attempts at creating a lasting female monster lead on Sesame Street. She was a very curious and naïve monster who loved conducting experiments.
Ruthie Ruth Buzzi
(1993–1999) A slightly-eccentric second-hand store shopkeeper, located around the corner on Sesame Street. Ruthie's last true appearance was in the movie Elmo in Grouchland. Ruth Buzzi also appeared in a Season 32 episode as a "plant fairy", who granted Stinky's wish to be big.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Sam the Robot Jerry Nelson
Sam the Robot is the only robot on Sesame Street. He always tries to do things right, and even insists that he is perfect, but he always does things wrong. Typical mistakes of his would be drawing a circle instead of a square or pouring coffee on the ground. Sam debuted on Sesame Street on the 1972–73 season. In the 1973–74 premiere, episode #536, Sam greeted Luis slowly as he passed by the Fix It Shop. Sam's voice was modulated so it would be completely unrecognizable to Jerry Nelson's own voice.
Same Sound Brown Northern Calloway
Sammy the Snake
Savion Savion Glover
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Various
Shown in a Sesame Street News Flash, Snow White's dwarves are Cheerful, Sad, Angry, Proud, Fearful, Love, and Surprise.
Sheldon was Buffy's husband.
Sherlock Hemlock Jerry Nelson
(1970–2000) The character of Sherlock Hemlock is a detective intended to spoof the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. He wears a deerstalker hat and cloak, and always inspects things through a magnifying glass. He is often introduced when there is a mystery to be solved, and his entrance is always accompanied by Alfred Hitchcock style music. Upon discovering a clue, he exclaims his catch phrase, "Egad!". His assistant, Watson, is a dog who frequently solves the case long before Hemlock, but is unable to communicate this to his master. 1996 was Sherlock Hemlock's last actual appearance until he appeared in software, with an animated version of him in "Search & Learn Adventures", the first and only computer game to heavily feature Sherlock (and Watson).
Simon the Soundman Jerry Nelson
A man who had the ability to make sound effects, similar to Gerald McBoing Boing. Often mistaken for Fat Blue due to the same performer and puppet being used.
Slimey the Worm Jerry Nelson, original puppeteer

Michael Earl Davis (1978–1980)

Oscar's pet earthworm. His father's name is Dusty, his mother is Eartha, and he has a baby sister, Sloppy, which is short for "Sloppy Jalopy", Oscar's car on which she was born. A multi-episode plot line on the show, during the mid–1990s, had Slimey traveling to the moon in a rocket built by "WASA". Slimey and his family didn't talk at first, but later on they added in squeaky voices.

In Season 36, Oscar sang the "Worm Workout Song", while Slimey and his worm friends stretch and wiggle. The song was a parody of the song "YMCA".

Slimey's baby sister.
Smart Tina Sonia Manzano
Classmate of Roosevelt Franklin.
Aloysius Snuffleupagus Jerry Nelson (1971–1978), Michael Earl Davis (1978–1980), Martin P. Robinson (1980–)
(1971–) A mammoth-like friend of Big Bird. For many years, Big Bird was the only character to ever see him. Some bill him as "Snuffy Snuffleuphagus", an improper combo of his nickname and last name[citation needed]. His sister is Alice Snuffleupagus. He first went on an adventure with Big Bird in "The Golden Cabbage of Snuffertiti" with Bob and Minneapolis (an Indiana Jones parody).
Sonny Friendly Richard Hunt
(1986–1992, 1996-2000) Game show host. Sonny was created before Jim Henson's death, but after Jim's passing and thus Guy Smiley's retirement, the character of Friendly became all the more used and relevant. However, two years after Jim's death, Richard also died. In 1996, David Rudman took over the character for a few final skits. In a 1969 sketch, Pick Your Pet, it was also clear that Guy Smiley was originally known as Sonny Friendly.
A contestant in the Worm Cup. He represented France, and defeated Slimey the Worm, representing Sesame Street, after Slimey was kicked out of the game for hitting Squirmondine.
Stinky the Eggplant Joey Mazzarino
(1993–) A talking, perturbed, smelly plant, that sat on the window of 123 Sesame Street for many years.
Stephen "Stevie"
Grover's elephant
Sully Richard Hunt
One-half of the Muppet construction worker duo and Biff's silent counterpart. One of Richard Hunt's most "understated and complex character".[11]
Susan Robinson Loretta Long
Adoptive mother of Miles Robinson, wife of Gordon Robinson. Susan's birthday is May 4.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Tarah Tara Schaeffer
(1994–2001) Paraplegic girl, eventually a teenager on the show.
The Tarnish Brothers Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Richard Hunt and Christopher Cerf
(1974-1977) Pumpkin, Fat Blue, Orange Gold and Lavender Anything Muppets who have appeared in the songs "I Just Adore Four", "This Frog" and "Salida" as back-up singers. All four members of the band had slick, black hair and thin mustaches, and wore the blue velvet tuxedos that they would wear in all their subsequent performances. They were usually performed by Jerry Nelson (Pumpkin), Frank Oz (Fat Blue) and Richard Hunt (Orange Gold and Lavender), although Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, and Christopher Cerf provided the vocals for the Tarnish Brothers in "This Frog".
Teeny Little Super Guy Jim Thurman
A character consisting of cel animation affixed to a plastic drinking cup. His cohorts in the sketches are also animated figures drawn on various kitchen items. They appear to live in a cupboard.
Telly Monster Bob Payne (1979), Brian Muehl (1979–84), Martin P. Robinson (1984-on)
Originally "Television Monster," a character obsessed with (and literally entranced by) TV. That aspect of his personality was dropped. Now usually just called Telly, he is an eternally worrying fuchsia monster.
Thomas "Tom" Larry Block
(1971–1972) Adult in Street scenes.
The Two-Headed Monster Peter Friedman, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, Joey Mazzarino and David Rudman
The Two-Headed Monster is a comical, light purple monster on the show. It has two heads that speak with a heavy accent and sometimes talk as if they're speaking another language, though it may just be gibberish. Their primary role is to demonstrate opposites. In recent seasons they "assist" Big Bird in his search for Ernie during their hide and seek game called "Journey to Ernie". The heads generally discuss amongst themselves, and each of the monsters' arms point in a different direction. Then, the heads often debate and the arms switch directions as they say "that way," and then swap back again. Created when a writer noticed Jerry Nelson and Richard Hunt, the character's original performers, were goofing off imitating a monster with two heads, which led to the design of the character.

In The How Many Game, hosted by Guy Smiley, it was said that their names were Frank & Stein. Sesame Workshop itself does not generally acknowledge this as part of canon. The two sang "Hi De Ho Man" with guest star Cab Calloway.

The Twiddlebugs
The Twiddlebugs (Timmy, Tessie, Thomas, and Tina) live outside of Ernie and Bert's window in a flowerbox. They are Anything Muppets which are placed among supersized props to make them look tiny. Twiddlebug segments typically involve solving some sort of problem, for example getting to the zoo in less than three days. They appeared primarily in the 1970s and 1980s, but their segments were known to repeat into the 1990s. They resurfaced in 2007 as computer-generated characters in the episode "Zoe, Telly, & Rosita Play House."
Two Blue Monster Steve Whitmire and Stephanie D'Abruzzo
(1998) In Super Morphin Mega Monster, He tag the two blue monster. Merry Monster playing tag, yellow fur. Male Monster saying "You want a play tag?" Merry saying "Yeah?" Female Monster saying "But all your ask?" Merry saying "Yeah?"
The Typewriter Guy
The Typewriter Guy was an animated typewriter mounted on wheels, with eyes and arms. He would roll up to the scene, and type a letter. Something would happen, and he would complete a word with that letter. Most, but not all, letters were represented.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Vincent Twice Martin P. Robinson
Muppet character made to portray Vincent Price; host of recurring 1989 sketch, "Mysterious Theater" featuring Sherlock Hemlock. He always announced himself as Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Yip Yips Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Martin P. Robinson, Kevin Clash, David Rudman, Julianne Buescher, John Tartaglia, and Eric Jacobson.
These creatures hail from Mars.


Character Actor/Muppeteer
Zoe Fran Brill
An orange, ballet-loving friend of Elmo's originally introduced in 1992.


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