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Diu vi Salvi Regina is a religious song in the folklore of Corsica. The local nationalists also consider it the national anthem of Corsica. It is customary to sing it at the end of a Corsican folk concert.

The anthem was written as a hymn in Italy by Francis de Geronimo (later canonized) about 1675. It was adopted as the national anthem of an independent Corsica when its people proclaimed their independence from the Republic of Genoa at Corte, on 30 January 1735.

Traditionally, a shepherd, Sauveur Costa, is credited[1] with converting the hymn not only to a Corsican anthem, but to a rallying symbol for Corsican independence. It was first performed at the Chapel of St. Mark (San Marco) on 25 April 1720.[1]

The anthem requests the protection of the Virgin Mary, heartily concurred in by the independence leaders. There were a few changes, such as in the second stanza from "disperati" (desperate) to "tribolati" (troubled). The commonly used version's last stanza was an original addition, written in the Corsican language, which makes reference to victory against enemies of Corsica, as to highlight the adopted lyrics' intended use.

L'innu corsu

Diu vi salvi Regina
È madre universale
Per cui favor si sale
Al paradisu.
Voi siete gioa è risu
Di tutti i scunsulati
Di tutti i tribulatti
Unica speme.
À voi sospira è geme
Il nostru afflitu core
In un mar' di dolore
È d'amarezza.
Maria, mar' di dolcezza
I vostri ochji pietosi
Materni ed amorosi
À noi volgete.
Noi miseri accogliete
Nel vostru santu velu
Il vostru figliu in celu
À noi mostrate.
Gradite ed ascultate
Ô vergine Maria
Dolce è clemente è pia
Gli affleti nostri accogliete.
Voi da i nemici nostri
À noi date vitoria
E poi l'eterna gloria
In paradisu.


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