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Dip may refer to:


  • The Dip, in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a substance which kills animated characters
  • Dip (Catalan myth), an evil demonic dog that drinks people's blood
  • Dip (dance move), a partner dance move
  • Dip (mistake), an act of clumsiness
  • Dip (exercise), a type of strength training exercise
  • Dip (food), a type of sauce into which food is dipped
  • Dipping tobacco, a colloquial name for American moist snuff
  • Magnetic dip, the angle made with the horizontal at any point by the Earth's magnetic field
    • Dip circle, used to measure the angle between magnetic dip and the horizon
  • Strike and dip, the orientation or attitude of a geologic feature
    • Dip slope, a geological term for a slope parallel to the dip

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DIP may refer to:

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  • DIPS (disambiguation)

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DIP (Old Eng. dyppan, connected with the common Teutonic root seen in "deep"), the angle which the magnetic needle makes with the horizon. A freely suspended magnetic needle will not maintain a horizontal position except at the magnetic equator. Over the N. magnetic pole the north-seeking end of the needle points directly downwards and dips at an intermediate angle at intermediate distances between the magnetic poles and equator. There are secular progressive variations of dip as well as of declination and the maxima are independent of each other. In 1576 the dip at London was 71° 50', In 1720 (max.) 74 42', in 1900 67° 9'. (For Dip Circle see INCLINOMETER.)

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Old English dyppan





dip (plural dips)

  1. A lower section of a road or geological feature.
    There is a dip in the road ahead.
  2. A tank or trough where cattle or sheep are immersed in chemicals to kill parasites.
  3. A dip stick.
  4. A swim. (Usually a short swim to refresh).
    I'm going for a dip before breakfast.
  5. (colloquial, dated) A pickpocket.
    • 1906, Fred L. Boalt, "The Snitcher", McClure's Magazine v.26, p.633
      The Moocher was a "dip" in a dilettante sort of way, and his particular graft was boarding street-cars with his papers and grabbing women's pocket-books.
  6. A sauce for dipping.
    Hmmm, this onion dip is just scrumptious.
  7. (geology) The angle from horizontal of a planar geologic surface, such as a fault line.

Derived terms



to dip

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to dip (third-person singular simple present dips, present participle dipping, simple past and past participle dipped)

  1. To lower into a liquid.
    Dip your biscuit into your tea.
  2. To lower a light's beam.
    Dip your lights as you meet an oncoming car.
  3. To lower a flag, particularly a national ensign, to a partially hoisted position in order to render or to return a salute. While lowered, the flag is said to be “at the dip.” A flag being carried on a staff may be dipped by leaning it forward at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.
    “The sailor rushed to the flag hoist to dip the flag in return.”
  4. To treat cattle or sheep by immersion in chemical solution.
    The farmer is going to dip the cattle today.
  5. To use a dip stick to check oil level in an engine.
  6. To consume snuff by placing a pinch behind the lip or under the tongue so that the active chemical constituents of the snuff may be absorbed into the system for their narcotic effect.

Derived terms


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Proto-Turkic *tüp



  1. bottom
  2. ground

Simple English

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